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Latest Work
    • Keep on moving.Headphone pedlars Beats continue to build on their sport-focused brand identity with this intriguing piece of work.
    • Through a child's eyes.Make-A-Wish's Irish arm have released this charming film, focused on a recipient of their services who wants others to have access to the same once in a lifetime opportunity.
    • MindsEye swoop for Dugan O'Neal.MindsEye have described the arrival of director Dugan O’Neal as “a match made in comedy heaven”.
    • Start as you mean to go on.This grounded and intimate Bank of Ireland film darts between the country's four professional rugby union clubs.
    • The United States of CaraCara Delevingne contains multitudes in this slick VW commercial.
    • Cool running.Spirited set design and copious gelato enliven this AT&T commercial.
    • Voodoo child.This promo for the Newport Beach Film Festival racks up a tidy kill count in its hundred-second runtime.
    • What Makes You BeautifulMacy's encourage customers to change how they feel about the concept of beauty in this lofty ad.
    • Riff Raff wrangle Ed Morris.Riff Raff Films and their founder Matthew Fone are delighted to add director Ed Morris to their ranks.
    • Winner takes all.This genre-hopping caper from Orange and director François Rousselet showcases the brand's streaming firepower.
    • Toilet humour.Aldi pay homage to Game of Thrones in the supermarket's inimitable style.
    • The last working supper.Blessed are the marketers in this Mid-Brow comedy as Jesus Christ's PR team pitch the resurrection.


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Game of Thrones
15 April 2019

Winter is well and truly here in this frigid trail for the eighth and final season of Game of Thrones, as director Tomas Jonsgården takes viewers on a tour of Winterfell… and it's clear that the home of House Stark has seen better days.

Jonsgården's camera roves around the castle's ravaged courtyard, chambers, and corridors, as snow covers virtually every surface. When the source of this meteorological horror wanders into view, it's enough to send a, well, chill down one's spine.

For the uninitiated, this all may seem like a ponderous walk in the snow. Programme buffs, on the other hand, will appreciate the promo's unforgiving aesthetic and multiple nods to seasons past, with feathers, pendants, and swords rewarding keen-eyed viewers as the end draws near.

Lucy Bridger arrives at Agile.

Agile Films are pleased to announce the signing of director Lucy Bridger to their roster.

Bridger's arrival coincides with the release of her latest project, ‘Mothering', which has already scooped Best Short Film gongs at both the London Short Film Festival and the UK Film Festival. The early success of her foster home-set drama means Bridger can stride into her new home with confidence.


2 mins 32s
14 April 2019

While the British advertising industry whips itself into a frothy mess of excitement about a trade journal's glib assessment of each company's progress over the last year, some work from the Far East catches our attention... by being fucking brilliant.

Chaindrite has a claim to make about the potency of its termite-killing product, and boy does it land its message. This is clever, attention--grabbing, funny and - above all - effective. What more could you want from a piece of advertising?

This is so good that it ought to make every ad agency in the world cry with envy. So stop trying to work out what you need to put into this year's Christmas hamper to get a better School Report rating in 2020, and focus instead on how your agency should be making work as impactful as this.

"The Godmother"
15 April 2019

Frozen pizza brand Goodfella's make, er, good on their name in this nicely shot commercial. Drawing on the visual language of mafia and 'made man' culture, the ad subverts expectations by pointing out that this pizza-focused family is very much a matriarchy. Best to ignore the 'Made in Ireland' super, though.

Nevertheless, enthusiastic production design stands out as the Godmother arrives to check on her turf to the awe of those around her. Nods to old-fashioned gangster movies are also smartly done, such as a man kneading dough via boxing, or a hapless sauce-maker carted away for displeasing La Madrina.

Short Films
"Quest For Fire"
6 mins 19s
11 April 2019

Closet metalheads around the world will feel solidarity with this entertaining tale about an unusual support group. Written and directed by Patrik Bergh, it plays with the idea that overt passion for a certain style of music is only for the young - something to be shed by the time children and responsibilities come around.

Indeed, while this rag-tag group of hard rock aficionados may be seeking AA-style help to deal with their apparently cringeworthy taste in tunes, none of them seem quite ready to quit. A rousing (and surprisingly touching) singalong makes one thing clear though: they're not going to stop rocking any time soon.

Lovely performances anchor the film, as complaints about relapses such as involuntarily air-shredding at a school disco or rediscovering a love for spandex dissolve into a heartfelt desire to stay metal... no matter the cost. Likely to make a good portion of the audience throw the horns.


Recent Promos
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Aldous Harding
"Fixture Picture"
4 mins 09s
12 Apr 2019
A picture paints a thousand words, and this artful promo for Aldous Harding paints a few more than that. Long shots explore stillness, highlighting the slight movements of the musicians performing, while flashes of nature and birds hint at a deeper yearning for freedom. Stylish work from co-directors Jack Whiteley and Harding herself.

"Never Let Go"
3 mins 29s
10 Apr 2019
A controlled colour palette and in-your-face photography drive this promo for indie-pop group Whenyoung, with a crisp aesthetic and probing camerawork ensuring that eyes never wander from the up-coming Irish trio. Clad in red, black, and white, band members Aoife Power, Niall Burns, and Andrew Flood accost the camera in a sharp, earnest performance.

"Piece of Your Heart (ft. Goodboys)"
2 mins 36s
10 Apr 2019
Director Tash Tung flips the script on Kiev in her promo for Meduza's ‘Piece of Your Mind', as she constantly turns the Ukrainian capital upside down. You could say Tung took the lyric "I'm turning you up to get down, down, down" and ran with it. The result is an askew, free-spirited tour of Kiev skate culture, as a group snake their way through the city streets.

"Don't Feel Like Crying"
2 mins 37s
5 Apr 2019
Quirky Scandi wunderkind Sigrid returns with another effervescent single to make it feel like summer might, one day, actually arrive. 'Don't Feel Like Crying' is a charmingly Millennial lyrical exercise, taking break-up tropes like wallowing on the couch eating junk food and turning them on their head. The promo is equally eager to defy expectations, as Sigrid turns a staid waiting room into her own personal disco.

James Blake
"Barefoot in the Park"
3 mins 58s
5 Apr 2019
James Blake teams up with Catalan starlet Rosalía for an uncanny stroll through Los Angeles in this promo for ‘Barefoot in the Park'. While the pair perform their English-Spanish duet, however, there's also the small matter of a temporal rift appearing in the sky to deal with. Fully understanding this one is no walk in the park.

Shey Baba
"Born Sick/Vertigo"
5 mins 23s
2 Apr 2019
This introspective promo for Shey Baba blends two of the singer-songwriter's tracks (‘Born Sick' and ‘Vertigo') as a series of vignettes depict a child's transition into adulthood. The whole thing is patiently shot, while Baba's falsetto lulls listeners into a reflective state… and may just rouse a few dogs from their slumber to boot.

"Lost My Faith"
3 mins 54s
1 Apr 2019
An uptempo rhythm belies the pain at the heart of ‘Lost My Faith' by London-based singer Anaïs, as she subtly draws listeners into a realm of racism, repercussions, and broken promises. Her plaintive cries of "It will never happen again…/They tell the lie" take aim at anonymous figures who leave her on the brink.

4 mins 42s
28 Mar 2019
Up-and-coming indie psych-pop artist MorMor (the nom de plume of singer-songwriter Seth Nyquist) takes us to strange places with new single 'Outside'. The track's ambient sounds and reflective tone complement the promo's visuals, which offer a surreal interpretation of the 'tears of a clown' trope.

Mumford & Sons
4 mins 51s
28 Mar 2019
This bittersweet promo for Mumford & Sons' ‘Beloved' hits the streets of Port Talbot for a mother-son outing with a difference. Having absconded from her hospital bed, the mum enjoys a devil-may-care afternoon with her equally mischievous son, shoplifting and knocking on doors with abandon. Even those indifferent to the folk-rock band's charms have something to latch onto here.

"Firm & Strong"
5 mins 19s
26 Mar 2019
Jamaican singer Popcaan embarks on a tour of his homeland in this black-and-white promo, as Andrae Sutherland takes lyrical aim at those riddled with "bad mind and jealousy". While an eagle soars overhead, the artist traverses Kingston's neighbourhoods as both an act of nostalgia and of defiance.

4 mins
25 Mar 2019
As the decline of British pubs continues, brands like Carling refuse to give up hope just yet. Their latest relief effort arrives in the form of this raucous promo for punk rock duo Slaves, with Laurie Vincent and Isaac Holman performing latest track ‘Bugs' to a cramped audience. Alas, this boisterous scene doesn't last forever...

"Autumn Autumn"
5 mins 17s
26 Mar 2019
This fluid promo for Askjell's 'Autumn Autumn' is a surreal delight - difficult to look away from and equally hard to understand. The visuals are an exercise in sensuality, evoking the feel of wet sand, the soft brush of skin, the cold wind of an isolated cove - all with only the barest hints towards a fallen angel narrative which is left up to the viewer to determine.

Two Door Cinema Club
3 mins 46s
25 Mar 2019
Indie rockers Two Door Cinema Club have released this stylish promo to accompany their latest single, 'Talk'. The thoroughly retro affair is directed by Max Siedentopf, who brings a tongue-in-cheek humour to proceedings - plonking cartwheels, coat hangers, and reams of red spandex into the fray. Eye-catching, vibrant material.

"I've Never Danced Like This"
3 mins 27s
25 Mar 2019
Praything's latest single 'I've Never Danced Like This' comes with an intriguing visual accompaniment. This minimalist, dance-focused promo proves unexpectedly intimate, as a pair of dancers - including Praything himself, Ju Kovacevich - perform a measured routine.. along with some helpful lighting from a mysterious white cube.

3 mins 33s
25 Mar 2019
Alt-pop duo APRE receive an achingly offbeat promo for their new track ‘Backstreet', courtesy of director Amitay Leopold. As the cast hoover up cocktail sausages, trap footballs in bird cages, and bathe in apples, APRE aka Charlie Brown and Jules Konieczny muse on our efforts to knock unsteady relationships back into shape.

The Hour
3 mins 55s
20 Mar 2019
It's rare to see a video which is so perfectly aligned to the music track it promotes that the two are completely intertwined, but that's what you've got here in this film directed by Skunk's Ben Strebel for new music act The Hour. It is a disturbing and challenging piece of work offering an interesting take on the notion of anonymity - an important dimension of The Hour who perform wearing masks in the hope that this will allow the band to "mutate and warp over time".

Kojey Radical
"25 (ft. KZ)"
5 mins 03s
20 Mar 2019
This expansive Kojey Radical promo sees childhood innocence go up in flames, as the Hoxton-born rapper marks the passage of time on his latest single, '25'. Flitting between a halcyon living room and a grim industrial dystopia, director Tax Tron Delix matches Radical's reflective lyrics with an artfully composed nether realm.

3 mins 46s
20 Mar 2019
This striking promo for erstwhile One Directioner Zayn Malik's latest single 'Satisfaction' flirts with existentialism in compelling fashion. From showing the highs and lows of a love story to exploring the tragedy which strikes, Bouha Kazmi's lush visuals enhance the song's longing tone - emphasising the message that we should pursue love, not war.

Vampire Weekend
"Sunflower (ft. Steve Lacy)"
2 mins 25s
18 Mar 2019
Jonah Hill's sophomore promo is a topsy-turvy jaunt through New York's Upper West Side for Vampire Weekend. Shot almost exclusively in split screen, director Hill's two-and-a-half minute effort uses constantly shifting camera angles and the odd celebrity cameo to promote the band's comeback single, ‘Sunflower'.

Jessie Buckley
"Country Girl"
5 mins 30s
15 Mar 2019
Irish actor-cum-singer Jessie Buckley gives it her all in this promo for her upcoming film, ‘Wild Rose'. Rocking a fringed jacket and cowboy boots, Buckley delivers a boisterous cover of Primal Scream's ‘Country Girl' as she lets inhibitions melt away under the strobe lights of a local pub. Gaelic Americana at its finest.

"Gap Year 2008"
4 mins 17s
13 Mar 2019
This stylish promo from English electro-pop duo APRE takes typical gap year imagery to new heights. Director Will Hooper's piece explores a strange, minimalist world, replete with surrealistic touches as the action centres around a bathroom stall. Part homage, part mockery of gap yah, it's one heck of a trip

Chemical Brothers
"We've Got to Try"
4 mins 27s
12 Mar 2019
The first half of this Chemical Brothers promo from director Ninian Doff feels like a left-field Formula One commercial. As the electronic veterans' latest track ‘We've Got to Try' unfolds with its jagged synths and fevered vocals, a stray dog is gradually transformed into a four-legged motorsport pro through robotic limbs and ‘Clockwork Orange'-style conditioning. No eye clamps here, fortunately.

"Dinner & Diatribes"
4 mins 27s
8 Mar 2019
Noted forest spirit Hozier returns with another track from his latest album 'Wasteland, Baby!' - 'Dinner & Diatribes'. While the track itself talks of tumultuous love and longing, the promo is an altogether darker beast. Directed by Anthony Byrne, the film presents a nightmarish face off - a young woman restrained at a rotting dinner table and unable to escape.

Wiley, Stefflon Don, Sean Paul
"Boasty (ft Idris Elba)"
3 mins 36s
7 Mar 2019
Where to start? Not only is this a properly banging track, the video is brilliant too - inventive, brash, funny, and packed with attitude. Henry Schofield, you are a genius - as is the young actor Brooklyn Appiah. Indeed, Appiah is a star in the making; bossing the show as he decides mid-manicure to step in for Wiley who's ended up at the wrong airline gate.

Ellie Goulding
3 mins 50s
4 Mar 2019
Ellie Goulding is in a state of, well, flux in her latest promo - a classy, black and white number from director Rianne White. The intimately shot film sees Goulding performing in a ruined building, at turns obscured from the camera and delicately revealed. The visuals enhance the song's haunting, acoustic vibe, with the singer's vocals penetrating her murky surroundings.

Recent Promos
(1-25 of 25)

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