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Action For Children
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Action For Children
"Choose Childhood"
18 Jul 2019
There are echoes of the 'Lust for Life' sequence from the opening of 'Trainspotting' in this hard-hitting film promoting Action For Children, a charity which looks after the interests of children in care.

Action For Children
8 Mar 2010
The impact of the verbal testimony is cleverly underlined by the choice of imagery in this striking piece for a children's charity.

Action For Children
12 Oct 2009
Davina McCall does her bit to raise awareness of a new campaign which seeks help for children who are the victim of neglect.

Action For Children
"Lee's Story"
1 Apr 2009
More striking animation backs the story of a child whose family has been helped by Action For Children.

Action For Children
19 Jan 2009
Innovative animation is used to tell Dan's story. The clever aspect of this is the way the animation and the music combine.

Action For Children
1 Jan 2009
Nicola is a Scottish girl who cares for her terminally-ill mother describes how Action For Children came to her assistance when she needed it.

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