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International Olympic Committee
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International Olympic Committee
"Stronger Together"
2 mins
9 Jul 2021
One of two films directed by Mark Zibert and Kevin Foley for the International Olympic Committee.

International Olympic Committee
9 Jul 2021
Skateboarding veteran Tony Hawk stars in this measured piece of work for the International Olympic Committee.

International Olympic Committee
"Become the Light"
22 Nov 2017
This fetching Olympic film was shot at minus twenty degrees. Think about that the next time you complain about the heating.

International Olympic Committee
24 Apr 2016
The International Olympic Committee preach their hallowed message of determination and collaboration in this stirring film.

International Olympic Committee
"Olympic Spirit"
9 Nov 2009
The animation is quite clever but the idea could have come from a 1970s episode of Sesame Street.

International Olympic Committee
"All Together Now"
19 Aug 2009
This animated commercial for the Olympic movement has giants using their strength to bring the world together quite literally.

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