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Irish Lotto
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Irish Lotto
28 Jul 2020
This entertaining ad for the Irish Lotto demonstrates that dreams, however improbable, can come true

Irish Lotto
"The Celebrations"
30 Aug 2018
This lovely ad for the Irish Lotto suggests winning a cash prize isn't the long shot we might expect.

Irish Lotto
"World Cup Prediction"
14 Jul 2014
In this neat follow-up to the recent ad for the Irish Lotto which sees an all-knowing guru come unstuck, the prophet is asked who will win the World Cup.

Irish Lotto
29 May 2014
Humour and lottery advertising don't normally go hand in hand, so it's a delight to see this spot for the Irish Lottery which is not only genuinely amusing but bears repeat viewing.

Irish Lotto
"St Patrick's Day"
13 Mar 2012
Another of the eye-catching ads featuring a lone dancer celebrating a win on the Irish Lotto.

Irish Lotto
7 Mar 2012
Lisa's celebratory dance outside a bookmakers after winning some money on the Irish Lotto goes on longer than you expect.

Irish Lotto
"Mr Easter"
23 Apr 2011
A point-of-view search for Easter eggs is used to illustrate news that the Irish lottery has recently produced fifteen millionaires.

Irish Lotto
"Kids These Days"
2 Mar 2009

Irish Lotto
25 Jan 2008
Two animated ladybirds land on a cloverleaf as we're told we can bet on the Irish lottery at local betting shops.

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