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The FA
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The FA
"Squad Annoucement"
1 min 45s
17 May 2018
England give youth a chance in this lively FA film announcing Gareth Southgate's World Cup squad.

The FA
12 Feb 2018
One of two slo-mo ads promoting the FA People's Cup, this instalment puts women's football first.

The FA
8 Feb 2018
There's nothing like a slow-motion football in the face, is there? One textbook example opens this FA commercial promoting the People's Cup.

The FA
21 Nov 2017
The Football Association's player recruitment drive continues with a strobe light kickabout.

The FA
"Ironing Board"
27 Jul 2017
As England's women hit their stride at this summer's European Championships, the Football Association release another film starring Casey Stoney.

The FA
"Casey Stoney"
23 Mar 2017
Footballer Casey Stoney movingly discusses the sexism she's faced throughout her career in this inspiring spot for the FA.

The FA
"James Blackwell"
23 Mar 2017
This 30" profile of England midfielder James Blackwell shines a light on the FA's support of cerebral palsy football.

The FA
"Elders And Betters"
1 Sep 2009
Ray Winstone is the voice of reason as a father tears a strip off his unfortunate son.

The FA
"11 vs 11"
2 mins
31 Jul 2009
This excellent Nike spoof has so many cul-de-sacs as it journeys through a first person look at an amateur footballer's life that you start to wonder what its message will be.

The FA
"The Rays"
1 min 40s
21 Mar 2009
Ray Winstone plays both main roles in this film funded by the FA designed to encourage better behaviour at children's football matches.

The FA
"No Ref"
5 Sep 2008
Various football and TV stars lend their support to a campaign designed to gain respect for referees.

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