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 "You're not an artist, Peggy. You solve problems." Don Draper.

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The Car People
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The Car People
5 Aug 2017
This extraordinary ad for The Car People depicts a horrifying nightmare of a car lot with a young couple trying to escape as though they're bidding to outrun a zombie apocalypse.

The Car People
24 Jul 2015
If you ended up buying a car from The Car People after having seen this ad, it would feel like a testament to the abject failure of your life thus far.

The Car People
"Test Drive Your Car Dealer"
29 Oct 2013
Another in the animated campaign explaining why The Car People are a safer bet than other car showrooms.

The Car People
"No Sales People"
18 Feb 2013
This is actually a pretty persuasive piece of communication disguised as something a bit more humdrum.

The Car People
"Sheep Dog Trials"
1 May 2012
The technique of the Car People's sales force is contrasted with their competitors' in this film which uses a sheepdog trial metaphor to suggest that people selling cars need to be kept in order.

The Car People
"Brian's Story"
28 Dec 2010
Is it just us or do 'the car people' sound like villains from Doctor Who?

The Car People
"Anna's Story"
16 Sep 2010
A pop-up style is used to illustrate a sequence that has a young woman describing why she needed to upgrade to a bigger car.

The Car People
"Car Lot"
16 Oct 2009
An attractively filmed look at expectant punters making their way around a car lot.

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