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 "You're not an artist, Peggy. You solve problems." Don Draper.

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Samsung Gear
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Samsung Gear
"Know How"
21 Sep 2017
Armed with Samsung's Frontier S3 smartwatch, Bear Grylls takes us on another informative woodland jaunt.

Samsung Gear
4 Jan 2017
This vertiginous ad from Samsung depicts a bungee jump in reverse.

Samsung Gear
"Turn The Bezel"
2 mins 10s
15 Dec 2015
This colourful launch ad for Samsung's Gear S2 invites to us see what happens when we spin the wheel.

Samsung Gear
"Explore More"
9 Dec 2015
The war of the smartwatches seems to be rumbling on in a vacuum as finding wearers out in the wild continues to be a struggle.

Samsung Gear
"Health Monitoring"
21 May 2014
Get the Samsung something or other and you also get their Gear Fit, which tells you how much more energetically you need to be doing stuff if you don't want to be branded a sloth.

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