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 "You're not an artist, Peggy. You solve problems." Don Draper.

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"My High (ft. Aminé, slowthai)"
4 mins 28s
10 Jul 2020
A trip to the emergency room takes an unexpected turn in this intriguing promo for Disclosure's latest single 'My High'.

"Magnets (ft Lorde)"
3 mins 24s
6 Oct 2015
Disclosure's star continues to rise, although sophomore effort Caracal will probably be consigned to the 'difficult second album' category without much ado.

2 mins 47s
20 Sep 2015
Ryan Hope's tale for Discolosure's 'Jaded' evidently picks up where the last left off; with the female protagonist being hypnotised in some bleak and gleaming space underground.

"F for You (ft Mary J Blige)"
4 mins 54s
10 Feb 2014
Disclosure's excellent track F for You has a new promo to go with it.

"Grab Her"
3 mins 44s
24 Jan 2014
Despite its alarmingly Neanderthal title, Disclosure's Grab Her is a regular dance track.

"F for You"
4 mins 09s
24 Jun 2013
Disclosure's debut album Settle is remarkable in a number of ways; not least for its astute collaborations with vocalists whose commercial stars are on the rise.

"When a Fire Starts to Burn"
5 mins 22s
31 May 2013
This track has a tub-thumping beat that goes through you at a molecular level and should be played as loud as possible.

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