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 "You're not an artist, Peggy. You solve problems." Don Draper.

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Graham said:

Maybe they need to find a job for a creative team



Recent Promos
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Moon Panda
"Cloud Watching"
3 mins 40s
3 Dec 2021
This soothing promo for Moon Panda's 'Cloud Watching' is a gentle demonstration of how vibes can be just as important as narrative.

"Little Things"
3 mins 50s
3 Dec 2021
A young cast of budding creatives stars in this intriguing promo for Abba's recently released Christmas single 'Little Things'.

"Wake Me Up"
4 mins 24s
3 Dec 2021
Foals play to an empty auditorium in this lively promo for 'Wake Me Up'.

A$AP Ferg
"Green Juice (ft. Pharrell Williams, The Neptunes)"
3 mins 36s
2 Dec 2021
Director Valentin Petit delivers a tricksy promo for A$AP Ferg's 'Green Juice'.

Run The Jewels
"Never Look Back"
5 mins 43s
3 Dec 2021
Horror classic Night of the Living Dead has been public domain for many years now, and that pays dividends in this spooky promo for Run The Jewels' latest track.

Leonard Cohen
2 mins 55s
2 Dec 2021
Released on the 5th anniversary of Leonard Cohen's death, this track makes a worthy addition to the late songwriter's canon. '

"Otomo (ft. O'Flynn)"
3 mins 10s
1 Dec 2021
This dizzying promo from DJ Bonobo reunites the artist with director Dave Bullivant.

Wet Leg
"Too Late Now"
4 mins 15s
1 Dec 2021
Sorry, Marvel's Eternals, but this irreverent Wet Leg promo does aliens better.

"Message in a Hammer"
4 mins 44s
1 Dec 2021
Nigerian artist Obongjayar is in a confrontational mood in latest single 'Message in a Hammer'.

"Easy on Me"
5 mins 31s
30 Nov 2021
Adele is back in fine voice with Easy on Me - a typically heartfelt and heart-wrenching look at a relationship with ups, downs, and a final plea for understanding as it ends.

Model Man
"Don't Cry"
3 mins 32s
30 Nov 2021
A man has a bad case of the glitches in this promo for Model Man's 'Don't Cry'.

FKA twigs
"Measure of a Man (feat Central Cee)"
3 mins 29s
29 Nov 2021
This wonderfully camp promo for a song by FKA twigs (featuring Central Cee) sounds like it could have been written for a new James Bond film.

Monstart Vol 6
"Togetherness Harmony"
4 mins 56s
27 Nov 2021
The choreography in this promo for a track by Monstart is so compelling that director Ludovic Gontrand has wisely done everything he can to make sure it remains the focus of the viewer's attention.

"Love Runs Deeper"
2 mins 47s
25 Nov 2021
This accompaniment to Disney's 'The Stepdad' commercial sees Gregory Porter and Cherise perform the titular track.

Deb Never
3 mins 55s
24 Nov 2021
This eye-catching promo for Deb Never's 'Funky' encourages viewers to nurture their creative sides.

Kojey Radical
3 mins 50s
25 Nov 2021
This autobiographical promo sees Kojey Radical come of age all over again.

"Pin Drop"
4 mins 01s
23 Nov 2021
This arresting promo for Sia's 'Pin Drop' has an absorbing, otherworldly feel.

Post Malone
"One Right Now"
3 mins 35s
23 Nov 2021
Post Malone and the Weeknd live out their gangster fantasies in the truest sense in this slick promo.

Taylor Swift
"I Bet You Think About Me"
6 mins 15s
22 Nov 2021
Taylor Swift shows up to crash an ex's wedding in this promo for her re-record of 'I Bet You Think About Me'.

6 mins 36s
22 Nov 2021
This cryptic music promo for PRXZ's 'Girl' arrived in DAVID's inbox with a curious description, identifying it as being "a poetic re-interpretation of the Grim Reaper shepherding a lost soul from Limbo".

"Broken Homes"
4 mins 22s
20 Nov 2021
There's a huge amount to love in this promo for Wu-Lu by photographer-turned-director Denisha Anderson.

Paul Backlin
3 mins 25s
19 Nov 2021
A night out at the bar takes a strange turn in this intriguing promo for Paul Backlin's 'Amber'.

2 mins 09s
19 Nov 2021
A twisted CG landscape comes to life in this cryptic promo for Iranian-Dutch singer-songwriter Sevdaliza.

"Fallen Fruit"
4 mins 05s
16 Nov 2021
There's something of a post-apocalyptic vibe to this intriguing promo for Lorde's latest track 'Fallen Fruit'.

Little Mix
3 mins 20s
17 Nov 2021
This gleefully weird promo for Little Mix's latest track 'No' combines Stepford Wives and futuristic technology in unexpected new ways.

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