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 "You're not an artist, Peggy. You solve problems." Don Draper.

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Mattessons Fridge Raiders
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Mattessons Fridge Raiders
24 Jul 2018
Kerry Foods launch their Fridge Raiders rebrand with this entertaining ode to power.

Mattessons Fridge Raiders
23 Feb 2015
Mattessons Fridge Raiders has gone all futuristic. Why? Because they're promoting a game in which players have to beat Frank "I'm gonna rip you" Robot.

Mattessons Fridge Raiders
19 Mar 2013
A short post script to the excellent ad for Mattessons which featured a whole school of Hank Marvin impersonators.

Mattessons Fridge Raiders
29 Jun 2012
A longer version of the ad that has a whole school of children pouring into the streets dressed as Shadows guitarist Hank Marvin.

Mattessons Fridge Raiders
"Hank Marvin"
18 Jun 2012
Inspired nonsense on behalf of the revolting food stuff as an entire school exits the building with each student dressed as Hank Marvin.

Mattessons Fridge Raiders
"Urban Hunters"
15 Mar 2010
This is like a scene from a post-apocalyptic zombie movie. Is this product made from Soylent Green?

Mattessons Fridge Raiders
"Carnivorous Side"
1 May 2008
A boy grabs some Fridge Raiders Chicken Bites and finds himself being transformed in a werewolf-ish fashion.

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