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 "You're not an artist, Peggy. You solve problems." Don Draper.

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Five Star Work
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"Where Then Meets Now"
27 Jan 2022
What director wouldn't want to recreate one of the most iconic movie scenes of all time? Certainly not Declan Lowney who must've been chomping at the bit to make this commercial.

Apple iPhone
"Doin' Laps"
26 Jan 2022
This Apple iPhone ad stars a boy who circles a cul-de-sac on his bike as if school's out forever.

Paddy Power
"Help Jack Wilshire Find a Club"
2 mins 23s
26 Jan 2022
Former Arsenal footballer Jack Wilshire provides a brilliantly dry performance in this commercial for Paddy Power… an abbreviated version of which is on TV.

"The Disagreement"
26 Jan 2022
Ken Jeong and Joel McHale have an amusing disagreement in this winning commercial for Planters.

25 Jan 2022
This fetching piece of work for bike maker Cannondale demonstrates the brand's new SmartSense technology.

26 Jan 2022
Over time, couples develop their own language chock-full of in-jokes and nonsensical noises.

Amazon Alexa
24 Jan 2022
In this moving commercial for Amazon, a couple's life is defined by a song they can't stop listening to.

"House of Disney+"
24 Jan 2022
Anecdotally, it's clear that the expectations of the Disney+ streaming platform are closely aligned with its parent company's heritage.

Formula E
"No Turning Back"
3 mins
24 Jan 2022
Does Formula E have an inferiority complex? Not if this three-minute effort is anything to go by.

BBC Sport
"Winter Olympics 2022"
22 Jan 2022
This is a gloriously simple conceit from BBC Creative, and it's been delivered with beautiful elegance by BlinkInk's Balázs Simon.

Apple iPhone
"The Comeback"
23 mins 19s
21 Jan 2022
What's the best way of demonstrating that it's now possible to make a film using the latest generation of iPhones?

Grid Legends
"Man. Machine."
21 Jan 2022
The first collaboration between Electronic Arts and Codemasters is Grid: Legends.

"The Call"
3 mins 48s
20 Jan 2022
Pepsi are going all-in with their marketing of the half-time show at this year's Super Bowl.

My Size
"My Size Is..."
19 Jan 2022
This is a jaw-droppingly strange piece of advertising, but that's mainly because the advertised service is a jaw-droppingly strange proposition.

"In a Few Seconds"
19 Jan 2022
This beautifully judged commercial for the French national lottery puts us inside the head of a young woman who is about to change the lives of her extended family.

"Guy on a Buffalo Wing"
2 mins 20s
18 Jan 2022
American fast food chain Zaxby's are proud of their Buffalo chicken wings.

"Savings That Sneak Up on You"
18 Jan 2022
David Schwimmer returns for TSB in this new commercial which draws attention to the bank's 'Save the Pennies' service.

"The Marketplace"
18 Jan 2022
A woman shops for the perfect vidoe game weapon in this well staged Samsung ad.

"Norm's Old Pal Milk"
5 mins 11s
16 Jan 2022
There's disruptive marketing... and then there's this! Oatly boldly go where no brand has gone before, and flatly attacks their main rival in a fashion rarely seen outside a boxing ring.

"Ride of Your Life"
13 Jan 2022
Travel takes on a fantastical twist in this transcendent film for Expedia.

"Fall in Love with Dating"
12 Jan 2022
This personable commercial for Bumble suggests dating can be fun, as a woman picks her way through the complex landscape of making the first move.

"Oh My God"
3 mins 52s
11 Jan 2022
Sam Brown knows star quality when he sees it, and he very much lets Adele shine in this impressive promo.

Land Rover
"Above and Beyond Land"
11 Jan 2022
There's not a West London boulevard in sight three Land Rovers are transported by ferry to an island which appears to be their natural habitat.

Meat & Livestock Australia
"The Lost Country of the Pacific"
3 mins
12 Jan 2022
Australia is cut off from the outside world in this amusing commercial to promote lamb consumption.

"What's Your Thing?"
10 Jan 2022
From start to end, this is a whirlwind of visual stimulation, aggregating into a meaningful message about the variety of styles available at DFS.

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