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 "You're not an artist, Peggy. You solve problems." Don Draper.

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Matt said:

So the hero here is the one we slaughter daily, rather than seasonally?



Age UK
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Age UK
13 Nov 2018
Age UK give voice to those in need this winter with an ad soundtracked by callers to the advertised helpline.

Age UK
"Just Another Day"
4 mins 32s
5 Dec 2017
This emotional film for Age UK highlights an important issue - elderly people spending Christmas alone.

Age UK
"Leave a Legacy"
25 Jan 2017
Age UK encourage us to enrich the lives of those we leave behindů even if we've never met them before.

Age UK
7 Dec 2016
In one of two touching spots for Age UK, James Bolam takes on the persona of Roy - a real-life widower whose words Bolam gives voice to.

Age UK
"June & Leon"
4 Dec 2015
There have been quite a few collaborations between Gogglebox and advertising and those that work best allow room for the programme's spontaneity.

Age UK
"Man on the Moon"
20 Nov 2015
This film underlining the importance of John Lewis's partnership with Age UK for this year's Christmas commercial offers a further insight into the plight of old people who feel abandoned by their family and friends at this time of year.

Age UK
"Time Flies"
16 Mar 2014
91 year old Christopher Lee reads lines written by Roger McGough which invite us to celebrate rather than resist the ageing process in this touching film for Age UK.

Age UK
12 Mar 2012
This commercial uses a cake as the canvas for its animation.

Age UK
"Thank You"
30 Jun 2011
A number of elderly people express their gratitude for the services that keep them going.

Age UK
"Help The Aged"
4 Oct 2010
The wonderful Brian Cox once again mimes to the voices of other people approaching dotage in a bid to suggest that even wealthy actors aren't immune from the worries that come with old age.

Age UK
"Ian McKellen"
29 Apr 2010
Another outing for the lip-synch technique which worked so well with Brian Cox.

Age UK
"Brian Cox"
19 Apr 2010
Actor Brian cox mouths the words of the older generation as they voice their worries about their lives.

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