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Audi R8
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Audi R8
1 Jun 2016
Having shown they can let rip like the best of them in the past, Audi present a cultured take on a boy racer's speciality.

Audi R8
3 Feb 2016
Bowie's recent death gives this ad for the new Audi R8 a special resonance.

Audi R8
"Heart Racing"
1 min 45s
3 Nov 2015
The need for speed meets the science of speed as the Audi R8 plays host to some unique laboratory conditions.

Audi R8
"The Eye"
2 Nov 2015
The term "eye-catching" can risk losing all meaning after a while, but this ad for the Audi R8 more than justifies the label.

Audi R8
"Evolution / Revolution"
4 Mar 2013
This is one for petrolheads and those fascinated by advertising's increasingly inventive attempts to capture the public's attention.

Audi R8
"Slow Build"
17 Oct 2007
A pleasing, gentle ad for the Audi R8 which suggests each of the cars is individually built from scratch.

Audi R8
"It Test Drives You"
1 min 45s
30 Oct 2015

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