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 "You're not an artist, Peggy. You solve problems." Don Draper.

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Stand Up To Cancer
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Stand Up To Cancer
"The Moment You Stand"
1 min 40s
25 Oct 2021
David Oyelowo fronts this stoic piece of work for Stand Up to Cancer (SUTC).

Stand Up To Cancer
"Delivered With a Punch"
11 Oct 2019
Cancer is in the crosshairs in this celebrity-heavy commercial for Stand Up To Cancer's annual fundraising drive.

Stand Up To Cancer
"Check Your Boobs"
3 mins 48s
31 Oct 2018
Channel 4 and Stand Up To Cancer have released this entertaining film for their biennial funding drive.

Stand Up To Cancer
"Check Your Balls"
2 mins 20s
25 Oct 2016
Stand Up to Cancer encourages men to cop a feel in the best way possible with this lovely short film.

Stand Up To Cancer
20 Oct 2016
Another special programme for Channel 4's Stand Up To Cancer fundraising drive, this time we have Greg Davies gone android in a celebrity edition of Humans.

Stand Up To Cancer
"John Bishop and Jose Mourinho"
19 Oct 2016
This lovely plug for Stand Up To Cancer pits John Bishop and Jose Mourinho against one another in a gruelling 'bad joke battle'.

Stand Up To Cancer
"Adam Hills"
5 Oct 2014
As with Davina McCall's touching tribute to her sister, this short piece perfectly captures the devastating impact that a cancer diagnosis can have on those left behind.

Stand Up To Cancer
"Davina's Tribute to Caroline"
3 Oct 2014
This one's personal in more ways than one... Davina McCall speaks briefly but movingly about her sister's death in this trail for a fund-raising night on Channel 4.

Stand Up To Cancer
"Payback Time"
2 mins
6 Sep 2014
As we've noted a few times in the last year, the tone of our industry's communication about cancer has radically shifted.

Stand Up To Cancer
18 Oct 2012
George Clooney, Jennifer Aniston and Gwyneth Paltrow are among the celebrities standing up to Cancer alongside Channel 4 in a forthcoming telethon.

Stand Up To Cancer
"Kylie Minogue"
12 Oct 2012
This poignant trail for Channel 4's Stand up to Cancer telethon has Kylie Minogue and members of the public speaking directly to camera about the impact the disease has had on their lives.

Stand Up To Cancer
1 Oct 2012
Channel 4 has a new programme which will examine our relationship with the various diseases grouped together as 'cancer'.

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