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Greene King IPA
(1-10 of 10)

Greene King IPA
"Pub Quiz"
27 Sep 2017
Greene King attempt to reinvigorate pub culture in this agreeable campaign.

Greene King IPA
"The Knockabout"
24 Jul 2016
Alastair Cook and Ben Stokes pressgang a few locals into a game of village cricket in this short ad underlining Greene King IPA's sponsorship role with the England team.

Greene King IPA
"Taps Pub Quiz"
10 Dec 2015
We're off to Lytham St Annes and the Taps weekly pub quiz as Greene King IPA's nationwide pub crawl continues.

Greene King IPA
"The Salt Quay"
4 Dec 2015
Rotherthite's Old Salt Quay is the latest boozer to receive the documentary treatment in Greene King IPA's pro-pub campaign.

Greene King IPA
"Masons Arms"
28 Nov 2015
Greene King IPA's effort to bottle the atmosphere of boozers across the nation brings us to the Mason Arms in Mayfair where an engagement celebration is in full swing.

Greene King IPA
"To The Pub"
2 mins 05s
21 Oct 2015
Greene King IPA has previously demonstrated a wistful vision of traditional boozers and this optimistic film says the glass is very much half-full for the pub trade.

Greene King IPA
"King Snare"
1 min 55s
2 Dec 2014
After a rousing drum solo 'King Snare' pauses for a sip of the advertised beer.

Greene King IPA
"Crafted For The Moment"
11 Apr 2012
It's traditional values to the fore in this attractive commercial for Greene King IPA.

Greene King IPA
31 Aug 2007
The product's consumer is portrayed as cool, wise, sassy and, let's face it, a little bit smug.

Greene King IPA
"Pub Names"
15 Sep 2006

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