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Nintendo Switch
(1-10 of 10)

Nintendo Switch
"Pokémon Sword and Shield"
6 Dec 2019
After a bumpy November launch, Nintendo attempt to drum up interest in their latest Pokémon game for the Switch with this immersive commercial.

Nintendo Switch
21 Aug 2019
A father and son bid to paper over the cracks in their relationship with an outdoor game of Mario Kart in this Nintendo Switch ad.

Nintendo Switch
"Labo Testers"
20 Apr 2018
Nintendo's unlikely bid to turn cardboard into 2018's must-have toy continues with this 30" ad.

Nintendo Switch
20 Mar 2018
Nintendo presents a family so paralysed with inertia they must resolve everyday domestic disputes via Mario Kart.

Nintendo Switch
14 Aug 2017
Nintendo Switch's Splatoon game lets you fling virtual paint at your mates - whether you're at home or on the move.

Nintendo Switch
6 Jul 2017
Why did Nintendo have to pick the most questionable hand gesture for their Switch console?

Nintendo Switch
"Mario Kart 8 Deluxe"
10 Mar 2017
The Nintendo Switch has been in the wild for over a week now, and this ad reinforces the plaything's adaptable nature.

Nintendo Switch
"More Games"
25 Feb 2017
Nintendo emphasise the social aspect of their Switch console in this ad.

Nintendo Switch
24 Feb 2017
This busy ad for Nintendo Switch shows the console's party game in action.

Nintendo Switch
"Reveal Trailer"
3 mins 30s
21 Oct 2016
Nintendo ends months of speculation about its 'NX' project by revealing the Switch.

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