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    • Who's Corrie now?Coronation Street now has as many years as Heinz has varieties and despite a broadcasting landscape that has altered out of all recognition since the programme's 1960 debut, it remains one of ITV's most important assets.
    • Go West.Dominic West replaces the Italian puppets in a new campaign for Dolmio.
    • Same LoveThis touching ad for McCain celebrates the different families who make up Britain today.
    • Fail BetterThis follow-up spot to the highly-acclaimed previous Always ad - ' Like A Girl ' - looks at the notion of failure and puts it in a whole new light.
    • Eva Michon heads to BRFBRF (B-Reel Films) have signed award-winning director Eva Michon to their roster.
    • You bet your life.The betting sector has been going from strength to strength recently and this startling film for Bwin is further evidence that a competitive realm can still prompt a creative surge.
    • Odds and sods.This is a wonderfully daft piece of work from an inspired series of ads for Kwiff which draw attention to a fun proposition... randomly lengthened odds which mean punters will enjoy a windfall if their bet comes in.
    • Relax. Don't Do It.The scene: a fashion show. Models slinking up and down the catwalk. Among them is one with a smile that's electrified rather than electrifying...
    • Music to my fears.Toyota appeal to the paranoia of every parent whose teen is about to hit the road with a freshly minted driving license.
    • Five Favourite... Ad SongsMusical ads have long been an industry mainstay... so here are five of our favourite.
    • What are the odds?Have you ever spontaneously done something so cool you wish you could replay it endlessly for the benefit of those who missed it?
    • Fire storm.If you're aiming for 'over the top' then it's a good idea to go way over the top as director Isaiah Seret has in this marvellously bombastic film for EDEKA.


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● How We Made... Macmillans.

● Free the Bid.

● Alicia MacDonald.

● Straight 8.

● Fell.

● John Smith's Penguins.


"It's Perfectly Normal Until..."
13 August 2017

Have you ever spontaneously done something so cool you wish you could replay it endlessly for the benefit of those who missed it the first time round? Something that makes you feel like a winner in life because it happened so effortlessly? That, apparently, is the feeling of being Kwiffed - receiving an unasked-for boost to your odds when you place a flutter on the eponymous sports betting app.

This bonkers ad is one of three spots which demonstrate the experience of Kwiff. In it, a man smoothly catches a glass that falls out of his kitchen cupboard... and is so overwhelmed by the odds of his success that he can literally never let it go.

While it's actually the catalyst for his demise (relationship break-up, followed by homelessness and - yes - death), this only serves to emphasise the magnitude of reverence he maintains for that one magical moment.

It's beautifully delivered with a surreal silliness that carries right through to the very end. Sublime work by Jeff Low from a terrific Droga5 concept.

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"Herren des Feuers"
1 min 53s
15 August 2017

If you're aiming for 'over the top' then it's a good idea to go way over the top - as director Isaiah Seret has in this marvellously bombastic film for EDEKA.

The narrator is a curious-looking old fellow who recites a poem detailing man's relationship with fire. He walks through a series of eras, speaking approvingly of the way fire is used to char meat. But once he arrives in our time, he registers something else altogether, and makes no effort to disguise his disdain for the way we've stepped away from our core mission of devouring the crispy flesh of animals.

The characters from the past accompany him as he approaches the modern ensemble and - as they disperse in panic - he singles out a manly candidate and urges him to reconnect with his caveman ancestors.

It's a weird and wonderful piece of work which enhances the reputation of all involved... not least a client who seem to give unconditional backing to their agency.

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Agile Films won't Panic

Agile Films have signed design and animation gurus Panic Studio to their roster.

The Latvian-based studio brings a range of skills to the roster, offering all the animation services a client could want - from creative direction and story development to character design and, of course, 2D and 3D animation.


"Chicken Legend"
14 August 2017

The British are notorious for our love of an underdog, from Susan Boyle to Leicester City, so perhaps it's no surprise that McDonald's have given their latest 'Chicken Legend' the Eddie 'The Eagle' Edwards treatment.

We see a canoeist pausing to fix his glove before his big race... and losing his oar in the process. What follows is an unexpectedly proficient turn around the course, guided by nothing but the current. He's even applauded for his non-effort by a particularly enamoured spectator.

The overly-dramatic music, plus the guy's gleeful disbelief at his own luck (and a small but effective straw gag at the end), really make the ad.

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Penguin Books
"Let's Talk Fertility"
3 mins 58s
13 August 2017

The striking thing about this moving examination of infertility is the way it demonstrates that online communities can be a force for good.

The testimonies we hear from a variety of people - mostly but not exclusively women - about the way their lives have been blighted by the difficulty of conceiving are linked by a number of common themes and one of the most powerful is the sense of isolation they've felt. So much so that the harmless joy of someone's else's pregnancy becomes a doubled-edged sword as it provides a reminder that it isn't yet 'my turn'.

The online forum established by author Izzy Judd after 'Dare To Dream' - her memoir of fertility treatment - was published, has been a huge source of comfort to the women who participated in this film... and - we assume - to many more besides. Simply finding others who are in the same predicament can provide a huge release and - at a time when every story about online communities seems to involve hatred and violent plots - it's massively gratifying to be reminded that there's another, more positive dimension.

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On This Day

Road Safety
"Mobile Phone Images"
20 Aug 2005
High impact ad shows some teenagers messing about as seen from the point of view of one of their number who is capturing the scene on a mobile phone. When one of them crosses the road carelessly the inevitable brutal accident is caught by the camera.

20 Aug 2005
Alexander Armstrong returns as the gormless Pimm's promoter this time tunneling his way into a prison where the inhabitants tell him it is a holiday camp. Armstrong opens up a barbecue from his wicker basket provoking the wrath of the prison governor.

20 Aug 2011
This lovely commercial for Ikea has a couple engaged in an enormous play fight in a house stuffed to the rafters with furniture from the Swedish retailer. They chase each other to the bedroom where the fun really starts... no, not like that.

"Eva Longoria's Dance"
20 Aug 2012
Eva Longoria dances around her apartment in a lascivious fashion in this commercial for cat food. The Desperate Housewife's confident beauty sends a firm to signal to women who live alone with a cat whom they treat as a surrogate child that it's okay to live their lives that way. (It's not.)

Heinz Baked Beanz
"Little Brother"
20 Aug 2013
This is just delightful. The age gap between a pair of brothers means that the older finds the younger a little frustrating. A charming VO and well-chosen music combine with wonderful footage to illustrate the younger lad's hopelessness as he tries to be the perfect companion.

BBC Radio 2
"Darkside Teaser"
3 mins
20 Aug 2013
Tom Stoppard has written a radio play to celebrate the fortieth anniversary of Pink Floyd's seminal album Dark Side of the Moon, and this animated piece commissioned to generate online buzz incorporates iconography associated with the grand showmen of the 1970s.

Blood Donation
20 Aug 2005
The tell-tale sticky plaster lets us know which of these individual has donated their blood in a clever film that quietly praises this simple selfless act without glorifying it out of proportion. This film deserves to succeed for its worthy cause. And to prove it, DAVID is ringing the line today.

Nissan Navara
20 Aug 2005
To convey the idea that this vehicle demands respect, as the car rolls in the inhabitants of an American city scurry away in the style of residents of a town in a Western when the villain rides in. Looks more like fear than respect to DAVID… hardly surprising given the size of the thing.

20 Aug 2005
Annual re-edit of the film that reminds us what a wonderful paradise it is in Scotland. The ad is very accurate in its depiction of the beautiful scenes you can expect to see north of the border except… something's missing… what can it be… oh yes, perpetual rain. Music: Paul Mounsey

Bite Night
20 Aug 2005
Fun trail for a forthcoming night of shark-related programming on ITV to celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of Steven Spielberg's Jaws has a man in a shark suit apparently being counselled by a psychiatrist as he explain the effect on his life of the notoriety created by the film.

Dodge Caliber
20 Aug 2006
US import continues the slightly bizarre Anything But Cute campaign has a fairy flying around whimsically transforming everyday objects into magical looking things and finding that her magic does not work on the Dodge Caliber and that she is thrown against a a wall when she tries.

20 Aug 2007
Interesting follow up to similarly impressive ad from last year uses a huge number of hands to illustrate how Vaseline can lock in moisture in your skin. There are people who suffer from a condition called chirophobia who fear hands and, for them, watching this ad will be nothing short of a nightmare.

20 Aug 2007
It's increasingly hard to satirise the output of our television stations. This attractively put together trail tells us that Channel 4 is about to ask some people to try living off what they can find on a rubbish dump. Sounds like a load of rubbish to us... boom boom.

Film 4
"Independent Film Meets Hollywood"
20 Aug 2007
A neat conceit here to illustrate the variety on offer at Filmfour. An attractive pair in a coffee shop look to be acting out a familiar scene from an independent movie when the café is suddenly raided by armed police. The way colour invades the monochrome is especially clever.

20 Aug 2007
Stephen Mangan and Julian Rhind-Tutt are back with the latter paying for the former's mishaps as he wreaks havoc in a vineyard. The idea that you would remain cool under any circumstances because of the confidence offered by the credit card is tested to the limit.

Dublin City Council
"Anti Litter"
20 Aug 2007
A clever and funny message to the residents of Dublin who think it's okay to drop litter. Apparently, if you behave like a piece of filth then that's how the world sees you and this is illustrated by showing us a young man and a young woman who are increasingly disgusting as the ad goes on.

Choice FM
"Kill The Gun"
20 Aug 2007
A sobering look at what a bullet can do to a number of different objects is used to emphasise the folly of using one on a human being. Given added poignancy by the murder of Rhys Jones on Merseyside, this ad was made to discourage violence during the forthcoming Notting Hill Carnival.

20 Aug 2008
Aardman Animation's distinctive style is put to good effect in this ad which addresses the main concern of many people who might be tempted to use this product. Her reluctance to use the tablets is based on a concern that they might be full of chemicals... which apparently, they're not.

20 Aug 2008
The stars of ITV2 camp it up in this entertaining trail for the channel that should probably be regarded as ITV's chavvy lottery-winning cousin. It's all good fun and sets the right tone for a station whose highlights include wall-to-wall Jeremy Kyle and the bits of The X Factor not regarded as good enough for the main show.

20 Aug 2008
An amusing and attention-grabbing ad to announce the news that KFC are now providing breakfast food. A man announces to his friend that he intends to push the boat out before we see him literally trying to do just that. Not in the same class as the classic Call Centre ad for KFC but a big step up from recent output.

20 Aug 2008
An amusing postscript to the new ad has a man declaring his intention to take the bull by the horns. As in the longer ad, this turns out to be literal rather than metaphorical and we soon see the intrepid fellow charging towards a bovine male with unwise aggression.

20 Aug 2009
This intriguing ad has an apocalyptic feel as a man becomes increasingly disturbed by the lack of substance all around him. Ultimately, only the local branch of Barclays Bank feels safe... because, yes, that's right... banks are the only things on which we can rely.

Derren Brown: The Events
20 Aug 2009
Following the earlier teasers, this longer film offers a few clues as to how this film was made. Not that we can fathom them out, you understand, we just suspect that you might be able to do it. Especially the cleverer individuals.

20 Aug 2010
Children once again interrogate a buyer from yellow supermarket who assures them that all the salmon they sell is fished in Scotland. One of the ignorant little tykes then asks where the fish's fingers are. PSDE... poor script, decent execution.

"Mickey Rourke"
20 Aug 2010
Voguish actor Mickey Rourke is the unlikely star of this commercial for the alcohol-free beer. A man at a bar assumes the drink is being poured for a young woman and is caught off-guard when Rourke picks it up instead.

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