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 "You're not an artist, Peggy. You solve problems." Don Draper.

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Short Films
"Alfie: The Odd Job Boy from Clitheroe"

Matt said:

100% brilliant. Is this a first?



Under Armour
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Under Armour
"Ring Walk"
26 Sep 2018
Anthony Joshua takes a markedly more restrained stroll than his usual ring walks in this Under Armour ad.

Under Armour
19 Mar 2018
This brooding Under Armour commercial sees Anthony Joshua spar with his own shadow.

Under Armour
1 min 50s
17 Oct 2017
Georgia Hudson flexes her promo muscles in this energetic Under Armour piece.

Under Armour
"Zoe Zhang"
21 Jul 2017
China meets Ancient Greece in this meditative Under Armour ad.

Under Armour
"Misty Copeland"
20 Jul 2017
This compelling Under Armour commercial stars Misty Copeland - the first African-American female principal dancer with the American Ballet Theatre.

Under Armour
"Alison Désir "
20 Jul 2017
Under Armour's poetic series continues with this film focused on Alison Désir.

Under Armour
13 Jul 2016
For those of us who struggled with arithmetic at school, this quick-fire commercial for Under Armour may feel like a machine gun volley from your maths teacher.

Under Armour
"Women's Gymnastics"
11 Jul 2016
Under Armour's campaign to salute those who push themselves to the limit before even setting foot in the competitive arena continues with this thumping behind-the-scenes look at the Team USA women's gymnastics team.

Under Armour
"One Push"
25 Apr 2016
Under Armour enlist the vocal talents of Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson in this engaging ad for their new HealthBox kit.

Under Armour
"Michael Phelps"
8 Mar 2016
This brutal, brilliant ad for Under Armour underlines the commitment required by swimmer Michael Phelps to achieve greatness.

Under Armour
"Slay Your Next Giant"
27 Sep 2015
Manchester United's Memphis Depay is just one of the giant slayers Under Armour wants to push to the next level.

Under Armour
"Rule Yourself"
25 Aug 2015
Philip Glass's 'Knee Play 1' provides the music, Wally Pfister provides the photography and the direction; The Mill provide the VFX; the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics provides the inspiration.

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