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David Reviews presents:
CraftWorks - 27 November 2019.
18.30 to 20.00

CraftWorks Season III continues at BBH, 60 Kingly Street, London, W1B 5DS - on Wednesday, 27th November between 6.30 pm and 8.00 pm. (Doors open at 6.00 pm.)

Tickets are £25.00 (plus VAT) each.





The event will be compered by David Reviews editor Jason Stone:

And Rising's Anna Arnell; M&C Saatchi's Justin Tindall; and Grey's Sue Higgs will take a look at this year's seasonal offerings.

Daniel is one of the UK's finest your documentary makers and he'll be on stage to talk about 'The Mighty Redcar' and 'Crime & Punishment' - two ground-braking series which he has created.

Outsider's DOM&NIC will be joined by String & Tins sound designer Adam Smyth to discuss their recent project for Experian.

The winner of 2019's Homespun Yarns short film competition will showcase their film and talk about how it was made. More details once the winner is determined on Thursday evening.

The venue: BBH, 60 Kingly Street, London, W1B 5DS.

Date: Wednesday 27th November.
Time: 6.30 pm to 8.00 pm. (Doors open at 6.00 pm.)




On This Day
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6 Dec 2004
A change in direction for KFC with a truly fantastic commercial in which a father mocks his son's new (Flock of Seagulls) hair style in song. His wife then kicks in before the son gets his own back by telling his mother, again in song, that it must be terrible being married to a slaphead.

Harvey Nichols
"Walk Of Shame"
6 Dec 2011
This cunning commercial suggests that the real reason for the shame when women walk home after stopping out has nothing to do with a lack of moral decorum and everything to do with the style of the clothes they're wearing as they make their way home.

"Million Kids Challenge"
3 mins
6 Dec 2011
A longer version of the ad for a charitable concern initiated by orange supermarket which shows David Beckham finding out what it's like to play his sport without the benefit of sight. The footballer's charisma ensures this is a highly compelling watch.

Glorious Monsters
"Normal Men"
3 mins 50s
6 Dec 2013
Here's a smart piece of comedy to improve your day. Strictly speaking, this isn't a trail but it's such a marvellous piece that we had to share it. It's a sketch from the Stephen Pipe-directed comedy Glorious Monster and it offers an unhealthy insight into the mentality of men gathered at a speed dating event. Women... heaven help you.

"Roger Ballen x The Skateroom"
1 min 38s
6 Dec 2017
Skate art meets psychological horror in this collaborative film. Launching on the Arts Council's online platform, boutique deck designers The Skateroom partner with photographer Roger Ballen for a monochrome fever dream. Luckily, art-conscious skaters won't have to navigate this Saw-esque labyrinth themselves.

"The Cell"
1 min 43s
6 Dec 2018
This Finnish Lidl commercial offers hope to jailbirds everywhere as a warden ignores protocol in favour of Christmas spirit. As a wizened prisoner looks out on a snowy night, he's shocked to receive a beautifully wrapped metal file, which is duly applied to the iron bars on his cell window. It's enough to make prison staff balk, but there is a suitably festive twist to this escape.

Ugly Betty
"Mr Blue Sky"
6 Dec 2006
Neat spoof of the M & S ad from about a year ago in which Twiggy and her model pals cavorted around while ELO's Mr Blue Sky played in the background. In this version, the object is not to sell woolly pullovers but America's hit show Ugly Betty which Channel 4 will be showing from January.

"Good Things Come To Those Who Wait"
6 Dec 2009
This trail for this weekend's match between Manchester City and Chelsea uses the soundtrack and some of the ideas from Jonathan Glazer's classic Guinness ad so we thought we'd add it for your contemplation and amusement.

Olympus Pen
"Heartbreaking Pictures"
6 Dec 2009
A reprise of the current campaign featuring Kevin Spacey once again has the film and stage actor suggesting that the advertised camera is only for those who value quality over quantity. This is the epitome of what good advertising is all about and these cameras will sell.

Nintendo DS
"Holly's Presents"
6 Dec 2009
Fearne Cotton has bought Holly Willoughby some new games for her Nintendo DS in this ad which asks us to believe that the two are as inseparable as Dec and Ant. Cotton cannot resist trying out the games but gets a bit carried away.

Victor Chandler
"It's Victor"
6 Dec 2010
Paddy McGuinness goes to a football match with Victor Chandler and imagines the attention they receive is because of his celebrity status. In fact, the football fans are trying to get Victor's attention because they want to place a bet.

6 Dec 2010
The animated technique which places us in the driver's seat of a Formula One car has been done rather well but the message it conveys is a little too corporatist for our taste. It's hard to like a commercial that feels as though it is aimed of people much wealthier than yourself.

"Sneaker Addict"
6 Dec 2010
A combination of live action and animation is used to illustrate this commercial which draws a comparison between sneakers and sex (without ever quite saying so). Mind you, it would probably be healthier if a young man thought this often about sex rather than sneakers.

Tetra Pak
"The Circle Of Protection"
10 mins 10s
6 Dec 2010
Tetra Pak explain how their move into Egypt has brought about health improvements for the African country's people. Any of you ancient enough to remember cinema matinees in the 1970s may recall that films like this were often shown before the main feature. It's worthy but a little dull and, quite frankly, it could have a naked Can-Can at the end and we doubt that anyone would know about it.

"Once A Day"
6 Dec 2010
It always makes more sense to us when products like this emphasise their healthiness rather than their deliciousness because it's so much easier to buy into the former than the latter. On that basis, this has to be one of the best ads we've seen in this product sector.

Kellogg's Crunchy Nut
"Rob Brydon"
6 Dec 2010
TV funny man Rob Brydon plays most of the parts in this creaky ad for Kellogg's Crunchy Nut Corn Flakes. It's rather a quaint piece of advertising and perhaps if it had been made in the 1970s with Stanley Baxter it would feel quite so strained.

"It's Soothing, By Nature"
6 Dec 2010
For reasons that are hard to understand, the combination of animals and silly voices usually proves a winner with the British public so we anticipate a positive reaction from punters to this compilation of neatly annotated stock footage.

6 Dec 2010
Another of the relatively stylish commercials for green supermarket which attempts to upgrade our impressions of their food offerings. Once again, Asda's name is kept out of proceedings until the message about quality has been well and truly seeded. Good advertising.

GDF Suez
"Happy Customers"
6 Dec 2010
According to this commercial, the advertised power utility company is so dedicated to their customers that the entire company mobilises as soon as they get the thumbs up from some new punters. It's a slick piece of corporate advertising of the variety that achieves nothing.

"Laser Drawings"
1 min 55s
6 Dec 2010
This online piece of work advertises a new taxi service in London that has one eye on the environment. Using a laser and other related technology, London landmarks are lit up at night with green, unsurprisingly, proving the colour of choice.

12 Minutes Of Love
6 Dec 2011
This beautiful piece of animation is designed to provoke intrigue and persuade us to buy a book about the history of Tango. Okay, you're advertising people so you're now thinking it's a book about an orange geezer slapping people in the face... but it's not.

Jamie's Christmas
"With Bells On"
6 Dec 2011
Jamie Oliver is going to teach us how to cook our Christmas dinner... again. This lively trailer makes it clear that it's going to be a lot of fun and Oliver's trademark enthusiasm is irresistible even if we've heard it all before.

CK One
6 Dec 2011
This laughably earnest attempt to get down with the kids looks like a cross between a Duran Duran video and zombie movie filmed on a mobile phone. DAVID has never felt less qualified to judge its impact on the target market and is genuinely curious to know what the under-25s make of this.

Scottish Executive Anti-Drinking
"Lost Licence"
6 Dec 2011
This film reminds us what we have to lose if we make the mistake of drinking and driving. One version of a man watches himself in the pub as he downs a pint unaware of the calamity that's about to befall him. To underline this, the ghostly figure begins cutting his licence with a pair of scissors.

British Comedy Awards
"Jonathan's Delivery"
6 Dec 2011
Jonathan Ross is flung from a Jack In A Box in this ad reminding us that he'll be hosting the British Comedy Awards again this year. It's usually the best bit of telly he does and for those of us who can't be bothered to watch his fawning me-me-me interviews on ITV, a rare chance to see him in action.

On This Day
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