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Ellora said:

This commercial was shot on 35MM.



St John Ambulance
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St John Ambulance
14 Oct 2016
This cute film draws attention to an initiative from BBH, Tesco and St John Ambulance to provide parents with vital CPR instructions should their baby stop breathing.

St John Ambulance
"Nursery Rhymes"
2 mins 17s
20 Jan 2016
The DAVID household has been intending to take up first aid lessons ever since an incident two years ago involving the near-tragic mis-swallowing of a spring roll.

St John Ambulance
"Save A Life September"
7 Sep 2015
This spot for the Save A Life September event approaches the subject of first aid with some refreshing silliness led by Rufus Hound.

St John Ambulance
"Miscellaneous Objects"
15 Jan 2015
A shift in direction for the St John Ambulance service, as previous spots have been filmed with real people.

St John Ambulance
"Bubble Wrap"
2 mins
4 Aug 2014
The message of this film for St John Ambulance is clear: learn first aid and you won't have to go to ridiculous lengths to protect your children.

St John Ambulance
"Save the Boy"
16 Sep 2013
An astonishingly strong ad from the charity, alerting us to the reasons why it's so crucial to know first aid.

St John Ambulance
"She Didn't Know What To Do"
13 May 2013
Another reminder from St John's Ambulance of the importance of insuring that we have basic First Aid skills.

St John Ambulance
16 Sep 2012
The shortened version of this awareness film made for St John ambulance has just as much impact as the original.

St John Ambulance
2 mins
16 Sep 2012
The extraordinary achievement of this film is the manner in which it manages to transmit the sense of helplessness on-screen to the viewer.

St John Ambulance
2 mins 20s
2 Nov 2010
This viral was created from a live performance in a cinema where the audience thought they were watching an ad for popcorn.

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