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 "You're not an artist, Peggy. You solve problems." Don Draper.

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James Blake
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James Blake
"Can't Believe the Way We Flow"
4 mins 43s
3 Sep 2019
Frank Lebon directs this hypnotically frenetic video for James Blake's love song to partner Jameela Jamil.

James Blake
"Barefoot in the Park"
3 mins 58s
5 Apr 2019
James Blake teams up with Catalan starlet Rosalía for an uncanny stroll through Los Angeles in this promo for ‘Barefoot in the Park'.

James Blake
"If The Car Beside You Moves Ahead"
4 mins 33s
26 Jan 2018
James Blake's track about the sensation of being left behind when a car beside you suddenly pulls ahead certainly shares that feeling with us.

James Blake
4 mins 02s
10 Feb 2013
James Blake has always shown hints of the warmth that lies beneath his technical wizardry, but that was all. Now, with Retrograde, it's arrived in one fell swoop.

James Blake
"The Wilhelm Scream"
4 mins 30s
8 Jun 2012
The featured music feels slightly out of reach because of its avant garde sound so the style used for the pop promo is a good fit.

James Blake
"A Case Of You"
2 mins 52s
10 Jan 2012
Actress Rebecca Hall weakens the knees when she looks intently into the camera in this pop promo for a song by James Blake.

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