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 "You're not an artist, Peggy. You solve problems." Don Draper.

    • Shoots of recovery.This Sky Bet ad has a floral flavour to it, as fans, pundits, and players alike are accompanied by Premier League-hued flowers.
    • Meet the Fresh Film Four.Directors Fredgy Nol, Dennis Leupold, Good Boy Wolf, and Patricia Gloum have joined Fresh Film for commercial representation.
    • Back to reality.Sports Direct take on the back to school crowd with this pacy communication.
    • Dream big.Despite controversy about streaming access on this side of the pond, US broadband providers Comcast reckon that the Olympic Games can be universally inspirational.
    • Cat about town.Val Doonican's 'Walk Tall' provides a fitting soundtrack to this quirky ad for Vanquis.
    • FAMILIA first for Sheena Brobbey.Multidisciplinary artist Sheena Brobbey has joined FAMILIA for UK, US, and Dutch representation.
    • Dark Energy welcome Lauren Midwinter.Dark Energy have brought filmmaker Lauren Midwinter to their roster of directors.
    • Capital gains.Following the launch of a Phoebe Waller-Bridge/Fleabag edition, Edinburgh Gin deliver a more traditional pour in this 20" ad.
    • A world of pure imaginationDanny Devito and Awkwafina star in this comprehensive short film for Discord.
    • Plastic preach.What do a fish and a plastic bag have in common? According to this intriguing commercial for HP, their final destination in life.


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Short Films
5 mins 03s
28 July 2021

Marko Roth's effective lockdown drama is inspired by Masque-19 - the codeword used by domestic abuse victims in France. When a woman spots a pharmacy on her one-hour walk, she also spots a chance to escape her partner once and for all. Yet the fear of discovery follows her every step of the way.

Timely dread permeates Roth's five-minute film, as the twin threats of violence and Covid-19 collide in a cramped Paris store. Echoes and phantom hands risk a late shift into horror movie territory, though the overall tone is grounded and sensitive. The existence of codewords like 'Ani' and Masque-19 is heartbreaking, but a clear lifeline for those in need.

The Body Shop
"Self Love Street"
26 July 2021

The Body Shop tackles the "self-love crisis" directly in this uplifting commercial. It's no wonder that recent times have left many of us feeling more prone to self-doubt than boundless optimism, and the brand intend to change that with a message of radical self-acceptance.

Thus, three characters deal with different blows to their self-esteem whcih come from very modern sources. One struggles with self(ie) image, another becomes frustrated with online hate about her musical talent, while a third finds her battle with dating apps to be a fruitless exercise.

Director Ali Kurr ensures that each woman's journey to self-love is given space to breathe during the ad's 30" run, while an allusion to masturbation suggests that the brand recommend taking self-love both literally and figuratively. It's a valuable message in an age of social media distortion, reminding viewers that satisfaction starts not with the image they project, but from within.

Discovery Channel
"Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games"
26 July 2021

Nothing is immune from the streaming wars these days, and that includes the Olympic Games. Discovery+ are the "streaming home" of Tokyo 2020, much to the chagrin of viewers after some free-to-air action. It's a sign of the times, yet the sheer quality and determination of Olympic athletes remains constant.

This is illustrated by a first-person romp through various Olympic sports, including weightlifting, diving, and the 100-metre dash. Pacy editing and hectic sound design emphasise the fine margins of elite competition, as well as the unfortunate absence of fans in Tokyo. Sold-out venues at Paris 2024 are the stuff Olympic streams are made of.

26 July 2021

Fire comes to the fore in this deftly-shot Swiss commercial for Bell meat products. Director Michael Fueter takes viewers on a journey from the simple striking of a match or flicking of a lighter to bonfires, stoves, and beyond - embracing the primal power contained within flames of any form.

The film's stark orange and grey colour palette adds weight to this proposition, as audience eyes are drawn to the minute details of each fiery incarnation as it flares to life onscreen. A final sequence during which unlikely bonfires spring up on apartment balconies and light up a whole city is particularly effective, bringing a neat element of fantasy to proceedings.

It's Fat Lemon for Sam H Buchanan.

Fat Lemon have made Bristol's own Sam H Buchanan the latest addition to their directing roster.

When he's not on a film set, Buchanan can be found in the boxing ring, on a mountain bike trail, or running around his hometown. All this exercise keeps him sharp as a volley of scripts comes his way.



On This Day
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The FA
"11 vs 11"
2 mins
31 Jul 2009
This excellent Nike spoof has so many cul-de-sacs as it journeys through a first person look at an amateur footballer's life that you start to wonder what its message will be. And just when you become convinced that it's a warning about excess, it surprises you.

Terrence Higgins Trust
"Condom Moment"
31 Jul 2012
This hugely impressive film promoting the use of condoms depicts the difficulty of introducing the notion of the potentially life-saving prophylactic during a moment of passion. We have to take our hats off to everyone who worked on it as the switch in tone is absolutely fantastic. This film could actually save someone from HIV infection... it's that good.

"Creating New Speed"
31 Jul 2016
Director Christopher Riggert and cinematographer Simon Duggan have captured the raw energy of these young men in the most extraordinary fashion. The camerawork that tracks them as they sprint at full tilt through fields burdened by agricultural debris is highly exhilarating and makes for an amazing spectacle and once again demonstrates that Adidas has a real edge when it comes to portraying a certain kind of grit.

"Family Makes Us Better"
31 Jul 2017
This poetic Tesco commercial is a family affair. The supermarket delivers an ode to domesticity as various families navigate life's ups and downs. While the film draws on familiar imagery, it also celebrates how no two family portraits are alike. Shot through a sensitive lens, "exquisitely bland" becomes engrossing.

Toon Blast
31 Jul 2018
Ryan Reynolds lets his inner Deadpool run the show in this entertaining ad for mobile game Toon Blast. One may be led to believe the actor is displaying his own version of Hollywood candour, as he gives an emotional account of an addiction... at least, until we discover exactly what substance he's been struggling to quit.

"Turn Up The Turn On"
31 Jul 2018
Lovehoney are one of a number of newer companies who've made a name for themselves in the realm of sex toys by associating themselves with female empowerment. The sleazy sex shops of the past which appeared to cater to the classic 'dirty old man' have been completely usurped by retailers catering to the needs of women.

BT Sport
"Take Them All On"
31 Jul 2018
The compulsion to remind viewers that BT Sport has more going on than football almost trips up this marvellous film but thanks to inspired casting and some brilliant child wrangling from Fredrick Bond, it's an absolute winner. The ad is topped and tailed by young Charlotte doing what the BT wants all of us to do... watch sport on television, and director Bond manages to catch the essence of live sport in her enraptured face in these short vignettes.

Asda George
"The Chase"
31 Jul 2019
Asda pay tribute to the power of a child's imagination in this entertaining ad for their back to school clothing range. What seems like a normal playground scene quickly takes on a fantastical bent, as the pupils become aware there's a monster in their midst. The chaos that ensues as the kids run for cover from the beast is nicely drawn, with coats, benches, and playground equipment all used as impromptu hiding places.

Lashed Euphoria
31 Jul 2006
Tis the time of year when the ads for records start getting creative as demonstrated by this rather strange offering for a compilation called Lashed Euphoria. In it, a man finds all manner of strange happenings behind the grubby doors of a somewhat seedy looking building.

Asda George
"Back To School"
31 Jul 2007
A red-haired lad talks about the drabness of wearing a school uniform before offering a few hints on how you can individualise your style. There may be a backlash in the Daily Telegraph as he recommends undoing your top button... just the kind of behaviour that cost Britain its empire.

"More J.D.Quench"
31 Jul 2008
Another of the spoof Blaxploitation film trailers for Sprite which, like its predecessor, is brimming with authenticity. You have to particularly admire the note perfect contribution made by the voiceover which has even deliberately been recorded with the levels too high to enhance the accuracy of the pastiche.

Toyota Verso
"ITV Family Movies Sponsorship"
1 min 40s
31 Jul 2009
A family watches a film using an old-fashioned projector in this series of bumpers advertising the Toyota Verso's sponsorship of ITV's movie offerings. Some of the footage, especially the close-ups of children enjoying the film, are thoroughly charming.

"Jos Mourinho"
31 Jul 2009
Inter Milan boss Jos Mourinho, who lit up the Premiership when manager of Chelsea, describes the marginal difference between winning and losing in his sport when it's played at the highest level.

31 Jul 2011
A woman describes her experiences as an administrator for the RAF and the excitement of rescuing British nationals caught up in an incident in Beirut. Animation is used to good effect to illustrate the adventure but the dullness of her voice demonstrates the peril of using real people.

Funny Fortnight
"Vic Reeves and Noel Fielding"
31 Jul 2012
Vic Reeves and Noel Fielding compare notes on dressing up pets when the former declares that the only item of clothing that animals will happily wear is a top hat. It's another charming trail for a coming series of comedy-based programming on Channel 4 which helps to stake the station's claim to be the home of adventurous commissioning.

Join In
"Little Trainer"
31 Jul 2012
A bossy young lad asserts his commitment to finding and nurturing the champions of tomorrow. Developing sport in the UK was an important part of the pitch that won London the Olympics and this appears to be part of the effort to fulfil that promise.

Channel 4
"Claire Cashmore"
31 Jul 2012
Another of Channel 4's impressive films drawing attention to their coverage of the Paralympic Games. Claire Cashmore talks about the way children are often fascinated by her incomplete limb and expresses preference for their approach when compared with their squeamish parents.

31 Jul 2012
Another beautifully underplayed piece emphasising the extraordinary value of the advertised car. A woman in a newsagent casually decides she might as well take one as she buys a magazine and some chewing gum. Andy McLeod of Rattling Stick has delivered wonderfully naturalistic performances.

"The Cinema Club"
31 Jul 2012
This attractively filmed commercial from Ireland introduces us to a young woman who used a project sponsored by O2 to set up a cinema club in her back garden. Presumably it fulfils the criteria established by the phone company because there is a community aspect to her project but it's not exactly charitable venture, as one might expect.

Kit Kat
"Donkey Break"
31 Jul 2014
A couple of hardworking donkeys in Blackpool spot a well-upholstered chappie in socks and sandals tucking into a Kit Kat ice cream. It looks yummy. Why shouldn't they stop for a break too? So off they go and enjoy the same, perched on deckchairs. It has that traditional British seaside vibe combined with some neat special effects that put a donkey into a deckchair (and that's not a sentence that's been written before).

"Katie Hopkins"
31 Jul 2015
Katie Hopkins paces a stark white room irritably; her clip-clop heels echoing in the near-emptiness. She looks like she wants to speak, but can't. Where's her straitjacket? Oh wait - here's the VO, telling us to enjoy the silence while it lasts because "an explosive new panel show" is coming to TLC, called 'If Katie Hopkins Ruled The World'. Dear God.

"I Move London"
31 Jul 2017
This film for sportswear company Asics created by Edelman demonstrates that companies outside the traditional advertising agency model are willing to create content when they can find sufficiently ambitious clients. Companies at all levels of the advertising industry face much broader competition than ever before and PR company Edelman are the latest entrant in this crowded marketplace.

"School Run"
31 Jul 2017
Back to school isn't just about covering jotters in wallpaper - it's about being yourself. That's the conceit behind this effective Sainsbury's Tu ad. Whether your sprog is a dancer, a daydreamer, or a grass stain magnet, the supermarket's schoolwear range has you covered. Meghan Trainor and LunchMoney Lewis's I Love Me' provides the apt soundtrack.

"Nicola Adams"
31 Jul 2017
Boxing superstar Nicola Adams - who recently turned pro after achieving all the Olympic success one could ever want - fronts this new campaign for E45. The documentary style film follows Adams as she goes about her day, showing us her gruelling training routine and more relaxed evenings. We get the impression that she doesn't have time for faffing about, and 'straight up skincare' is essential.

"Tampon Tax Off"
31 Jul 2017
Tesco take to the streets to inform consumers that sanitary products sold in their stores will no longer be subject to the 'Tampon Tax'. To offset the tax - applied because sanitary products are classed as a 'luxury item'... unlike razors and condoms - Blue Supermarket will reduce the price of such goods by 5%. This ad shows women from all walks of life are happy to hear it.

On This Day
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