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 "You're not an artist, Peggy. You solve problems." Don Draper.

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Birds Eye

Kate said:

I agree. This is fantastic. Well done all involved.



Soda Stream
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Soda Stream
"Shame or Glory"
3 mins 06s
17 Nov 2016
Soda Stream pay homage to Game of Thrones in the brand's latest online film.

Soda Stream
"Heavy Bubbles"
1 min 40s
1 Apr 2016
Soda Stream enlist some serious advertising muscle in their latest bid to promote their eco-friendly approach through viral satire.

Soda Stream
"Transform Tap Water"
8 Mar 2016
This has the feel of an ad designed by a committee with its proliferation of elements sitting uneasily together.

Soda Stream
"Less Lugging"
1 Feb 2016
Remember how iconic Soda Stream was back in the day, and how we all wanted to 'get busy with the fizzy'? Those of us who do can only lament its fall into ignominy.

Soda Stream
"Sorry, Coke and Pepsi"
27 Jan 2014
Soda Stream just got funky. Yes, the 70s smash hit product recruited Scarlett Johansson to take its message viral.

Soda Stream
"Bubble Blackout"
29 Nov 2012
Following Clearcast's decision to withhold permission for their ad to be broadcast, Soda Stream are running this neutered version in a bid to make the most of the publicity.

Soda Stream
"The Soda Stream Effect"
28 Nov 2012
This commercial has been shown in other markets but Clearcast have deigned unsuitable for UK viewers.

Soda Stream
"Mum's Present"
17 Dec 2011
There's a degree of parody about this ad for Soda Stream.

Soda Stream
10 Nov 2011
This has been filmed to look as though it's been shot by a father as his son removes the wrapping paper from a Christmas gift.

Soda Stream
"My Weird Family"
4 Jul 2011
What a charming child. Could you just cover him with pillows and smother him with so much affection that he stops moving?

Soda Stream
"It's Back"
12 Jul 2010
Harry Nilsson's Without You and a hysterical voiceover from Rob Brydon contribute to this nostalgia-soaked ad.

Soda Stream
"Different Drinks"
5 Jul 2004

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