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 "You're not an artist, Peggy. You solve problems." Don Draper.

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FKA twigs
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FKA twigs
"Measure of a Man (feat Central Cee)"
3 mins 29s
29 Nov 2021
This wonderfully camp promo for a song by FKA twigs (featuring Central Cee) sounds like it could have been written for a new James Bond film.

FKA twigs
"Don't Judge Me"
6 mins 32s
28 Jan 2021
FKA Twigs goes toe to toe with the invisible forces of oppression in this bold promo for 'Don't Judge Me'.

FKA twigs
"Sad Day"
7 mins 34s
8 Sep 2020
FKA twigs adds wushu to her eclectic CV in this Hiro Murai-directed promo for 'Sad Day'.

FKA twigs
4 mins 22s
23 May 2019
FKA twigs spent the last year learning to pole dance purely to realise the video she felt simply had to go with latest song 'Cellophane'.

FKA twigs
16 mins 23s
15 Aug 2015
Comprising random letters and numerals, the title of FKA Twigs' latest offering looks like a more obscure track by Aphex Twin. However, that's about as far as any comparison goes.

FKA twigs
"Glass and Patron"
4 mins 59s
24 Mar 2015
We know FKA twigs is rightly revered as a very talented and original artist, but at DAVID we find her music a tad inaccessible.

FKA twigs
"Water Me"
3 mins 23s
5 Aug 2013
The mysterious Twigs is back, with a new monikor - FKA Twigs - and a stunning track called Water Me.

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