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 "You're not an artist, Peggy. You solve problems." Don Draper.

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Latest Work
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Meals on Wheels America
"Don't Stop"
26 Oct 2020
While few substantial positives have emerged from 2020, the compassion of communities helping those in need has been one of the bright spots in a very dark landscape.

"Spiced Chicken"
26 Oct 2020
Tesco attempt to liven up stale quarantine recipes with their latest 'Let's Cook' range.

"Sip of Joy"
25 Oct 2020
Sunday Brunch hosts Tim Lovejoy and Simon Rimmer star in this clunky ad for Lavazza ground coffee.

Short Films
"Tinned Pears"
8 mins 08s
26 Oct 2020
Tinned Pears' gives voice to families across the country struggling to make ends meet, for who even the very back of the cupboards are bare.

"Teams at UCL"
1 min 32s
26 Oct 2020
As the, er, video conferencing wars continue, University College London explain why they plumped for Microsoft Teams.

Comedy Central
"Channel Hopping"
26 Oct 2020
Highly strung comedian Jon Richardson stars in this fun plug for Comedy Central’s Channel Hopping.

Laithwaite's Wine
26 Oct 2020
Online wine (onwine?) brand Laithwaite’s channel the spirit of Buster Keaton in this 30" commercial.

Fox's Biscuits
"Chocolatey Fabulous Moments"
22 Oct 2020
Fox's strike a cosy tone in their latest ad, as they emphasise the restorative qualities of their biccies in time for the winter chill.

Short Films
"We Shall Not Return"
22 Oct 2020
This striking short film from Stuart Langfield suggests a return to normal isn't the goal we should be aiming for post-Covid.

Stefflon Don
"Can't Let You Go"
3 mins 25s
22 Oct 2020
A combination of polished set design and down-to-earth choreography make this promo for Stefflon Don's latest track a treat for the eyes and ears.

21 Oct 2020
A second instalment of Amazon's latest campaign continues the couch-bound chaos of voice activated technology.

Redbreast Whiskey
"Robin Returns"
21 Oct 2020
Redbreast Whiskey's cheery spokesbird returns in two upbeat outings for the Irish tipple.

"There's a Monster in My Kitchen"
2 mins 12s
21 Oct 2020
Greenpeace attempt to recapture the storybook magic of 2018's 'Rang-Tan' in their latest animated outing.

"Lost Bag"
20 Oct 2020
A bloke goes above and beyond in the name of service in another quirky outing for health insurers Premera.

"Tornado Ex Machina"
19 Oct 2020
There's an electric atmosphere to this polished commercial for Maserati.

20 Oct 2020
Working from home has led many of us to unusual office practices over the past year, something this amusing ad for US health insurers Premera taps into nicely.

Quality Street
"Colourful Community Family"
18 Oct 2020
As the Christmas season looms with a very different vibe in 2020, perennial festive favourites Quality Street trade seasonal cheer for a sense of community.

Hope and Homes
"She Always Comes Back"
20 Oct 2020
Poverty is one of the greatest threats to families across the globe, and this touching film highlights the plight of those on the breadline in Romania.

21 Oct 2020
Amazon takes a cinematic approach in their latest campaign to convince consumers they're missing out on the joys of voice activated technology.

"Scaredy Cat"
4 mins 07s
18 Oct 2020
This fantastic short film for Temptations is built around a truth about cats of which many may be unaware.

EU Transition
"1 January"
18 Oct 2020
It's ironic that the propaganda juggernaut should continue to roll even as it appears that actual juggernauts are likely to be stalled in the giant Brexit car park (neé Kent) as the transition phase of the UK's painful departure from the EU comes to an end on January 1.

Bud Light
"Cardboard Fan"
2 mins
19 Oct 2020
This rather charming commercial for Bud Light breathes a little life into such cardboard sport supporters, as it follows one on a quest for refreshment.

Advance Auto Parts
"Die Hard is Back"
2 mins
18 Oct 2020
There's a germ of a great ad in this Advance Auto Parts film, but the two-minute cut misses the mark.

Novo Amor
"I Feel Better"
2 mins 58s
19 Oct 2020
This atmospheric promo for Novo Amor's 'I Feel Better' gives voice to the twisted, visceral feelings which stem from a relationship breakdown.

Happy Dance
"Kristen Bell"
19 Oct 2020
Vegan bodycare brand Happy Dance are using celebrity power to get in on the craze for cannabis-adjacent products.

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