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Pukka Pies
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Pukka Pies
"The People's Pie"
10 Oct 2019
Pukka Pies take a leaf out of McCain's frozen cookbook in this 30" ad, which frames the humble pie as a great national leveller.

Pukka Pies
6 Feb 2017
Quiet Storm kick off their new campaign for Pukka Pies with this amusing ad.

Pukka Pies
29 May 2014
No-one expects gourmet dining from a shop-bought pie, and this ad has been perfectly judged to manage expectations while suggesting the superiority of the Pukka Pies in question.

Pukka Pies
"It's A Pukka Pie Day"
11 Feb 2013
It's hard to know where to start with this ad, so deeply does it plumb the depths of dreadfulness.

Pukka Pies
"Gimme That Ding"
1 Feb 2012
Is 'pukka' too close to the word 'puke' to be used as a food brand? Discuss. Anyway, this bright piece reminds us that the advertised pies can be ready in just three-and-a-half minutes in a powerful microwave.

Pukka Pies
18 Feb 2011
The unusual animation technique does a good job of covering for the budgetary constraints and it's all right really.

Pukka Pies
"Millionaire Sponsorship"
11 Mar 2008
Various 'phone-a-friends' are more interested in their pie than helping with a question from the show.

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