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Latest Work
    • Commercial breakdown.This quirky commercial from Marmite and the AA suggests an unusual team-up will benefit both brands.
    • Fast FuturesThis fun commercial from mobile network Three assures the UK that there are better days ahead.
    • Blinkink snap up Butt Studio.Butt Studio, aka Harry Butt, has joined Blinkink for commercial representation.
    • Pass it on.The Department for Transport aim to put the ‘us’ back into ‘bus’ with this animated commercial from directors Smith & Foulkes.
    • Go west.This community-minded outing for Avanti West Coast - the successor to Virgin West Coast - suggests successful rail travel is a joint effort.
    • Coding with a Conscience This intriguing short film from the Guardian explores a speculative 2025 in which gene editing is commonplace.
    • Sky's the limit.Last year, Starling Bank marked their television debut with a flock of CG birds.
    • Try hard.Aldi aim to convert more skeptics in 2020, starting with this 40" commercial.
    • David Edwards joins OB Management.Seasoned commercials director David Edwards is the latest big name to join OB Management’s independent roster.
    • Difficulty spikes.This 60” Adidas commercial celebrates unfair advantages to the hilt, albeit in a tongue-in-cheek, over-caffeinated way.
    • The invisible woman.Volkswagen steal a march on the upcoming reboot of ‘The Invisible Man’ with this measured piece of work.
    • Every Last DropKFC emphasise their taste-focused slogan with their latest tactile campaign.


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BOLD sign Lena Beug

BOLD have signed director Lena Beug to their roster for UK representation.

Hailing from Kinsale, Ireland, Beug moved to New York in the mid-90s and landed a job at MTV after finding her feet in the city. She rose through the ranks and quickly became known for her award-winning promos - including Rolling Stone's 'Funniest Video of the Year' winner, ‘Merry XXXLMAS'.


21 February 2020

This charming animated commercial for Milka makes the most of the brand's commitment to carefully sourcing their ingredients. The chocolate label pride themselves on only using milk from small farms within the same one-hundred-kilometre radius in the Alps, and depict the area as a pastoral paradise here via meticulously executed stop motion.

Director Sam Southward’s animation has a storybook feel which is at once childlike and distinctly grown-up in its meticulous construction. Playing on the nostalgic fantasy of countryside past is a smart move for the longstanding brand, who typically manage to inject a good dose of wholesomeness into their campaigns (if you can stomach the sugar overload).

"100,000 Jobs"
21 February 2020

It's nice to see that someone, somewhere outside this rapidly-deteriorating hellscape we Brits inhabit, still appreciates so-called 'low skilled' jobs. From caring professions to number crunching and IT support, Dutch recruitment site Jobbird has thousands of 'normal' jobs available for users to peruse.

While the debate about what exactly 'low skilled' means rages on (and many argue, rather succinctly, that anyone who considers waiting tables during a rush hour or making dementia patients feel dignified to be a task without skill is talking directly out of their arse), this ad celebrates those in the background who keep everyday life running with their efforts.

With stylish visuals and a clean aesthetic, this campaign takes jobseekers seriously without being too po-faced. The final reminder that the advertised site deals with jobs, not birds, ensures that the spark of humour hits home.

"Know You Can: Liverpool"
19 February 2020

The days, hours, and minutes before kick-off propel this handsomely shot commercial for AXA, who reaffirm their sponsorship of Liverpool Football Club. As director Lionel Mougin’s compendium shows, fans, players, coaches, and ground staff each play a key role in pre-match preparation - whether it’s painting the lines on the pitch or scaling a fence to watch Liverpool train.

The result evokes Barclays' 'Love is Tough' ad from 2013, which gave a similarly affectionate insight into football’s hold over the local community. Furthermore, it adds another layer to the brand’s relationship with Liverpool, which began with a look at mental health coaching for children. Time well spent for Reds fans, at least.

Nice Shirt Films nab Matt Houghton.

Nice Shirt Films have made another addition to their roster in the form of director Matt Houghton.

The man behind well-received short films like ‘Four Weddings’ and ‘Landline’ joins fellow new signing Louis Hollis at 28 Foubert’s Place, bringing a tidy commercial and narrative reel with him.



On This Day
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"The One That Got Away"
17 Oct 2012
In this lovely commercial for the online auction service, a man describes how he bid successfully to reclaim the motorcycle he'd sold earlier in his life. It's a lovely piece of documentary and it gets five stars from us even despite the awful soundtrack which is designed to underline his emotional account but almost derails its impact.

"Beautiful Things"
27 Feb 2013
As a brand, Etihad is probably most familiar to Britons through its strong association with Manchester City FC, but plainly the UAE airline wants us to know they are more than funders of far-flung football fans... they're able to fulfil the dreams of adventurous travellers as well.

"Big Cat"
27 Feb 2013
This could very well become a 'Marmite' ad - dividing the nation according to whether you're a cat lover or loather. Very stylishly shot, it explicitly talks about the shared instincts of felines, big and little alike, and explains that Whiskas understands exactly how to cater to your tabby's carnivorous diet.

"Real Beauty Sketches"
3 mins
14 Apr 2013
In this clever film for Dove, Gil Zamora - a forensic artist who works for the FBI - draws a number of women based on their own descriptions of themselves and then draws them again based on other people's descriptions and the contrast is enormous. It's not an idea that really bears examination but that thought can't detract from a winning formula.

Lipton Tea
"Be More Tea"
27 Feb 2014
Well, we never expected this... an ad that combines Muppets and tea to make something truly delightful. But that's exactly what it is - delightful. This has Kermit in the maelstrom of a New York filled with Animals in one guise or another - pushy, rude, obnoxious - but navigating a peaceful path because Lipton's has enabled him to "Be More Tea".

Camilla Elphick
"Digital Dreamland"
27 Feb 2017
Fans of old school technology will be pinching themselves just now. As the Nokia 3310 enjoys its second coming, Windows 95 is back too. Well, sort of. Designer shoewear brand Camilla Elphick pays tribute to the venerable operating system in this frenetic ad. They may be promoting their spring-summer 2017 collection, but we're slap bang in another era.

"Bananas Town"
27 Feb 2017
With a 30" commercial slot during the Oscars carrying a two million dollar price tag this year, brands could be forgiven for playing it safe in terms of content. Retail giant Walmart didn't get the memo, apparently, because they went all-out experimental for a whopping three 60" spots during the ceremony. This film, directed by comedy veterans Seth Rogen and David Goldberg, is the wildest ride of the three.

"Wireless Bra"
27 Feb 2017
Sassy, stylish and snappy, this beguiling Uniqlo commercial suggests - in no uncertain manner - that sitting still is going out of fashion. A group of women in chic but conservative officewear start getting busy with dance moves which emphasise half of them are in a state of semi-undress, and the use of Starcrawler's 'Ants' as a soundtrack with its buzz-saw riff is an inspired choice.

"See Like Menna"
27 Feb 2018
This fascinating collaboration between production company Archer's Mark and director Michelle Coomber offers a genuine insight into the world of a competitor at this year's winter Paralympics. Skier Menna Fitzpatrick is legally blind and almost entirely dependent on her guide Jen Kehoe as she descends the slopes at astonishing speed. In this film we're offered a facsimile of the Fitzpatrick's restricted view and our admiration for the athlete's pluck increases all the more.

"Be a Booker"
27 Feb 2019
Booking.com aim to convert window shoppers into holidaymakers with this persuasive number, which targets those guilty of spending more time scrolling through potential destinations than actually visiting them. Boasting a diverse cast and well-picked settings, it's a pacy ode to wanderlust from the accommodation hub.

Coca Cola
"The Chase"
27 Feb 2019
Coca Cola announce their latest flavour innovation with a madcap romp through city streets. Directed by Tom Noakes, the film sees a Coke truck, an ice cream van, and a truck chock full of oranges race their way to an unknown destination... only to encounter a traffic warden having none of their nonsense.

Internet Watch Foundation
27 Feb 2019
This playful video from the Internet Watch Foundation delivers a serious message about reporting illegal content. Directed by puppetry experts Jonny & Will, the ad sees a young man addressed by his, erm, 'special sock'. By taking a frank yet funny approach to the business of online porn, the film disarms viewers in a way a more stoic PSA wouldn't.

Social / Alcohol Awareness
27 Feb 2006
Originally aired in 2003 and recently copied by AMV BBDO of a similar campaign in the UK, this film financed by the drinks giant urges us to be sensible when we go out drinking. The male protagonist gets to take a look at himself when he is worse for wear. It is not a pretty sight he is appalled with himself.

Volvo C30
27 Feb 2007
"I think it would attract very many eyes," opines one of those asked by Volvo what they think of the new C30 which prompted animation team Coan & Zorn of Not To Scale to come up with this literal imagery which shows a landscape of eyes following the car's every move.

"Bring It On"
26 Feb 2008
An animated celebration of football for Umbro in this excellent commercial for the sportswear manufacturer. You should try listening to it on headphones - it sounds great. It will also remind you what terrific job we do to ensure your commercials get the best possible rendition.

27 Feb 2008
If the first rule of communication is to get people's attention and the second rule of communication is to avoid causing offence... what are you supposed to do when the two rules conflict? The BBC has commissioned this astonishingly ill-advised trail to publicise a controversial new series.

"Falling In Love"
27 Feb 2009
A tongue in cheek detergent ad from Canada which deliberately overstates the impact of the product. Those enraptured by the aroma feel as though the world has stopped all around them enabling them to indulge their love of Gain.

"21st Birthday"
27 Feb 2009
This American ad for Trojan is almost like a health education film. In the ad, a man gives a woman an STD for her twenty-first birthday... the humorous twist being that she behaves as though it's a really precious gift.

27 Feb 2009
DAVID took some flak for suggesting the first ads in this series were brilliantly timed and he stands by his original assertion... however it's a howling error in this ad to include a mansion-dwelling couple who say the word 'budgeting' as though it is profane.

"Ant & Dec's Push The Button Sponsorship"
27 Feb 2010
This fun set of bumpers advertising Maltesers's sponsorship of Ant & Dec's Push The Button feature a giant hand chasing a packet of the advertised sweeties through suburbia and into the city. Octogenarian football commentator Stuart Hall provides the voice.

27 Feb 2011
After their transformation of Carlisle railway station, the team responsible for Homebase's advertising have turned their attention to a seaside pier. They decorate it with materials available from the DIY store and it once again proves an excellent device.

"The Heart Of Our Nation"
27 Feb 2011
This passionate declaration of love for Wales has been beautifully filmed and is enough to make an Englishman envious of his Celtic cousins' dedication to their countries. It's interesting too that they've been willing to include a couple of shots of industrial plants.

Not On The High Street
"Mother's Day"
27 Feb 2012
A little girl is taught the importance of licking the cake bowl in this ad for an online retailer who promise gifts for mother's day that you can't find on the High Street. Ideal if you're planning to supply your mum with some Semtex or dubious pharmaceuticals.

Kellogg's Squares
27 Feb 2012
This ad starts of by claiming that baked Brazilian rocks are included in a new variant of the advertised snack and shows us the quarry where they are sourced before admitting that it's all lies and offering us the campaign's regular refrain that they're not even square.

"She's A Lady"
27 Feb 2012
Proof, as if were needed, that advertising doesn't have to relate in any way to real life. A young woman finds that no-one in her life treats her like "a lady". Until, that is, she wanders through the portal of the advertised fast food provider. KFC takes another leaf out of McDonald's book to good effect.

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