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"I See You Shining"

Neil said:

Bet the edit was fun



Hostel World
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Hostel World
"Mariah Carey"
3 mins
10 Apr 2018
Hostel World have released another celebrity-centric film - this time starring Mariah Carey.

Hostel World
"Charlie Sheen"
1 min 44s
7 Mar 2017
Think you had actor, hellraiser, and tiger blood donor Charlie Sheen pegged? Think again.

Hostel World
"Famous Faces"
1 min 45s
8 Nov 2016
Following their last outing featuring 50 Cent, Hostel World are back with another celebrity-centric film.

Hostel World
"In Da Hostel with 50 Cent"
2 mins 30s
23 May 2016
First it was Chris Eubank, now Hostel World enlist the most appropriate spokesman imaginable: 50 Cent. Yes, that one.

Hostel World
"Meet The World (Edit)"
14 Apr 2016
Eyebrows were raised by the nudity in the original ad but its real problem was surely the tremendous height from which the young people leap.

Hostel World
"Youth Hostelling with Chris Eubank"
20 Aug 2015
This realisation of Alan Partridge's pitch from hell comes to fruition courtesy of Hostel World.

Hostel World
"Meet The World"
1 Jun 2015
This is quite a departure from the last Hostel World ad, and - we suspect - will have far more appeal for its target audience.

Hostel World
"See More World"
13 Feb 2012
This man's Scottish accent makes this service sound like it's called 'Hostile World dot com'.

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