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 "You're not an artist, Peggy. You solve problems." Don Draper.

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Harvey Nichols
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Harvey Nichols
4 Nov 2016
While other brands shift towards heartwarming narratives and fake snow for the festive season, Harvey Nicks has eschewed the holiday aesthetic entirely and released an ad focusing on their range of Italian products.

Harvey Nichols
11 May 2016
Three celebrated figures are restyled in this online film for Harvey Nicols which continues the retailer's tendency towards a tongue-in-cheek approach.

Harvey Nichols
2 mins
4 May 2016
Welcome to the face of Harvey Nichols's centenary: Bo Gilbert, who is herself one hundred years old.

Harvey Nichols
"Gift Face"
10 Nov 2015
Harvey Nix have established themselves as the cynical face of Christmas advertising over the last few years and it's served them well but this isn't their greatest effort.

Harvey Nichols
1 min 40s
14 Jul 2015
Should Harvey Nichols have used real CCTV footage of shoplifters in its cheeky viral?

Harvey Nichols
"Could I Be Any Clearer?"
2 Dec 2014
Selfishness is once again celebrated in the Harvey Nichols Christmas commercial.

Harvey Nichols
"Sorry, I Spent It On Myself"
1 min 45s
26 Nov 2013
Right, we thought: what can Harvey Nicks put under the tree that the other big names haven't already come up with?

Harvey Nichols
"Same Dress Nightmare"
5 Dec 2012
The terror of discovering that a woman is wearing the same dress provides the basis of this year's Harvey Nichols Christmas ad.

Harvey Nichols
"Walk Of Shame"
6 Dec 2011
This cunning commercial suggests that the real reason for the shame when women walk home after stopping out has nothing to do with a lack of moral decorum.

Harvey Nichols
"Not Just For Christmas"
13 Dec 2010
The idea of dogs as fashion accessories is pretty revolting but it probably appeals to the kind of people who rate the advertised retailer.

Harvey Nichols
30 Aug 2007
Highly amusing and extremely subversive ad for posh shop Harvey Nichols's Foodmarket.

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