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    • Anonymous Content sign Elena Petitti di RoretoDirector Elena Petitti di Roreto is the latest to join Anonymous Content for commercial and music video representation in the UK.
    • This is AmericaThe start of a new school year is a stressful time for kids all over the world - none more so than those who know their daily environment isn't safe.
    • Change of SceneryThe world takes on a fantastically elastic quality in this whimsical commercial for Lego.
    • Caring ConnectionThis poignant outing for Vodafone's New Zealand arm explores just one way 5G can make the world a better place.
    • What do people know?Nike's latest addition to their 'Dream Crazier' strand focuses on tennis players Caroline Garcia, Simona Halep, Madison Keys, and Elina Svitlona.
    • Feel Films add Coral Amy Brown.Bolton-born director and photographer Coral Amy Brown says she is "super excited" to be joining Feel Films.
    • Santi & Pablo join 76 Ltd.76 Ltd are pleased to announce the signing of directors Santi & Pablo for commercial representation.
    • Keeping the Lights OnThe nurses who keep the NHS running take centre stage in the health service's latest recruitment drive.
    • Picture Perfect MemoriesInstax campaign to re-establish photos as something to be given, not just taken.
    • Burning issues at workWhile Gaviscon proper has thankfully abandoned the dreaded twins and their ailing guts for a more entertaining route, its new brand Guardium has also emerged boldly into the spotlight.
    • Messy business.To say it's tough out there may be the understatement of the year, but it's also the tagline of Apple's latest commercial.
    • Michel & Nico arrive at BlinkBlink have signed sibling director duo Michel & Nico to their roster for commercial representation.
    • Tyrrells go largeHaving won a trio of KP Snacks accounts back in May, St Luke's is now unveiling their first work for one of those brands - the premium crisps Tyrrells.
    • Players Gonna PlayIt's a hard sell to posit online gambling as a wholesome bonding activity, but William Hill might have just about managed it.


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Apple iPhone
"It's Tough Out There"
19 September 2019

To say it's tough out there may be the understatement of the year, but it's also the tagline of Apple's latest commercial. The tech giant aim to show they mean business in an increasingly crowded smartphone market, and that requires one sturdy piece of kit: the iPhone 11 Pro.

Said device is put through the wringer here, as it faces an onslaught of toys, vegetables, and everyday accoutrements in a wind tunnel. Suffice it to say, we don't envy those tasked with cleaning up afterwards.

What makes the ad really pop, however, is the tactile sound design and surprisingly ominous soundtrack. As Soondclub's 'Dvolution' ratchets up the, erm, tension, each thump, squelch, and clank lands with satisfying force... and convincingly suggests Apple's latest is made of the right stuff.

Michel & Nico arrive at Blink

Blink have signed sibling director duo Michel & Nico to their roster for commercial representation.

Originally from the South of France, the brothers are known for their love of rugby - a passion which acted as a gateway drug to lead them down the path of filmmaking. As such, it's no surprise that sport has remained one of their specialties throughout their career.


"Tyrrellbly Tasty"
16 September 2019

Having won a trio of KP Snacks accounts back in May, St Luke's is now unveiling their first work for one of those brands - the premium crisps Tyrrells. The ad uses real Pathé News footage to create a retro-world where, in cut-glass vowels, a voiceover comments on the folk at Tyrrell Farm as they harvest and prepare potatoes to be fried, bagged and sold.

But these aren't just any old spuds. These are whoppers half the size of a man; and the chillies which flavour them are also terrifyingly large. The only accent of colour in the ad, these humongous edibles arrest our attention pretty effectively while a little tea dance music plays throughout.

It's a charming balance between absurdity and the suggestion of good old fashioned quality. And what really swings it for us is the perfect delivery of that last line with its slight hesitation and emphasis on "...terribly, terribly tasty."

William Hill Betting
"It's Who You Play With"
16 September 2019

It's a hard sell to posit online gambling as a wholesome bonding activity, but William Hill might have just about managed it with their latest commercial campaign. Focused on the uniting phenomena of the group chat, the ad shows a group of friends sharing their betting highs and lows in real time.

It's a clever move, set to appeal to a generation who regard betting shops as the realm of their parents and grandparents rather than somewhere they'd willingly spend time. The friends' performances really sell the notion, as ribbing each other and sending selfies gives things a naturalistic, slice-of-life feel.

"Night Lab: Food-Flavoured Yoghurt"
16 September 2019

After summer's ad introducing us to Max Halley and his pH neutral food van, Gaviscon appears to have parked him and gone off to the Night Lab instead.

This is an equally lurid environment, continuing the 1980s neon decor sported by the van and adding every possible effect from the era's VFX toybox for good measure.

Here, 'scientists' focus on the pressing issue of heartburn in 20-somethings - a younger audience than is usually associated with indigestion. The theory goes that after a heavy night out, many regret the kebabs they've inhaled to mop up 21 pints of WKD, as the fast food's fat content leaves their guts in burning agony till they drag themselves out of bed.

So how to tackle it? Fat-free, fast food-flavoured yoghurt with gravy sauce is one terrifying solution under consideration in this particular spot.

Or they can swallow a teeny tiny Gaviscon pill and wave goodbye to all that suffering while still getting unbelievably hammered.

Delightfully cheesy, it cherry-picks elements of iconic TV parody Look Around You and The Day Today amongst others. We do have a vague concern that it gives a big thumbs-up to a new generation getting off their tits when they hit the town, but hey - that's probably hardwired into us.


Recent Promos
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Dillon Francis
"Go Off (Nuthin' 2 It)"
2 mins 52s
19 Sep 2019
A man struggles to forge meaningful connections in this deadpan Dillon Francis promo, as every friendly gesture is met by sheer apathy. Yet with the aid of an infomercial starring a very familiar face, the protagonist (played by Broad City's John Gemberling) learns how easy it is to show the world that you just don't give a fuck... and give your hips a workout into the bargain.

Louis Tomlinson
"Kill My Mind"
4 mins 01s
16 Sep 2019
Louis Tomlinson shows a more muscular side to his music with 'Kill My Mind', and in the promo by Charlie Lightening we see him performing the track in a club. He's a backdrop for the story that unfolds as a girl in the crowd is joined by her boyfriend, and the pair quickly leave on the boyf's motorbike. But strolling along a seafront cliff in the near dark, things take a turn for the unexpected...

James Massiah
"Natural Born Killers (Ride For Me)"
4 mins 55s
15 Sep 2019
It's the end of the world, happening not with a bang but a heatwave; the planet simmering like one big lobster pot slowly coming to the boil. People strip and lie motionless, basting in their own sweat. The oppression is hypnotic. It's not the first theme that might come to mind for James Massiah's 'Natural Born Killers', but somehow it's the most perfect fit imaginable.

Billie Eilish
"All The Good Girls Go To Hell"
3 mins 41s
12 Sep 2019
Hipster messiah Billie Eilish falls to earth in this striking promo for 'All The Good Girls Go To Hell'. The apocalyptic lyrics only enhance the film's dark and gritty vibe, as wings violently sprout from the singer's back and she finds herself engulfed in oily black tar: angelic nature covered up with something far more sinister. It's just the right kind of melodramatic, and ends up all the cooler for it.

"Hold On To Me"
3 mins 04s
12 Sep 2019
Eye catching design work and tumultuous romance come together to create this promo for Rika's 'Hold On To Me'. The singer and her beau exist in a pastel-painted world, with only the ever-changing picture outside their window contrasting the cheery interior and suggesting storms may be on the horizon.

James Blunt
4 mins 19s
11 Sep 2019
It's been more than a decade since James Blunt plunged into the sea at the end of the 'You're Beautiful' video, and anyone who has spent the intervening years wondering what on earth happened next, finally has an answer! Great Guns director Calum MacDiarmid is behind a new promo which picks up the action from where the aforementioned video left off. It appears that the ex-forces balladeer has been splashing around in the cold sea for some time, but he is finally able to come ashore and retrieve his clothes.

Lil Nas X
2 mins 24s
11 Sep 2019
Viral star Lil Nas X shows no signs of letting his 'Old Town Road' fame abate any time soon - returning with a sci-fi influenced promo for synth-heavy single 'Panini'. Set in a futuristic, surreal world, the film follows a non-fan (Skai Jackson) who's desperate to escape seeing the artist on every holographic billboard and poster in town. However, Nas and a gang of dancing cyborgs have other ideas.

Danny Brown
"Dirty Laundry"
3 mins 11s
11 Sep 2019
Hailing a cab is always something of a gamble - you might be lucky and get a quiet, route-savvy driver... or you may end up flung around in the back while an unhinged dude with the concentration of a gnat's chuff demonstrates what post-bender psychosis looks like. In Dirty Laundry, Danny Brown's going full-on for the latter... a potbellied has-been crooner in possession of a taxi and a perpetual hard-on.

James Blake
"Can't Believe the Way We Flow"
4 mins 43s
3 Sep 2019
Frank Lebon directs this hypnotically frenetic video for James Blake's love song to partner Jameela Jamil. Featuring real-life couples (not necessarily romantically involved) in random moments - ranging from bondage sessions to hospital visits to shared cigarettes - it captures both the banal and the profound; and reminds us how broad a church love can be.

"6AM (Ready to Write) ft. Joe Rogan"
3 mins 58s
9 Sep 2019
Recreational drugs get surreal in this weird promo for Beardyman's latest single '6AM'. Featuring podcast livewire Joe Rogan, the promo focuses on a man who has such a strong penchant for cocaine that his nose takes on a mind of its own... literally. While his hooter does its best to seek out any possible source of white powder, things get increasingly strange at home.

"Sounds of the Skeng"
3 mins 24s
9 Sep 2019
Stormzy educates the next generation of Grime artists in this jam-packed promo for new release 'Sounds of the Skeng'. Joined by his attentive nephews Allyas and Omari (who have stolen hearts online for their roles in the film), the rapper offers a masterclass from Merky University on how to grow up to be just like him.

Freddie Mercury
"Love Me Like There's No Tomorrow"
3 mins 52s
5 Sep 2019
Freddie Mercury's 1985 single 'Love Me Like There's No Tomorrow' has received an animated promo to mark what would have been the Queen frontman's seventy-third birthday. At the same time, it's a reminder of the work carried out by the Mercury Phoenix Trust - the HIV/AIDs charity established by Mercury's former bandmates and manager.

"Pan-Fried (ft. Kojo Funds)"
3 mins 45s
4 Sep 2019
This may lack the emotional punch of Kano's last outing, but director Taichi Kimura's promo for 'Pan-Fried' still has a fresh, spontaneous charm all of its own. Set in Kano's native East London, the piece juxtaposes shots of urban neglect with scenes of those who "celebrate life non-stop" because they "made it off the block".

David Guetta
"Thing for You (ft. Sasha Sloan)"
3 mins 11s
2 Sep 2019
This tactile promo for David Guetta and Martin Solveig's 'Thing for You' explores those "fucked up feelings" that arise when lust takes over. Particularly when you and the object of your affection have a beach and surrounding bedrock to yourselves. The duo in question writhe and squirm on sand, grass, and any other terrain you'd care to mention. It's getting back to nature and getting off on it to boot.

Ed Sheeran
"Take Me Back to London (ft. Stormzy)"
3 mins 51s
28 Aug 2019
Ed Sheeran and Stormzy both have number one albums and . Glastonbury headline slots under their belts, yet we still didn't see this collaboration coming. KC Locke's oddly charming promo for 'Take Me Back to London' sees the pair enjoy a grand day out together, with Sheeran coming off second best in the tracksuit stakes.

"Holy Moly"
3 mins 33s
27 Aug 2019
This over the top promo for Carnage's abrasive dance track 'Holy Moly' features, of all things, a clan of nun assassins. A young girl ends up at the convent when her mother is murdered, and ends up training for her eventual revenge. Given the quasi-medieval feel of most of the film, the tone jars somewhat when it's revealed to actually take place in the modern day.

The 1975
2 mins 52s
23 Aug 2019
The 1975 are in fine form on latest single 'People', with the raucous track serving as a call to action for those dim enough not to realise the world is literally on fire. The accompanying promo opens with a warning for those with photosensitive epilepsy... and its necessity becomes apparent after only a few strobe-spattered seconds.

"She Plays Bass"
3 mins 29s
23 Aug 2019
Eighteen-year-old singer-songwriter Bea Kristi aka Beabadoobee has talent to burn, as this in-your-face promo for 'She Plays Bass' confirms. Blue hair clashing against a red backdrop, Beabadoobee reveals her crush on the eponymous bass player as the camera rotates to convey her world turned upside down.

5 mins 44s
22 Aug 2019
The intriguing duo slenderbodies continues to carve out their own groove with latest track 'Arrival'. Savannah Setten directs the accompanying video; the second she's made for them after the haunting 'Belong'. It's set in a high security prison in Ukraine, and the grim, diminished environment ensures any sunlight that comes through the windows or shines over the yard only sharpen the pain of what these young men have lost.

Bree Runway
"All Night"
3 mins 34s
22 Aug 2019
Bree Runway may describe herself as that "weird black girl", but she's calling the shots in Tash Tung's erotic, fetishistic video for 'All Night'. Beautifully lit by Jordan Buck, this minimalist clip has Runway in total control of her own sexuality as she sets her sights on a guy who evidently isn't going to get much sleep in the small hours.

Tino Kamal
3 mins 12s
21 Aug 2019
Model-turned-rapper Tino Kamal's latest promo has a sci-fi vibe which relies on the heavily-tattooed artist's visage remaining distinctive through several layers of VFX... which, indeed, it does. Performing in what initially appears to be a smoke-filled void, a digital version of Kamal acts as a computer-generated chameleon.

"Hearts Will Bleed"
2 mins 55s
20 Aug 2019
Woozy Scandi pop proves it still has a place at music's high table thanks to Janice's latest release 'Hearts Will Bleed'. Like iron dressed in the finest of velvet, this is a tune whose softness caresses your cheek before punching you in the gut with a killer beat. To seal the deal, director Freshteh has filmed a sinuous promo choreographed by Matilda Fleberg.

Belle Mt.
3 mins 35s
21 Aug 2019
The neo-soft rock of Belle Mt's 'Origins' comes with a hand-drawn meditation on the future of our species. Indeed, our entire planet. A mature couple who happen to be scientists with the technology to populate other planets (is it a good idea?) take a rocket 'arc' through interstellar space scattering seeds and babies willy-nilly.

Mystery Jets
5 mins 10s
21 Aug 2019
The plangent new track from Mystery Jets examines how hatred and bigotry emerge in a nation torn apart by its own ignorance. Henry Dean directs, giving us a video in which latent violence appears to give way to moments of levity and tenderness; while cinematographer Ash Barron keeps the lighting murky - all the better to emphasise the ambiguity of the proceedings.

"Fly Like An Eagle"
4 mins 46s
18 Aug 2019
This promo for 'Fly Like An Eagle' by the Stereophonics perfectly encapsulates the difficulties that teenagers can face even in an environment which is generally supportive. Its teenage protagonist clearly has a very special relationship with her father… but you sense very quickly that she doesn't feel able to tell him everything. She has a crush on another girl at her school, and doesn't identify with the stereotypical look of the other female students. Dad appears more than happy with her 'tomboyishness' but lacks both the information and the wherewithal to recognise that there's more going on than that.

Recent Promos
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