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 "You're not an artist, Peggy. You solve problems." Don Draper.

Latest Work
    • Welcome to the Hotel Phantasmagoria.This febrile ad for psychological horror game The Medium draws inspiration from dystopian surrealism—most notably the work of Polish artist Zdzislaw Beksinski.
    • Thibault-Théodore signs to BirthBirth have signed up-and-coming French director and photographer Thibault Théodore to their roster.
    • Chopping and changingQuorn understand some committed meat eaters may need an extra push to try plant-based living.
    • Biscuit Filmworks land Nathan Miller.Documentary maker Nathan Miller has joined Biscuit Filmworks for UK representation.
    • The rice is right.Amateur chefs sick of the old staples will find their culinary passions rejuvenated by Tilda's range of steamed rice.
    • Fat Lemon welcome Emma Scott and Richard Pengelley.Directors Emma Scott and Richard Pengelley are the latest to join Jane Bolton and Cabel Hopkins' team at Fat Lemon.
    • A Boiler and a Gentleman We could all use a little escapism during this drearier-than-usual January, and Ideal Boilers deliver.
    • Up and away.Music video specialists Zhang + Knight direct this heightened commercial for Maserati.
    • It's a Dog Eat Dog world for Blake Claridge.Dog Eat Dog have completed the signing of director Blake Claridge for commercials and branded content.
    • Street stars.Astute character design and a cheeky sense of humour define this quirky stop-motion outing for Beagle Street Life Insurance.
    • Object & Animal and Phantasm join forcesProduction companies Object & Animal and Phantasm have joined forces to co-produce projects across the UK, US, and France.
    • Basha de Bruijn signs to BirthBirth have signed Dutch director Basha de Bruijn for representation across the UK and France.
    • Live, laugh, loathe.US insurers Progressive continue their quest to save Millennials from turning into their parents in this entertaining commercial.
    • Animal antics.This 30" Aviva commercial acknowledges the outlandish side of insurance claims.
    • Jessy Moussallem joins Object & Animal.Meeting the Middle East's version of Pablo Escobar is all in a day's work for new Object & Animal director Jessy Moussallem.
    • Tomorrow, today.Adidas lay out the thought process behind their Futurecraft range in this tech-focused commercial.
    • Turbo tubers.The spirit of invention is alive and well in this charming Brazilian outing for Volvo.


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"Pet Shop"
17 January 2021

Fact and fiction have a complicated relationship these days, with ever more extraordinary scenarios, e.g. the storming of the US Capitol, becoming reality. This 30" Aviva commercial acknowledges the outlandish side of insurance claims, as a woman reports crashing into a pet shop and liberating an army of lizards.

The aftermath is well-handled by director Björn Rühmann, who draws viewers into this scaly, stupefying crash site. Interestingly, the usual "No animals were harmed during the making of this production" disclaimer is nowhere to been seen; this may prompt one or two enquiries from concerned/invested animal lovers.

Jessy Moussallem joins Object & Animal.

Meeting the Middle East's version of Pablo Escobar is all in a day's work for Lebanese director Jessy Moussallem.

A 2018 promo for Damian Lazarus & the Ancient Moons saw her visit the country's Bekaa Valley, known for its many cannabis farms. Yet Moussallem chooses to celebrate the region's determined communities instead.


"From Where We Are To What Could Be"
1 min 35s
15 January 2021

Adidas lay out the thought process behind their Futurecraft range in this tech-focused commercial. Director Fons Schiedon takes a diverse visual approach in order to capture the spirit of the brand's all-hands-on-deck attitude to iteration, using stop motion, CG animation, and canny camera trickery to good effect.

Whether depicting ocean-bound nets recycled into plastic uppers or 3D-printed soles harnessing natural movement in the cleanest way possible, the film offers an intriguing insight into how Adidas intend to develop their footwear in a more sustainable manner. Consumers will have to judge the performance outcomes for themselves, but this compelling communication suggests it's definitely worth a try.

13 January 2021

The spirit of invention is alive and well in this charming Brazilian outing for Volvo, as batteries gain a new life in creative hands. Far from a simple science experiment, the young girl at the centre of this film is determined to take her investigations into potato power to another level. Move over, Elon Musk.

Far from satisfied by merely getting her toy car to run, however, the inventor-in-training seeks out all manner of ingenious ways to sneak supplies for her pièce de résistance. The gradual increase of scale and final reveal are deftly handled by director Carolina Markowicz, who ensures the tale has just enough reality to keep its childish magic grounded.

Forever nab Fons Schiedon.

Multidisciplinary artist Fons Schiedon has joined Forever’s bespoke roster for UK representation.

The Dutchman flits between illustration, animation, and live-action with ease, making him another valuable asset to Sasha Nixon's team. Her goal is to firmly establish Schiedon on these shores.



Recent Promos
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Biig Piig
"Feels Right"
3 mins 25s
20 Jan 2021
Tilbury Town Hand Car Wash stars in this well-judged promo for Irish singer Jess Smyth aka Biig Piig. Her new song, 'Feels Right', is a bittersweet reminder of UK nightlife before lockdown, with Smyth ready to "put the tunes on up loud" and embrace "the taste I know I'll crave". Ten months in, the nightlife itch has only gotten worse.

"Throw Me A Line"
6 mins 19s
12 Jan 2021
The wonderfully-named Bram F J van Alphen directs this emotional promo for Dutch group HAEVN. As a woman becomes increasingly tempted by a fellow musician, her family life suffers in turn. Before long, home becomes constricting and fleeting displays of affection are replaced by despairing arguments.

Lana Del Rey
"Chemtrails Over the Country Club"
5 mins 40s
13 Jan 2021
Lana Del Rey's perfectly polished portrait of Americana feels strange to watch in the current climate - like looking through a hazy portal at an old film that never was. Yet that cognitive disconnect works perfectly for the singer's tarnished-gleam aesthetic, particularly in this promo for 'Chemtrails Over the Country Club'.

"Mazza (feat. A$AP Rocky)"
3 mins
8 Jan 2021
This surreal promo for slowthai and A$AP Rocky's latest collaboration 'Mazza' is part fairy tale, part acid trip. The film sees each artist experience a freak-out in their respective hotel rooms, as whatever trip they're on rapidly turns sour. The film sees each artist experience a freak-out in their respective hotel rooms, as whatever trip they're on rapidly turns sour. Weird and wildly watchable, this is bound to resonate with those reaching the outer limits of lockdown boredom.

Joel Corry
"Head & Heart (feat. MNEK)"
2 mins 48s
17 Dec 2020
If 2020 has taught us nothing else, it's that our attitude and personal positivity can make all the difference in how a day plays out. This entertaining promo for Joel Corry and MNEK's 'Head & Heart' takes that concept and runs with it, contrasting two versions of a bloke's day in which he wakes up on the wrong - or right - side of the bed.

Cameron Barnes & Blythe Duff
"Fairytale of New York (ft. Red Hot Chilli Pipers)"
5 mins
17 Dec 2020
A new spin on the Pogues' 'Fairytale of New York' has arrived courtesy of Cameron Barnes and Blythe Duff, who give the 1988 classic a distinctly Scottish lilt. Compatriot Michael J Ferns directs the accompanying video, which trades the original's black-and-white police station for more homely surroundings.

Michael Kiwanuka
"Interlude (Loving the People)"
3 mins 06s
14 Dec 2020
Album interludes seldom receive the promo treatment, but no one told director Phillip Youmans. The American describes Michael Kiwanuka’s ‘Interlude (Loving the People)’ as “like sunshine on my skin”, and delivers an appropriately humid promo set in Southern California. A worthy complement to one's daily vitamin D pill.

George Michael
"Freedom! '90"
6 mins 34s
10 Dec 2020
Thirty years after the release of George Michael’s 'Freedom! '90', director Harry George Hall pays tribute with this spirited promo. As Michael's gutsy anthem rings out, a well-chosen cast let inhibitions melt away in an empty studio. Meanwhile, a stream of multicoloured supers provide some on-the-nose motivation for good measure.

Boys World
2 mins 58s
9 Dec 2020
Newly minted pop group Boys World announce themselves with this ebullient promo for 'Girlfriends'. Shot by director Symone Ridgell, the clip sees Elana Caceres, Olivia Ruby, Queenie Mae, Lillian Kay, and Makhyli Simpson run their own relationship helpline that puts feckless boyfriends well and truly on notice.

Maxïmo Park
"I Don't Know What I'm Doing"
3 mins 04s
10 Dec 2020
The only way is up in this Maximo Park promo, as frontman Paul Smith climbs the world’s tallest ladder despite some misgivings. The novelty wears off after a few rungs, but Smith’s impassioned delivery and yellow beanie keep viewers engaged. It's also a treat for indie music fans who wish it was 2005 all over again.

Tom Petty
"Something Could Happen"
6 mins 14s
9 Dec 2020
Alice in Wonderland meets Tinder in this entertaining promo for Tom Petty's 'Something Could Happen'. The magic is woven with forensic attention to detail by director Warren Fu, as a woman (played by Lauren Cohan) tries to forget a broken heart via decluttering and dating adventures. It's a humorously inventive twist on modern fairy tale, with memories of the past coalescing to create something new.

"Me & You (feat. Kelsey)"
3 mins 37s
7 Dec 2020
Up-and-coming director Lu presents a kung-fu flick with a choreographed twist in this intriguing promo for Majestic's latest track. 'Me & You' sees a mysterious woman tackle a group of gangsters via dance rather than violence, finally facing off against her own doppelganger to take on the big boss. It's a funky, visually fresh take on familiar tropes, and eminently watchable for it.

The Lathums
"I See Your Ghost"
2 mins 33s
8 Dec 2020
Mancunian four-piece The Lathums take an, er, appropriately haunting approach to this promo for latest single 'I See Your Ghost'. The film combines charmingly cheesy VFX with game performances from the group, including a spectral skateboarding sesh and a silly seance. Coupled with Travis' 'A Ghost' video, it's a good year for sheets-over-head action.

Declan J Donovan
"Perfectly Imperfect"
3 mins 48s
7 Dec 2020
Dan French directs this candid promo for Essex-born singer and songwriter Declan J Donovan, who delivers an earnest, lighter-waving ballad about self-image. The visuals and subject matter evoke Christina Aguilera’s 'Beautiful', though Instagram/Facetune-style visual effects ensure a contemporary feel.

"IC3 (ft. Skepta)"
3 mins 51s
3 Dec 2020
There's an impressively ominous vibe to this promo for grime MC Ghetts' latest track 'IC3' (featuring fellow Londoner and rapper Skepta). Sketchy animated bursts layer over the live action, elevating what could be straightforward performance into something like a Basquiat illustration via demonic possession. Disconcerting and intriguing in equal measure.

Young T & Bugsey
"New Shape"
5 mins 38s
2 Dec 2020
Rappers Young T & Bugsey have come a long way since joining a Nottingham youth project launched by Prince Harry. This retro-tinged promo sees the duo run their own car dealership to boot, with "big whips, new whips, and old whips" available. Judging by the likeable end credits, it's tough keeping a straight face in this business.

Texas & Wu-Tang Clan
4 mins 52s
3 Dec 2020
Back in 1998, an unlikely collaboration between Texas and Wu-Tang Clan reached number four in the charts. Over twenty years later, one 'TXWU' obsessive (played by Kadeem Ramsay) is desperate for an encore. This niche corner of music appreciation is plastered in gig posters, magazine covers, and album artwork, with the protagonist even sporting a Sharleen Spiteri necklace.

Eight Rounds Rapid
3 mins 55s
1 Dec 2020
Eight Rounds Rapid offer up an, er, rapid-fire critique of social media culture in this promo for latest track 'Onesie'. Starring Avengers actor Tom Vaughan-Lawlor, the film sees a bloke wearing the titular item of clothing flung from a car and abandoned. What follows is a whistle-stop journey through a night out from hell - puke, piss, and uncaring camera lenses galore.

"Paradise (Director's Cut)"
2 mins 55s
1 Dec 2020
Meduza's 'Paradise' is a stock piece of EDM that will doubtless feature on every pool bar playlist in 2021. While the track risks a call from both the Proclaimers and Vanessa Carlton’s lawyers ("Oh, my, my, my/There's a thousand miles between you and I"), the halcyon promo depicts teenage love and heartbreak in the picturesque Italian countryside.

Lil Nas X
2 mins 47s
1 Dec 2020
Cowboy-rap smash-hit 'Old Town Road' may feel like a hundred years ago now (in fact, it was released in May of 2019... we were shocked too), but Lil Nas X is determined to keep the party going with Christmas single 'Holiday'. Camp, cool, and unsurprisingly catchy, it's just what we need to limp over the finish line of 2020.

Califato ¾
"Fandangô de Carmen Porter"
5 mins 22s
27 Nov 2020
Religion, grief, and madness come together in this striking promo for Califato 3/4's 'Fandangô de Carmen Porter'. The film's heightened drama and stylised visuals suit the narrative perfectly, as a father is so distraught at the death of his daughter that he begins to hallucinate her as an apparition of the Virgin Mary. Uncanny and unsettling in equal measure, it's also a gorgeous piece of storytelling from director Nono Ayuso.

"A Little Love"
3 mins 02s
25 Nov 2020
'A Little Love' already gained traction as the soundtrack to John Lewis's 2020 Christmas outing, and soul artist Celeste offers an equally festive take in this promo. The singer brings a child's music box and toys to life, embracing the whimsical magic of the festive season from a youthful perspective. Charming, playful work from directing duo Silent Tapes.

Hope Tala
3 mins
25 Nov 2020
Singer-songwriter Hope Tala belies the grim weather with a salsa-tinged track and an equally succulent promo (the song is called 'Cherries', after all). Rapper Aminé's contributions are, erm, saucy to say the least ("Is it your pussy or dinner? Both seems like the same to us"), but they don’t stain director Anna Fearon’s refined aesthetic.

Pale Waves
2 mins 52s
24 Nov 2020
Influenced by such grunge classics as Nirvana's 'Heart-Shaped Box' and Hole's 'Celebrity Skin', retro-minded viewers will find their interest piqued by this Pale Waves promo. The Manchester group embrace bold styling and a spangly sound, while director Johnny Goddard uses quirky camera angles and some well-timed rain to nail the 90s alternative vibe.

Mae Muller
2 mins 52s
20 Nov 2020
Earlier this year, pop star Mae Muller declared her financial independence with 'I Don’t Want Your Money'. New single 'Dependent' explores a similar theme, with Muller caught between the excitement of a new relationship and the loss of her freedom ("I'm feelin' kinda scared bеcause I never had it bеtter").

Recent Promos
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