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"Tree Meeting"

Matt said:

Absolutely love it.



Absolut Vodka
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Absolut Vodka
"The Walk"
2 mins 36s
29 Nov 2018
To mark Absolut Vodka's latest talent drive, this engaging film charts four decades worth of artwork in one flowing execution.

Absolut Vodka
"Just Add"
11 Jun 2018
This 30" offering distils Absolut vodka's recent Instagram campaign into one multiscreen cocktail.

Absolut Vodka
"Better Tomorrow"
22 Mar 2018
This Indian ad for Absolut Vodka is all about nightlife... although not in the way we might expect.

Absolut Vodka
"Nothing To Hide"
2 mins 52s
6 Feb 2018
Absolut Vodka is a company which has nothing to hide... and neither do its employees.

Absolut Vodka
"Big Bang"
15 Sep 2017
Absolut Vodka go back to the beginning with this eye-catching commercial.

Absolut Vodka
"Equal Love"
2 mins 20s
5 Jul 2017
Absolut Vodka - long time champions of the LGBT community - have released this classy snog-fest to celebrate equal love.

Absolut Vodka
"Absolut Goes Dark"
19 Aug 2015
The tagline may be "Absolut goes dark", but the reasons for appreciating this arresting piece from director Dan Sully are clear to see.

Absolut Vodka
20 Jul 2015
This neat ad for Absolut Vodka brings the brand's drawing board to life.

Absolut Vodka
"Thomas Doyle"
28 Jan 2014
You can tell this lovely little film for Absolut has been made by someone with a documentary maker's eye.

Absolut Vodka
"Reflections of Fashion"
19 Feb 2013
New York-based photographer Sharif Hamza created this alluring film for Absolut as part of an intriguing effort by the vodka company to gain a toehold in the fashion world.

Absolut Vodka
"Absolut Blank"
20 Jul 2011
A blank cut-out of the advertised product provides the starting point for a series of artists to unleash their creativity in this superior piece of global advertising.

Absolut Vodka
17 Oct 2009
A languid version of New Order's Ceremony plays as collections of objects are used to spell out words.

Absolut Vodka
"Shapes Inside"
25 Mar 2009

Absolut Vodka
"The True Taste"
10 May 2008
An animated technique is used to make it look as though the bottle is being pulled apart.

Absolut Vodka
"Love is Love"
4 mins 36s
11 May 2015

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