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Channel 4 Paralympics
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Channel 4 Paralympics
"Super. Human. (Audio Described)"
3 mins
13 Aug 2021
There's another version of 'Super. Human.' that caught our attention: one audio described by comedian Adam Hills.

Channel 4 Paralympics
"Super. Human."
3 mins
14 Jul 2021
"To be a Paralympian, there has to be something wrong with you" these words appearing in a super around two-and-a-half minutes into this superb trail for the delayed 2020 Paralympics in Tokyo.

Channel 4 Paralympics
"We're the Superhumans"
2 mins 53s
14 Jul 2016
Channel 4's coverage of the Paralympics is given a huge lift-off by this magnificent film from Dougal Wilson.

Channel 4 Paralympics
6 Nov 2015
Channel 4 have made a typically attention-grabbing trail for the Rio 2016 Paralympics. How do they go about it? By casting the disabled as the villains.

Channel 4 Paralympics
"Opening Titles"
30 Aug 2012
More marvellous use is made of Public Enemy's 'Harder Than You Think' in the opening titles of Channel 4's Paralympic Games coverage.

Channel 4 Paralympics
13 Aug 2012
Another excellent contribution to the series of trails advertising Channel 4's coverage of the Paralympic Games.

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