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 "You're not an artist, Peggy. You solve problems." Don Draper.

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Pete said:

Very nice indeed. No fancy post, pumping sound track or stylised visuals.....just a great idea and very well made. This is true advertising.



Danny Brown
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Danny Brown
"Dirty Laundry"
3 mins 11s
11 Sep 2019
Hailing a cab is always a gamble... you may end up flung around in the back while an unhinged dude with the concentration of a gnat's chuff demonstrates what post-bender psychosis looks like.

Danny Brown
"Ain't It Funny"
3 mins 37s
31 Mar 2017
Something tells us network executives will pass on Danny Brown and director Jonah Hill's ‘Ain't It Funny'.

Danny Brown
3 mins 21s
17 Oct 2016
Director Simon Cahn says of Danny Brown's 'Pneumonia' that it: "feels like a surreal nosebleed torture of a track" and we can't argue with him.

Danny Brown
3 mins 34s
24 Sep 2013
A hardcore-adrenalin hit from Danny Brown that'll leave you exhausted just watching if his frenetic rap is not your thing.

Danny Brown
"When It Rain"
3 mins 25s
10 Jun 2016

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