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 "You're not an artist, Peggy. You solve problems." Don Draper.

Latest Work
    • (Don't) mind your language.This touching ad for the British Heart Foundation focuses on a mischievous lad doing his best to drive his family up the wall.
    • Red letter days.This fun commercial for Nike takes Chinese codes of politeness to their logical conclusion.
    • Derry girls and boys.Scott Carthy's grounded, articulate documentary centres on Northern Ireland's 'Generation Peace'.
    • Spindle introduce The Coyle-Larner Brothers.Brothers Ryan and Ben Coyle-Larner say they have joined the perfect filmmaking environment at Spindle Productions.
    • Louis Hollis joins Nice Shirt Films.Filmmaker Louis Hollis - who has just been signed by Nice Shirt Films - loves a night on the tiles. After all, filming stag/hen nights, drunken revellers, and kebab shop patrons gave the London-based director his big break.
    • Sail away, sail away, sail away.The second season of high-octane sailing competition SailGP kicks off in style with this film focusing on the fans.
    • In Sickness and HealthA touching new campaign for Teva UK celebrates the lengths caregivers will go to ensure their loved ones have the best possible quality of life.
    • To Be a ManMental health awareness is in the spotlight with a lot more frequency these days, and this stripped-back film takes things down to the bare bones
    • Green credentials.The appropriately named Professor Green urges punters to wash their clothes in Ecover rather than dump them.
    • Stan the ManFormer world number one tennis player Stan Smith fronts this quirky campaign for his signature Adidas trainer collection.
    • The Heart of GamingPlayStation are dear to many gamers' hearts, and this suspenseful commercial takes that role to its logical conclusion.
    • 76 Ltd enlist Alessandro Pacciani.Italian-born director Alessandro Pacciani is the latest to join 76 Ltd’s talented roster.
    • Get risky.Domino’s love of Eighties coming-of-age films shows no sign of abating, as this Matt Lenski-directed ode to ‘Risky Business’ demonstrates.


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76 Ltd enlist Alessandro Pacciani.

Italian-born director Alessandro Pacciani is the latest to join 76 Ltd’s talented roster.

The Italian has carved out a handy niche for himself with high-end car ads and video game trailers dominating his reel - something executive producer Mark Murrell describes as “pretty special”.


Domino's Pizza
"Delivery Business"
13 February 2020

Domino’s love of Eighties coming-of-age films shows no sign of abating, as this Matt Lenski-directed ode to ‘Risky Business’ demonstrates. Like 2017’s Ferris Bueller remake - also directed by Lenski - the ad juggles on-point nostalgia with the trappings of modern life - namely the brand’s GPS delivery tracking technology.

The customer in question is played by Dancing with the Stars champion Jordan Fisher, who does his best Tom Cruise impression without the whole Scientology thing. ‘Risky Business’ is arguably a deeper cut for young audiences than ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off’, but it might give older viewers the chance to impart some movie knowledge before the pizza arrives.

OKAY STUDIO expand their team.

OKAY STUDIO have kicked off the decade by adding two new members to their team: colourist Stef Colosi and executive producer Sophie Hogg.

Colourist Colosi is a versatile talent who has finally been persuaded to put down roots at OKAY after a number of years freelancing, while Hogg has made her mark on the industry both online and offline with stints at major production houses including The Mill, MPC, and Cut+Run.


Cheez It
"Focus Group"
11 February 2020

In this fun commercial directed by Thomas Thomas's Tiny Bullet, there's mayhem in a focus group when they are asked to test the advertised product. This is the kind of idea that only works if you go way, way over the top... and that's exactly what's been achieved here.

The set pieces are quite familiar but there's a reason advertising returns to these tropes, and this is a good illustration of why – no matter how many times you may have seen this approach work in the past, it's still got legs.

11 February 2020

There's something glorious about a piece of work which so straightforwardly achieves what it set out to achieve. All it needs you to know is that you want a burger! And, regardless of your dietary preferences, you are extremely likely to find yourself hankering for one while watching this commercial for an American food delivery service. (And, thanks to the proliferation of vegan options, there should be no exceptions to this!)

After picturing one gravity-defying burger moving in his direction, the protagonist is lost in his fantasy. Suddenly he is faced by a plethora of burgers swimming through the air, each heightening his appetite to a new peak. When burgers collide, they softly squash each other in a fashion which is comical without undermining our desire to eat them, making this a perfect illustration of the enduring effectiveness of the 30" TV commercial.


Recent Promos
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"Hanging Off Your Cloud"
5 mins 46s
13 Feb 2020
This cryptic promo for the Courteeners' 'Hanging Off Your Cloud' is based on a short story by British novelist Emma Jane Unsworth. The film follows a woman as she journeys into the depths of her own psyche, exploring her inner world through a shadowy dreamscape before resurfacing with a deeper sense of who she is. A lovely central performance and restrained direction from Joe Connor ensures audiences are enthralled throughout.

Arlo Parks
3 mins 44s
13 Feb 2020
Directing duo the Coyle-Larner Brothers make their debut with this stripped-back promo for Arlo Parks' latest single 'Eugene'. The film sees a relationship evolve from the top down, taking a bird's-eye view on a couple's bed as their romance plays out in both laid-back and overt ways. Of course, it's not long before there appears to be trouble in paradise.

"Stop This Flame"
4 mins 50s
13 Feb 2020
British soul artist Celeste takes to the streets of New Orleans for this stylish promo for latest track 'Stop This Flame'. Directed by Leonn Ward, the film evokes the location's place in the storied history of jazz - featuring brass bands, military dance troupes, and shots of the city's iconic and instantly-recognisable architecture.

10 mins 20s
11 Feb 2020
This slow-burning Foals promo is the most fetching episode of Countryfile we’ve seen for a long time. Shot in and around Kent’s Botany Bay, the ten-minute film sees frontman Yannis Philippakis resemble a younger, moodier John Craven as he delivers a lament for the dead and our impending doom: "Now in the vastness of pines/Where my ghost lies in loose-limbed array."

Liam Gallagher
5 mins 33s
11 Feb 2020
Liam Gallagher may be a Manchester City fan, but even he must doff his flat cap to Eric Cantona. The ex-Man Utd forward fully embraces his ‘King Eric’ persona in this surprisingly touching music video, wherein Cantona swans around his country manor in a dressing gown and quaffs red wine like there’s no tomorrow. In fact, what does the future hold?

The 1975
"Me & You Together Song"
3 mins 48s
10 Feb 2020
Things get retro in The 1975's latest promo, which accompanies the imaginatively titled 'Me & You Together Song'. The Nineties and early Noughties are given the full nostalgia treatment from directing duo bedroom throughout, from Von Dutch t-shirts and old school performance set-ups to the slightly hazy grade which will send viewers a decade or two back in time.

L Devine
"Boring People"
2 mins 32s
7 Feb 2020
Are hairdryers used for anything other than social media subterfuge these days? Apparently not. This L Devine promo is the latest project to skewer image-obsessed millennials, and the lengths some will go to achieve the perfect shot. Like Apple’s recent ‘Slofie’ ad, director Anna Radchenko’s promo makes good use of the prop department to nail this twenty-first century phenomenon-slash-irritant.

"Momentary Bliss (ft. Slowthai and Slaves)"
5 mins
7 Feb 2020
Gorillaz recruit the SAS (that’s Slaves and slowthai) for new single ‘Momentary Bliss’, which proclaims: “We could do so much better than this.” Fortunately, this doesn’t refer to Laurie Vincent, Isaac Holman, Tyron Kaymone Frampton, or Damon Albarn’s performances. Nor does it refer to animation studio The Line’s hybrid promo.

Dua Lipa
4 mins 03s
5 Feb 2020
Dua Lipa's latest single 'Physical' has been sending fans into raptures for almost a week now, and the accompanying promo from CANADA seems likely to bring more party lovers under her thrall. Dominated by strong rainbow hues with animated flares punctuating key moments, the piece marries sex, dance, and a little romance to produce a heady concoction perfectly suited to the club scene.

Willie J Healey
"Why You Gotta Do It"
4 mins 07s
5 Feb 2020
Willie J Healey comes across as someone you’d like to share a drink or perhaps set fire to some butternut squash with. The latter features prominently in this lo-fi promo for ‘Why You Gotta Do It’, which sees Healey strum away in a decidedly analogue caravan, take farm equipment for a joyride, and hold a rooster, as you do.

Louis Tomlinson
4 mins 02s
5 Feb 2020
It's been a tough few years for erstwhile One Directioner Louis Tomlinson, and he attempts to channel his emotional energy into Britpop-tinged music with latest track 'Walls'. The result is bland and strangely underpowered, yet mercifully countered by a promo that sees him go between a sun-baked desert and a spiral-floored ballroom.

"Concrete Pony"
4 mins 06s
4 Feb 2020
This Ghostpoet video feels like a left-field Dulux commercial. Shot with oily flair by director Thomas James, ‘Concrete Pony’ sees Obaro Ejimiwe gradually consumed by sentient black ooze. So much for a quiet day in the flat, eh? Given two of Ghostpoet’s previous albums are called ‘Shedding Skin’ and ‘Peanut Butter Blues & Melancholy Jam’, it’s perhaps fitting that James leans towards viscosity like he does.

Leif Vollebekk
"Apalachee Plain"
3 mins 40s
4 Feb 2020
This moody promo for Montreal native Leif Vollebekk's latest track 'Apalachee Plain' explores the Icelandic wilderness to bracing effect. Vollebekk is shot in desolate black-and-white as he laments lost love, nothing for company but his own thoughts and “mustangs kicking in the field". Meanwhile, Joe Connor’s visuals offer a fittingly stripped-back interpretation.

"Fried for the Night (ft. EarthGang)"
3 mins 27s
31 Jan 2020
You tell Jennifer Lee aka TOKiMONSTA is living life to the full after surviving two brain surgeries The Los Angeles-born DJ arrives at a seriously fuggy house party to promote her new single ‘Fried for the Night’, and director Romain Laurent runs with the track’s title. Thus, we see Matryoshka revellers, animated costumes, and literal personal bubbles, among other chemically-enhanced sights.

Pet Shop Boys
"Monkey Business"
4 mins 11s
29 Jan 2020
The Pet Shop Boys are up to their usual flamboyant tricks with the promo for latest single 'Monkey Business'. An assortment of night owls dressed to the nines primp, pose, and throw shapes on the dance floor - closely observed by Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe, of course. Resurgent, disco-soaked catnip from director Vaughan Arnell.

JP Cooper
"In These Arms"
3 mins 33s
27 Jan 2020
JP Cooper’s latest promo is car-crash TV in the best way possible, as the dreadlocked troubadour prepares to be T-boned by a falling vehicle. Director Calum Macdiarmid has more up his sleeve, however, than a spot of demolition derby. Macdiarmid also serves up an effective relationship drama set almost exclusively in the backseat of a car.

La Roux
"Automatic Driver"
4 mins 38s
27 Jan 2020
Elly Jackson aka La Roux returns from a five-year musical hiatus with nostalgic comeback single 'Automatic Driver'. The perma-quiffed artist draws on retro video game graphics and the double meaning of 'driver', treating viewers to an arcade-style golf game with some trippy visuals that are, ahem, well above par.

Mura Masa
"Teenage Headache Dreams"
4 mins 44s
21 Jan 2020
A volatile relationship comes to a head in this poetic promo for Mura Masa's latest track 'Teenage Headache Dreams'. Directed by Marcus Söderlund, the film takes place on a desolated stretch of road - murkily lit and occupied only by forgotten trash and the couple themselves. The choreography here is excellent, with Holly Blakey's characteristic touch ensuring that each jerky motion communicates the right amount of anguish.

"Rabbit Hole"
3 mins 21s
14 Jan 2020
CamelPhat’s tech house blinder ‘Rabbit Hole’ receives an equally vibrant promo courtesy of director Taz Tron Delix, who serves up a kinky, strobe-lit remix of ‘Alice in Wonderland’. Here, Alice finds herself in a warren of defamiliarised office spaces before being subsumed by the heady atmosphere. Or so it seems.

The Darkness
"In Another Life"
4 mins 10s
10 Jan 2020
The Darkness are back in all their cheesy, catsuited glory with latest single 'In Another Life'. Frontman Justin Hawkins is in fine voice as a nipple-bearing demon, seducing an angel played by Abbey Clancy with - we assume - sheer charisma alone. It's silly stuff, as expected, but we do admire the confidence of a man with a bejewelled guitar.

"Lunch Money"
2 mins 56s
13 Dec 2019
Home is where the heart is, the old adage goes. For up-and-coming rapper Osh, home is Norbury, south-west London, and that's precisely where we find him in director Glenn Paton's upbeat promo for ‘Lunch Money'. Driven by a jaunty piano riff and Osh's assured vocals, it's a familiar but textured glimpse at favourite hang-outs and community spirit.

Lous and The Yakuza
"Tous est gore"
3 mins 03s
12 Dec 2019
Congolese-born singer Lous & The Yakuza insists "everything is gore", which might explain why a river of blood appears in director Wendy Morgan's uncanny promo. It's one of many striking images conjured up by Morgan and DP Joel Honeywell, who make the most of L&AY's stage presence and preternaturally long dreadlocks.

Plan B
"First Past the Post"
4 mins 41s
11 Dec 2019
There's a popular social media post which describes voting as public transport rather than marriage, getting you where you need to go instead of a lifetime commitment. Plan B breaks things down further in this inclusive, educational promo, explaining the UK's electoral system in terms everyone can understand.

Leif Vollebekk
"Blood Brother"
4 mins 25s
5 Dec 2019
They say you should never sit on the top deck of a bus on your own, but - as this likeable promo for Leif Vollebekk demonstrates - there is fun to be had on occasion. So it proves for one introverted passenger, who turns round to see the Canadian folk singer in the middle of performing his latest track, 'Blood Brother'.

Empara Mi
"What You Gunna Do"
3 mins 42s
5 Dec 2019
Death and rebirth lurk in the shadows of this dramatic music promo for Empara Mi's latest single. The Guernsey-born singer - real name Chloe Curran - awakes in a nightmarish, red-lit basement, chained and haunted by a flaming figure as a mysterious black substance begins to consume her from the inside out.

Recent Promos
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