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Alzheimer's Society
(1-10 of 10)

Alzheimer's Society
"Never Forget"
3 Jul 2018
The Alzheimer's Society draw attention to their fundraising 'Memory Walks' in this subdued ad.

Alzheimer's Society
"The Journey"
3 May 2018
The Alzheimer's Society announce their Cupcake Day fundraiser with this pleasant ad.

Alzheimer's Society
"Spirit of '66"
27 Apr 2017
World Cup heroes Gordon Banks and Geoff Hurst appeal for help on behalf of the Alzheimer's Society.

Alzheimer's Society
"Society United"
25 Apr 2017
This ad for the Alzheimer's Society uses a clever trick to draw attention to the indiscriminate nature of dementia.

Alzheimer's Society
"Cup Cakes"
12 May 2016
Unusual makeovers are the order of the day in this sweet film, which urges us to take part in a cup cake-themed fund-raiser for the Alzheimer's Society.

Alzheimer's Society
"Walk For"
20 Jul 2015
Another effective piece of work from the Alzheimer's Society focuses on the sacrifices that accompany caring for a loved one afflicted by the disease.

Alzheimer's Society
18 May 2015
This powerful spot for the Alzheimer's Society opens on a voluble family meal, where everyone's adding their bit to the conversation.

Alzheimer's Society
18 Mar 2015
This simple and touching film was commissioned specially to appear during the screening of 'Still Alice' - the recent Oscar-winning film that looks at the impact of Alzheimer's Disease.

Alzheimer's Society
28 Feb 2011
As a woman describes her concerns about the decline of her father's mental faculties, we see that he is literally fading away.

Alzheimer's Society
20 Mar 2009
This film supporting the work of the Alzheimer's Society contrasts the remedies available to counteract the signs of ageing.

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