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 "You're not an artist, Peggy. You solve problems." Don Draper.

    • A piece of cake.There's a lovely piece of comedy business at the heart of this German commercial for Aldi as two men are engaged in a surreptitious battle for the last piece of cake.
    • Crunch time.Walkers reignite an age-old debate with their latest campaign, prompting customers to take a stand on whether they prefer their sandwiches with or without a crunchy element.
    • Stunt scrutiny.Kiwi insurers ACC New Zealand encourage people to look before they leap in this engaging commercial.
    • Be our guests.Months of coverage about quarantine hotels make this Premier Inn ad even more significant.
    • Go west.Director Alan Friel makes home advantage count in this handsomely mounted promo for the Wild Atlantic Way.
    • Straight to hell, boys.This film for Maserati featuring David Beckham is as tone deaf as the recent Burger King social media campaign which caused such a furore on International Women's Day.
    • MindsEye score a double.MindsEye have added a pair of new signings to their roster of directors: London-based Matthew Walker and French duo Zite & Léo.
    • Papaya Films plump for Martin Aamund.Well-travelled director Martin Aamund has joined Papaya Films for commercial representation.
    • Explosive EaseEasy access to high-speed internet could free up enough time to cause a fracas, say Saudi Telecom.
    • Avatarnation.You can't spell transhumanism without H&M - now that's a phrase DAVID never expected to write.


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18 April 2021

There's a lovely piece of comic business at the heart of this German commercial for Aldi, as two men are engaged in a surreptitious battle for the last piece of cake. Nice Shirt director Kai Schonrath maximises the comedy by ramping up the tension, and cleverly elbows room for the punchline.

We're left in no doubt about the desirability of the cake which we can find at the advertised supermarket, and this in a country where they take their cake seriously (unlike the UK where Aldi have been engaged in social media high jinks after news that Marks & Spencer is suing their rival because of a alleged similarity between the later's Cuthbert the Caterpillar cake and the former's Colin the Caterpillar).

Schonrath's ad belongs to a more reverent comedy tradition and is unlikely provoke a Twitter feud, but seems promisingly capable of helping Aldi shift some cake from their shelves.

"#crispIN or #crispOUT"
18 April 2021

Walkers reignite an age-old debate with their latest campaign, prompting customers to take a stand on whether they prefer their sandwiches with or without a crunchy element. Crisp butties are either a staple food or an unthinkable culinary sin according to this ad, which sees folks from all walks of life stating their position with great vehemence.

The vignettes are cannily balanced by director James Rouse, who ensures that the defiant (obnoxious crunching in a posh tearoom) is countered with the benign (a proud teenage re-invention). The brand's Subway partnership is referenced in rather charming fashion too, as an innocent question at the sandwich counter may turn out to be a relationship deal breaker.

ACC New Zealand
"Have a Hmm"
15 April 2021

Insurers ACC New Zealand encourage people to look before they leap in this engaging commercial. Focused on a young daredevil eager to prove his mettle by leaping from a great height, the ad muses on what the consequences may be if his moment in the spotlight goes wrong.

Director Alex Roberts keeps the action tightly focused here, as rapid-fire repercussions unfold in the protagonist's mind. From the dilemma of hungry pet fish to the indignity of asking a mate to wipe his arse, it's an amusing montage which should resonate with young thrill seekers of all stripes.

Lovely comedy moments abound, with a lingering shot of friend Jared in desperate need of a wingman a particular standout. Roberts’s film manages to be thought-provoking without being paternalistic, using humour to make its point far more effectively than judgement would.

Premier Inn
"From Booking to Bed"
19 April 2021

Months of coverage about quarantine hotels make this Premier Inn ad even more significant. The world has changed a lot since the brand's last work in 2018, so comfort and reliability are the key themes here. Thus director Ally Pankiw's film shows how families, couples, and business travellers are catered/cared for as lockdown restrictions ease.

The practical elements of the pandemic like face masks and plastic shields are integrated well, but they don't dominate the screen. This lets moments like an ill-conceived visit to a cat hotel set the tone, and helps create a sunny-side-up atmosphere that's been lacking from the hospitality and leisure sector for far too long.

Wild Atlantic Way
16 April 2021

Director Alan Friel makes home advantage count in this handsomely mounted promo for the Wild Atlantic Way. The County Mayo-born filmmaker visits a smokehouse, a commercial bee hive, and an oyster farm on Ireland's scenic west coast, as the region prepares to welcome back foodies and tourists alike.

Friel's camera zeroes in on fresh produce, including artisan smoked salmon, viscous honey, and oysters grown in "class A water" (which sounds more illicit than it actually is). Cloying acoustic soundtrack aside, it's an effective showcase of County Mayo's pantry, and underlines the craft of fathers and sons for whom food is a way of life.


On This Day
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20 Apr 2005
Spectacular compendium of sportsmen doing their thing barefoot illustrates something even more important than decent trainers... the health of your feet. Amongst the included luminaries are Wayne Rooney, Ruud van Nistelrooy, Christiano Ronaldo and Roger Federer.

"Burnt Offering"
20 Apr 2010
There's drama at the Warburton's factory as the staff come to terms with the fact that one of the bakers has burned a loaf of bread. A wonderfully over the top reaction from the supervisor is matched by the other staff and a familiarly emotional soundtrack.

"Beauty & The Beasts"
20 Apr 2010
The advertised car makes its way through an arena full of old bangers in this visually striking ad for Audi. The streamlined beauty of the car is a huge contrast with the eccentric vehicles it has to avoid if it wants to remain unblemished.

"Chris McCausland"
20 Apr 2014
We suspect there were a few worried client faces at the meeting when this idea was suggested... a blind man making fun of his own affliction while poking fun at bank security along the way? What could possibly go wrong? Quite a lot, obviously, but thanks to the complete commitment shown and the genuine excellence of the snippets we see of McCausland's comedy, this really, really works.

Saga Holidays
"Folkestone Hotel"
20 Apr 2014
Larry Lamb fronts this new campaign for Saga, which takes the company in a completely new direction. Not least through their means of travel, which, perchance inspired by Up, has the suavely-attired Mr Lamb extolling the brand's virtues from an uprooted Folkstone hotel that sails majestically across the skies.

"The Thunderhead Way"
2 mins
20 Apr 2015
This ad is astonishing. No really, it is. DAVID never thought he'd see a scene like this in a broadcast commercial ever... but here it is. This bold, beautiful bonkers spot is truly epic: a mini-film that delivers the computer software you've always dreamed of in the form of a tattooed superhero. But this vast, muscular man doesn't behave in the way you'd expect the lovechild of Mad Max and Thor to behave. Oh no, no, no.

Arla Skyr
"The Messenger"
20 Apr 2015
This charming commercial for an Icelandic yoghurt launching in the UK, tells the unlikely tale of a young messenger who was so efficient that his home town only required one telephone. Like his young protagonist, director Dougal Wilson delivers again and again and the period detail and lightness of touch on display here proves he truly is the master of his domain.

"999 For Kids"
20 Apr 2015
Mumsnet has become a powerful lobbying group over the past few years - the willingness of David Cameron and other politicians to pander to their whims is testament to that - but this is the first time they've used an advertising agency to help communicate anything. And what a piece of communication it is.

"Bunny Travels"
20 Apr 2015
This utterly charming French film suggests that your baby's favourite toy has earned their devotion. It isn't just there to offer comfort, you know; it's also gathering food in the countryside to provide its young owner with the healthiest options imaginable at mealtime. The low-key animation is absolutely perfect and combines beautifully with the portentous music.

"Baby Surfers"
1 min 35s
20 Apr 2016
Just as Volvic have always been obsessed with volcanoes, Evian have become synonymous with babies - often ways which leave a quizzical look on the face. With this latest commercial, the brand bring a new level of charm and ambition to the conceit with a cast of tiny surfers chasing big waves.

20 Apr 2020
This sombre outing from Norwegian pension fund KLP draws attention to the plight of public sector workers during lockdown. As “smouldering uncertainty” grips the capital, nurse Line Fleischer, doctor Lene Finnestad, and kindergarten manager Frode Thorjussen share their thoughts on an increasingly unrecognisable world.

Ideas Factory
"Animated Journey"
20 Apr 2005
Channel 4 promotes its recruitment drive for young talent with a cute animated film which depicts a pair of youngsters turning up at literal ideas factory where they get the opportunity to show what they can do.

"Wine Bottles"
20 Apr 2005
Barry Humphries's alter ego Dame Edna Everage provides the voice for this amusing short for Tesco in which the cross-dressing entertainer thanks those of us who have bought Australian wine and pleas with the rest of us to join them.

Hellmann's Mayonnaise
20 Apr 2006
Neat post script to the earlier ad has people describing the exact noise made by Hellmann's when you squirt some out of the bottle. As before, the choice of mayonnaise is just about the only thing they agree on.

Seat Leon
"Who Owns Who?"
20 Apr 2007
A man contemplates the nature of car ownership as we see him bestowing love on his new Seat Leon. He wonders who owns who as he realises his life revolves around his automobile. He may be better off catching the bus rather than following this course of spiralling madness.

Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes
"Simple Says"
20 Apr 2008
A beautifully photographed commercial uses simple iconography to get across its simple message about its simple product. Five women backed by a tinkly bit of piano state various truisms designed to persuade us that the advertised product is gentler than the competition.

"Table Dive"
20 Apr 2008
This ad manages to capture something of the unbridled joy of winning an unexpected sum of money. A presentation is interrupted by a young woman who uses the polished surface of a long boardroom table as a slide in her untrammelled excitement at an unexpected lottery win. Presumably slightly more than a tenner.

Post Office
"Keith Harris"
20 Apr 2008
More from the campaign which seems intent on reminding us of the drabness of our local Post Office. The sought after comedy is supposed to derive from unfunny ventriloquist Keith Harris's efforts to post his long-time companion Orville to Tenerife. Not, on the face of it, a bad plan.

Mars Bars
20 Apr 2008
As a response to the failure of any of the five teams from the British Isles to qualify for this summer's European Championships, Mars is suggesting we get out for a game of football in the park. To illustrate this call to arms we are shown various people taking off their jumpers and getting ready to play.

Royal Bank Of Scotland
20 Apr 2008
Comedienne Sally Phillips reprises her role as a woman on the lookout for a man in her life as well as some help with her mortgage. Since this ad has gone on air at the same time as the bank it advertises is seeking a £20 billion pound investment from its shareholders... perhaps she can expect a little empathy at her branch.

"Shop Your Way"
20 Apr 2009
The advantages of shopping without visiting a shop are highlighted in this ad which looks at people with unconventional lifestyles. DAVID has never really pondered the difficulties mermaids must have getting to the shops... must be a nightmare.

Kellogg's Crunchy Nut Clusters
20 Apr 2009
Kellogg's have long pitched the idea that their Crunchy Nut variant is irresistible and this commercial neatly feeds into that idea. People enjoy the food as a substitute for more conventional snacks in a series of unlikely scenarios.

RSPCA Pet Shop
20 Apr 2009
Another of the Australian ads for the RSPCA Pet Shop has a man running into a closed patio door to illustrate the news that there are now birds in stock. It's an amusing and attention-grabbing ploy even if it's odd that the ad reminds us that birds should be free.

Westland Aftercut
"Time & Effort"
20 Apr 2010
The man in this ad has a dedication to labour-saving devices that puts him on a par with Wallace and Gromit. That's why he's such a fan of the advertised lawn additive... apparently, it does all the hard work while you laze about in your garden.

20 Apr 2010
One of a pair of new Swedish commercial highlighting the benefits of an NV education by showing how it feels to miss out. A rock band is unable to figure out how to get on stage while an expectant audience waits eagerly for their entertainment.

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