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Dunnes Stores
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Dunnes Stores
"Tattoo / Haircut"
11 Sep 2019
What do you get for a Euro? That's the question posed by this pair of Irish commercials for Dunnes which also provide the answer: not a lot.

Dunnes Stores
"Paul Galvin: Tattooed Man"
11 Apr 2019
For an ad announcing a fashion collection called Tattooed Man, you'd expect there to be plenty of ink on display.

Dunnes Stores
"Shine a Light"
20 Nov 2018
Dunnes Stores pump up the feel-good factor in this charming Christmas outing.

Dunnes Stores
"Spray Tan"
26 Sep 2018
Irish department store Dunnes suggest that, while you may not get much spray tan for only a Euro - their edible selection offers far greater value for money.

Dunnes Stores
"Make Christmas"
4 Dec 2014
A sweet ad associating the traditional spirit of goodwill with Dunnes in a way that makes the store seem festive rather than frumpy.

Dunnes Stores
6 Dec 2012
This cute commercial from across the Irish Sea shows everyone getting ready for the Festive season.

Dunnes Stores
"A Merry Little Christmas"
6 Dec 2007
Some pleasantly photographed scenes are enhanced by the harmonious Christmas tune.

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