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Latest Work
    • Back on the shop floor.Kudos to whoever it was who came up with this brilliant scheme for expressing support for small businesses.
    • The Blame GameBats campaign against misplaced blame laid on them for Covid-19 in this environmentally-minded comedy.
    • A Monster calls at Dirty Films.Hackney-based production company Dirty Films have unveiled their new fashion, music, and culture division.
    • Red means go.As the coronavirus pandemic continues to wreak havoc on dating culture, Porsche target those “hopelessly in love with driving” instead.
    • Meji Alabi signs to RSARSA have signed director Meji Alabi to their roster for US and UK commercial representation.
    • Always on duty.This understated commercial for baby feeding and weaning brand Tommee Tippee uses inviting visuals and intimate sound design to bring new parents onside.
    • All or NoneThis lovely piece of work for Nike is complicated by the brand's questionable ethics.
    • Dog Eat Dog dig Julian Marshall.Dog Eat Dog have completed the signing of director Julian Marshall for UK and German representation.
    • Blue Monday.If Manchester City fans thought losing the Premier League to Liverpool by eighteen points was bad, perhaps this three-minute Xylem commercial will offer some perspective.
    • Body and SoulFew things have changed for the better in recent months, but Coca-Cola explore one of the silver linings of lockdown in their latest ad.
    • Jim Hosking arrives at The Sweetshop.Jim Hosking, the man behind such oddities as ‘The Greasy Strangler’ and Adult Swim’s Tropical Cop Tales, has joined The Sweetshop for global representation.
    • Park Village sign NosPark Village have bolstered their roster with the signing of cinematographer-turned-director Nos.
    • Staycation NationHeinz encourage Brits to make the most of their Covid-enforced staycations in this personable ad.
    • The Sweetshop pick Tom Gould.New Zealand director and photographer Tom Gould has joined The Sweetshop’s world-spanning commercial roster.
    • The waiting game.Adidas and director Sarah Chatfield focus on Olympic/Paralympic hopefuls delayed - but not defeated by - the coronavirus pandemic.
    • Hole In One... HundredThis entertaining ad for the Irish Lotto demonstrates that dreams, however improbable, can come true


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Short Films
"Bat Sh*t"
7 mins 30s
5 August 2020

Is the bat currently the most maligned animal on Earth due to Covid-19? Quite possibly, but the creatures themselves argue that the species-wide smear campaign has been going on for much longer - and that the current pandemic isn't even their fault. At least, that's according to this entertaining short film directed by Chris Cottam and Nathan Camponi.

The action is handled with a light touch, encompassing Zoom support groups with other plague-spreading animals, dark mutterings about how Dracula started everything, and a brilliant cameo from Romesh Ranganathan as a vaping rabbit in an animal testing lab. For all the comedy, the film does carry a serious message.

After all, why would wild animals be forced to enter human environments unless their habitats were destroyed? Deforestation and climate change are addressed head-on, as these fed-up creatures lay the blame for the pandemic squarely at humanity's feet. If we continue to ignore these global concerns, the film urges, we're going to end up with a "Planet of the Apes situation" very soon... and we all know how that ended.

A Monster calls at Dirty Films.

Hackney-based production company Dirty Films have unveiled their new fashion, music, and culture division.

Described as a “bold and curious” creative studio, Monster boast a twenty-strong roster at launch, including directors, animators, photographers, and a host of other young creative sparks.


5 August 2020

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to wreak havoc on dating culture, Porsche target those "hopelessly in love with driving" instead with this beautifully shot commercial. Like a sonnet written by a car dealer, the, ahem, red-blooded script stops just short of endorsing second base with a motor vehicle. Just.

Thank goodness, then, for director Patrick Fileti, who keeps things moving with a steady stream of revs (high-quality headphones are recommended) and topsy-turvy camerawork. Aided by flashes by hot-rod red exteriors, the result is a tactile piece of filmmaking that will get the target audience's engines going... within reason.

Meji Alabi signs to RSA

RSA have signed acclaimed director and photographer Meji Alabi to their roster for US and UK commercial representation.

Alabi's reel reflects the diverse cultures of his upbringing - having spent his formative years between London, Lagos, and Texas - and these influences shine through his use of vibrant imagery and distinctive storytelling style.


Tommee Tippee
"Parent On"
4 August 2020

This understated commercial for baby feeding and weaning brand Tommee Tippee uses inviting visuals and intimate sound design to bring new parents onside. Shot by the Swedish one-two of director Marcus Storm and DP Markus Ljungberg, the ad shows what mums and dads do best after an early morning alarm call.

The parents and their offspring take centre stage here, with the brand content to play a supporting role. We catch glimpses of a baby monitor and a milk prep machine in the background, which give the adult cast a chance to calibrate themselves in the gloom. This helps the subsequent moments of domestic bliss register even more.


On This Day
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6 Aug 2010
The excellent thing about this ad is that it would work just as well if it didn't feature sporting superstars. The appearance of Jonny Wilkinson, Cesc Fabregas and the others is a mere bonus making a terrific piece of film even better.

"Tina Turner"
1 min 40s
6 Aug 2014
This bone-dry spoof from a German agency for the Swiss market has been delivered with so much authenticity that some viewers will probably find themselves thinking: wow, I never knew Tina Turner's devotion to Switzerland started so long ago. Reconstructions of Turner's childhood and her career are used to illustrate the pervasive ever-presence of her devotion to the mountainous European state where she now lives and some of them are quite delicious.

Honda HR-V
"Perfect Fit"
6 Aug 2015
Honda have always come across as the meticulous yet playful sort and this fun piece of garage feng shui encapsulates the car manufacturer's whimsical approach to design. Standing in the midst of a garage full of long forgotten bikes, toys, and curiosities, the protagonist seems to need a skip. But he's an enterprising sort with a lot of imagination... and a souped-up tool kit.

Donate Life
"World's Biggest Asshole"
2 mins 48s
6 Aug 2016
Now you're probably assuming an advertising story incorporating the words "world's biggest asshole" has something to do with Kevin Roberts but you're wrong. This has nothing to do with Saatchis' very own Sid the Sexist and is actually an interesting attempt to engage with millennials in an area many find difficult to discuss... organ donation.

"Unlimited You"
2 mins 37s
6 Aug 2016
When they hit their stride, there are few advertisers who can match Nike and they've pulled something really special out of the locker to launch their Olympics campaign. The first minute or so is pretty great but it pales into insignificance compared with what follows... and it's all held together by a spectacularly brilliant voiceover performance from Oscar Isaac.

Paddy Power
6 Aug 2017
This campaign for Paddy Power is one of DAVID's favourites of 2017, and this may be the best execution yet. A brand which spent years positioning itself as the bad boy of betting - deliberately seeking infamy on the basis that there's no such thing as bad publicity - has made one of the most positive depictions of disability we've ever seen in a British TV commercial. What a bunch of goody-two-shoes sell-outs!

Hamburg Film Festival
"A Thousand Words"
6 Aug 2018
This clever piece for the Hamburg Film Festival which was devised, written and directed by J J Keith has fun with the idea of a picture representing a thousand words. A combination of news footage and specially filmed sequences play across the screen as Mark Strong (in this English language version) gives a powerful reading of the script.

Paddy Power
"Shirt Sponsors"
6 Aug 2019
Having successfully trolled prudish media outlets with their fake Huddersfield Town strip, Paddy Power reveal the full scope of their #SaveOurShirt campaign with this wry commercial. Aptly scored by Donovan's ‘I Love My Shirt', the ad imagines some of the more awkward sponsorship deals in football. The result is droll, colourful, and decidedly on-brand.

6 Aug 2007
Attractively filmed series of set pieces which show people in awe of a powerful storm. It's an interesting choice of imagery given the recent floods but since the claim here is that half the payouts made by Hiscox would not be paid by a standard insurer, it is probably deliberate.

Nissan X-Trail
6 Aug 2007
The car's intelligent tracking system is represented by four outriders which look like something out of Star Wars. The claim that the car can automatically sense muddy terrain, dangerous bends and other potential hazards makes us wonder how long it will be before the driver is redundant.

"The Great Indoors"
6 Aug 2007
Typically madcap effort has a woman behaving like a naturalist in the jungle looking for new species as she crawls about a living room which is full of the latest stuff from Ikea. She is tremulous with excitement as she uses a huge magnifying glass to take study the various bits and bobs.

Kellogg's Crunchy Nut Clusters
"Clustering Nuts"
6 Aug 2007
Cheerful hyperbolic nonsense for the breakfast cereal variant has a near hysterical voiceover evoking the style of a newsreel commentator as he describes the various people whose devotion to the product has sent them clusteringly nuts.

"Holding His Breath"
6 Aug 2007
Another addition to this charming series has one strange animated figure asking another what the purple Skittle is doing. He, it turns out, is holding his breath. After a struggle to hold on, he finally opens his mouth and is sent hurtling around like a released balloon.

"Nada Se Olvida"
6 Aug 2008
The latest salvo in the Government's rather opaque bid to persuade us to learn another language has Spanish singer Nubla letting us know that 'nothing is forgotten' in her native tongue. DAVID cannot argue with the motive but finds it genuinely hard to believe this is how it will be achieved.

Metropolitan Police
"Choose A Different Ending"
6 Aug 2009
Shot using a 'point of view' technique designed to give it a feeling of gritty intimacy, this film confronts young men with the choice they face when there is trouble between rival gangs. Part of a more elaborate online campaign that depicts the consequences.

"Jordan Performance"
6 Aug 2009
Gatorade have introduced a series of bottles dedicated to basketball icon Michael Jordan and this clever ad focuses attention on this by building an giant image of the athlete using upturned bottles. It's like a Sony Bravia ad without all the delusions of grandeur.

BBC Radio 1
"Zane Lowe"
6 Aug 2009
A visually impressive piece for Radio 1 has DJ Zane Lowe launching himself from a platform. He sets off a series of water explosions when he lands in what appears to be an empty swimming pool. It's much more interesting than it sounds.

"Strawberry Swing"
4 mins 15s
6 Aug 2009
A cute technique is used in this pop promo but the song is so dreary that it seems unlikely to receive as much attention as it deserves. Ultimately, it doesn't matter how engaging the video is if the audio fails to match its verve.

"Liliana's Invite"
6 Aug 2010
The latest commercial for T Mobile film nights in features a young black woman who's hosting a night of continental cinema. In a monochrome ad, she's inviting her parents round to share her passion (though not in the Austrian sense... obviously).

"The Word"
6 Aug 2010
Well played that director. Whoever was in charge here has managed to minimise Eric Cantona's inclination towards ham and the resulting ad is a lot more watchable than the recent special effects laden ads for the same advertiser.

Ford Fiesta
"Lost Keys"
6 Aug 2011
The elusive quality of keys is highlighted by this ad for the Ford Fiesta which shows people desperate for the little pieces of metal. The advertised car only requires the keys to be nearby for them to operate which can save a certain mount of rummaging.

"Corrie Sponsorship"
6 Aug 2012
Another series of bumpers advertising sponsorship of Coronation Street by Harveys furniture retailer featuring Anna Crilly and Katie Wix. The duo's light comic touch once again elevates the material and makes these considerably better than they otherwise might be.

Nestlé Cheerios
"Listen Up Mums"
6 Aug 2012
A little boy with a megaphone stands on a balcony alongside the girl who led a political campaign in the last commercial for Cheerios. He's shouting about a new variant containing chocolate which he nonetheless claims to be healthy because of the four different grains contained in the cereal.

"Christina Hendricks"
6 Aug 2014
Christina Hendricks gives us a lesson in how to be more cat if we're to get what we deserve in life. By taking a leaf out of her, um, kitty's book, us gals can raise our expectations and expect islands and diamonds instead of emergency flowers from the petrol station. It's simple: we just have to sashay right on up to our target and tell 'em what we want. It ain't going to be a pouch of Sheba, that's for sure.

6 Aug 2015
This charming film reminds us that the national lottery supports some extraordinarily worthwhile endeavours. It isn't surprising that the main thrust of the advertising we see for the lottery focuses on its ability to make us filthy rich but when you see a film like this you really can't help wishing that the general public was decent enough for this to be the main motive.

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