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 "You're not an artist, Peggy. You solve problems." Don Draper.

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Five Star Work
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Road Safety (Denmark)
2 mins 20s
10 Jun 2021
'Vikings' meets road safety in this excellent communication from the Danish Ministry of Transport.

"Usain Bolt"
9 Jun 2021
Mastering one sport doesn't mean you'll achieve greatness in all areas, according to this entertaining ad for Allianz.

"Let's Grab a Beer, America"
8 Jun 2021
Anheuser-Busch anticipate a difficult transition as we get used to socialising again.

"Change a Bit For Good"
5 Jun 2021
Even Greta Thunberg found herself unable to dis IKEA in a recent 'Unpopular Opinions' slot on Radio 1.

4 Jun 2021
This hopeful Nationwide commercial is as far removed from image rights and European Super Leagues as can be.

William Hill Betting
3 Jun 2021
Keen to portray gambling as a social activity rather than a shady one, William Hill present this 90" commercial from directors Michel+Nico.

"Play Now: Korea"
1 min 43s
3 Jun 2021
It doesn't matter how huge Nike become, they will always represent themselves as the nonconformists.

New Balance
"Impatience is a Virtue"
2 Jun 2021
Those who root for the hare instead of the tortoise will appreciate this 90" commercial for New Balance.

2 Jun 2021
This beautiful commercial completes the trio of ads directed by Frédéric Planchon for Cadbury which have been on slow release since they were filmed in 2019.

BT Sport
"Time for Change"
9 mins 55s
26 May 2021
DAVID has praised Sky Sports in the past for their principled and meaningful campaigning on this issue, and here they are joined by their rivals BT Sport who have struck equally appropriate note.

Pets At Home
"We're Better With Pets"
28 May 2021
No-one enjoys a pandemic, per se, but Pets At Home have cause for celebration.

31 May 2021
This ad for Ladbrokes is one of those ideas which works even though you have no idea why.

"Good Finds"
26 May 2021
Gumtree rejig their proposition with four 20" ads courtesy of director Jim Hosking and agency Wieden & Kennedy.

"What The Fanta"
26 May 2021
This pseudo-documentary trailer from Fanta has its tongue jammed firmly in cheek throughout.

H & M
"Enjoy the Silence"
26 May 2021
H&M preach body positivity in this latest campaign for their range of swimwear.

Apple iPhone
25 May 2021
Apple hasn't wasted any time in marketing themselves as the new guardians of privacy, and they've done it rather brilliantly.

Robinsons Cordials
"Let There Be Fruit"
23 May 2021
Cheesy and cheerful, this ad for Robinsons brings some vintage fun to the small screen.

Compare The Market
"The New Neighbour"
21 May 2021
Sergei and Aleksandr suffer from a terminal case of keeping up with the Joneses in their latest outing for Compare the Market.

Police Recruitment
"Life as a Black Police Officer"
4 mins 25s
19 May 2021
Released shortly after the third annual Stephen Lawrence Day, this compelling film features a police interview of a different kind.

Chelsea FC
"21/22 Home Kit"
2 mins 15s
19 May 2021
Did Chelsea lose a bet with the Test Card Girl? The club's new home kit suggests so.

Sick Kids
"Mother's Day"
2 mins 20s
18 May 2021
User-generated content has been rife throughout the pandemic, and this Sick Kids film is inspired by some of the most gruelling examples of home footage.

Diet Coke
"Just Because"
2 mins
18 May 2021
From the point of view of an incumbent advertising agency in 2021, Diet Coke is a brand with a burdensome advertising heritage.

1 min 48s
18 May 2021
This satisfying film for Greenpeace will appeal to those sick of Boris Johnson's deluge of rubbish - both literally and figuratively.

"Play New"
17 May 2021
Nike embrace beginners who don't experience the typical flush of luck in this fast-paced commercial.

"We're Out There"
14 May 2021
Clothing retailer Kathmandu stress the physical, mental, and social benefits of outdoor life in this spirited 60” commercial.

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