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 "You're not an artist, Peggy. You solve problems." Don Draper.

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Latest Work
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Louis Tomlinson
"Kill My Mind"
4 mins 01s
16 Sep 2019
Louis Tomlinson shows a more muscular side to his music with 'Kill My Mind', and in the promo by Charlie Lightening we see him performing the track in a club.

James Massiah
"Natural Born Killers (Ride For Me)"
4 mins 55s
15 Sep 2019
It's the end of the world, happening not with a bang but a heatwave; the planet simmering like one big lobster pot slowly coming to the boil.

"Granny Got Pants"
1 min 36s
13 Sep 2019
MullenLowe has worked a minor miracle with Sloggi; turning a brand with all the allure of a cheap funeral plan into one that is unapologetically womanly and strong and funny.

12 Sep 2019
Lois Toulson is the latest GB athlete to get involved in the Aldi 'Super 6' campaign, executing a perfect plunge while we're excitably told about the offers on fruit and veg.

"Free Range"
12 Sep 2019
The provenance of eggs takes centre stage in this amusing commercial for McDonald's breakfast food menu.

"The Power of Yes"
12 Sep 2019
This lofty outing for Fruittella compares letting your kid have a sweet with saying yes to the concepts of joy, togetherness, and a load of other guff.

"Ultra HD"
12 Sep 2019
A seamless, gorgeous-looking commercial which aims to demonstrate the superb quality of Ultra HD on Sky Q.

Westfield London
"Come Together"
12 Sep 2019
Classic rock takes on a new form in this earworm of an outing for Westfield shopping centres.

"Buy to Let"
12 Sep 2019
Another hellish animated outing for Habito promises to take the trouble out of dealing with a buy to let mortgage.

Travel Local
12 Sep 2019
Tourists are encouraged to experience culture from a local perspective in this laid back ad for Travel Local.

"Wedding Ring"
12 Sep 2019
This spot for the unlikely-named French health insurers Alan is beautifully filmed. Good job, because there's very little else that makes sense.

Billie Eilish
"All The Good Girls Go To Hell"
3 mins 41s
12 Sep 2019
Hipster messiah Billie Eilish falls to earth in this striking promo for 'All The Good Girls Go To Hell'.

"Hold On To Me"
3 mins 04s
12 Sep 2019
Eye catching design work and tumultuous romance come together to create this promo for Rika's 'Hold On To Me'.

"Be Remarkable"
12 Sep 2019
Macy's encourage their customers to 'be remarkable' with their autumn fashion choices in this polished ad.

Walkers Sunbites
"Sharing Bag"
12 Sep 2019
Comedian and presenter Ellie Taylor darts around streets and parks looking for unsuspecting groups of women to share her Sunbites with.

Macklin Motors
"Upside Down"
12 Sep 2019
Scottish car dealers Macklin Motors claim they're turning the car buying process upside down.

Oak Furnitureland
11 Sep 2019
A bloke steals his wife's thunder in this amiable commercial for Oak Furnitureland.

"Back Indoors"
11 Sep 2019
Homebase welcome the changing seasons with this amusing new campaign.

11 Sep 2019
Philips attempt to bring a sense of gravitas to the act of shaving in this lofty commercial.

11 Sep 2019
The pixellated purple plume is back again; this time to demonstrate how every last nook and cranny in your house can enjoy wifi coverage from BT

James Blunt
4 mins 19s
11 Sep 2019
It's been more than a decade since James Blunt plunged into the sea at the end of the 'You're Beautiful' video, and anyone who has spent the intervening years wondering what on earth happened next, finally has an answer!

Dunnes Stores
"Tattoo / Haircut"
11 Sep 2019
What do you get for a Euro? That's the question posed by this pair of Irish commercials for Dunnes which also provide the answer: not a lot.

B & Q
"Bright and Spacious"
11 Sep 2019
Another in the strangely lacklustre campaign for B&Q's new brand, GoodHome.

Short Films
"A Sonic Pulse"
7 mins 23s
11 Sep 2019
This inspiring short reveals how misunderstood deafness is by the hearing community, and documents the experience three profoundly deaf people have of going clubbing.

Lil Nas X
2 mins 24s
11 Sep 2019
Viral star Lil Nas X shows no signs of letting his 'Old Town Road' fame abate any time soon.

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