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    • Turf war.KFC take on fried chicken fakers in this portentous commercial which focuses on the high street poultry boom.
    • Never gonna keep me down.Ubisoft emphasise the importance of 'failing, failing again, failing better' in this kinetic ad for their latest release, ‘Trials Rising'.
    • A sting in the tale.This black-and-white curio from directors Laurie Hill and Osbert Parker offers a fun sideways glance at the work of John Lubbock.
    • Aisultan Seitov enlists with Partizan.Partizan have signed what they describe as one of the "most exciting new directing talents" around in the shape of promo director Aisultan Seitov.
    • Smells like spring spirit.German retailer Hornbach offer another bizarre ode to the physicality of DIY.
    • Swan to watch.Anthropomorphic gin connoisseur Mr. Swan spearheads this terrific ad for Sipsmith.
    • Not To Scale catch Lobster.Not To Scale say they "couldn't be more excited to welcome" Italian-Bulgarian directing duo Lobster to their global roster.
    • Just Because You Could...McDonald's skewer traditional coffee advertising tropes in this entertaining film, which is dedicated to the power of keeping things simple.
    • Tactical retreat.Trust Paddy Power to weigh in to the Brexit debate with this ad starring Eric Cantona.
    • Hanging AroundBarclaycard continue to emphasise their unwavering commitment to supporting small businesses - however wacky their USP.
    • Michael J Ferns signs for 76 Ltd.76 have high hopes for their latest signing, young Scottish director Michael J Ferns… and a quick glance at his CV suggests their confidence is justified.
    • Hearts and MindsA precocious tyke fronts the British Heart Foundation's latest campaign, kicking off this informative film with prepubescent brio.
    • A Whole New WorldComic Relief strike a heartfelt tone in this charming film, drawing attention to the charity's thirty-odd years of fund-raising.


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"High Street Romance"
18 March 2019

As banks continue to vacate the high street en masse, Nationwide announce their commitment to bricks and mortar branches via the medium of - you guessed it - poetry. This 60" ad features Brummie poet Hannah Swingler as she charts a budding after-school romance - one set against a backdrop of shop shutters and chip shops.

Her comforting verse chimes with growing uncertainty over UK high streets, as more locations lock their doors for good. The advertised building society, however, promise to keep all existing branches open for at least two more years, which should please the ears of those who prefer to do business face-to-face.

SixtyFour Music are Yorgos Lanthimos's favourite.

When DAVID popped in to speak to Nick Payne of SixtyFour Music about 'The Favourite', Yorgos Lanthimo's film had just triumphed at BAFTA and there was a real possibility that it would win the Academy Award for Best Film. Alas, that was not to be... but Payne will have been delighted that Olivia Colman picked up an Oscar, and the general acclaim that has come the film's way, because his company sweated blood to provide Lanthimo with the soundtrack he wanted.


Andy Humphreys adds bite to Bark

As they look to compete with the bigger companies in their realm, persuading Andy Humphreys to join Bark Soho was a significant coup for the sound design company. It also provided DAVID with an excellent excuse to pop into Bark's Soho studio and meet Humphreys and Simon Elms. Between them, they revealed how the twin proposition of Bark and sister company Eclectic has created an holistic offer for their advertising clients.


The Verge
"Better Worlds: A Theory of Flight"
3 mins
18 March 2019

The Verge have launched this affecting film from their sci-fi project 'Better Worlds' - a collection of fiction dedicated to hope. Adapted from a short story by Justina Ireland, the film uses space travel as an allegory for the current refugee crisis - tackling themes of poverty, revolution, and beating an unfair system.

The animation style impeccably matches the story's retro-futuristic tone, as pixelated imagery recalls vintage video games while charting the protagonist's open-source rocket rebellion. Emotive and emboldening, we highly recommend reading the original tale in addition to watching.

"Synchronised Swimming"
18 March 2019

Audi take synchronicity to a new level in this elegant commercial. Shot by car wrangler Johnny Hardstaff, the film offers a fresh take on synchronised swimming as a pair of motors move in precisely choreographed unison.

Swirling and swooshing to the sounds of Faultline's 'Follow You Follow Me', the ad delivers a hypnotic demonstration of the vehicles' features - pulling off fluid moves which would be nigh impossible to accomplish otherwise.

Meanwhile, slick visual trickery creates the illusion of the cars ‘swimming'… though even all of Audi's bells and whistles haven't quite made their latest offering amphibious. Attractive, though? Certainly.


On This Day
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American Airlines
"Business Class"
24 Mar 2009
Kevin Spacey has replaced James Gandolfini on this campaign and has immediately made it more appropriate to British sensibilities. The late-night dog-walker explains that we each have our own notions of the perfect seat... and American Airlines has the lot.

Anti Smoking (NHS)
"The Right Road"
24 Mar 2009
A strange mix of live footage and animation illustrates the number of options available to those aiming to quit smoking. The whispered voiceover at the start is unfortunately reminiscent of the long running anti-STI film featuring belt buckles spelling 'gonorrhea' etc.

Marks & Spencer
"M & S Spring"
24 Mar 2010
The usual suspects have been joined by some extra personnel to launch the spring collection at the nation's favourite provider of middle of the road fashions. We can't help wondering whether Rainey Kelly got the Minogue sister they were after.

Comic Relief
"David's Exes"
6 mins 41s
24 Mar 2013
This comedy sketch by Ben Turner - one half of the team known as Silsoe Mouse (represented by Upstart Films) - was shown during BBC's Comic Relief. David Walliams is told by Dr Christian from 'Embarrassing Bodies' that he must contact everyone with whom he's been intimate in the last year... leading to some surprising revelations.

"Egg Hunt"
24 Mar 2013
Blue supermarket's Easter pitch is this charming film showing a young girl trying to find the chocolate hidden by her parents. Only when she's sat at the dining table and the delicious lamb is about to be served does she realise that a bunny is peering down at her from on high. Lovely work.

Crabbie's Grand National
"O'Callaghan and Blake"
24 Mar 2014
If this doesn't tickle your fetlocks, we suggest you hook up to the nearest defibrillator post-haste. This big, loud, ballsy ad (appropriately soundtracked by speedpunk band Cerebral Ballzy) presents us with the first steeplechase event ever recorded back in 1752, which apparently came about as a result of a wager between two fiery chaps named Cornelius O'Callaghan and Edmund Blake.

Tim Tam
"Bert's Story"
3 mins 08s
24 Mar 2014
This unrelentingly sentimental film takes us to a small outback town where we meet Bert... a contented pensioner with no illusions about how little of life is in front of him. Bert is the kind of man who sees life's blessings much more clearly than its many curses... and chief among his cherished blessings is his love for his daughter who - in tune with this campaign's theme - lives a long way from him and hasn't been able to see him for some time.

Sky Broadband
24 Mar 2014
Good old Samuel L Jackson. He does know how to put on a good show of righteous, justified dudeness. In this spot for Sky Broadband, which is a tie-in with Captain America: The Winter Soldier, he gets into character as Nick Fury and urges the crew to sign up for Sky Broadband Shield when it's discovered that online details of the soldier in question have been hacked and in their place is a website of dubious moral quality.

"The Arrival"
24 Mar 2015
This celebratory ad for the Lancia Ypsilon represents an 'Italian job' well done for director Ago Panini. A young boy notices the latest iteration of the venerable motor in the distance and excitedly runs off to let the townspeople know. Daily business grinds to a halt as people rush to a surprise welcome party to wish it a happy birthday.

Tokio Marine
"Yesterday / Today"
24 Mar 2015
Well, hands up who expected that to be about insurance? It's an unexpected destination, but Havas (Singapore) have crafted such an impressive and engaging journey, we're all for it. Starting knee deep in the dreariness of everyday life, the story takes a more optimistic turn and leaves you feeling like you can take that all-important first step into the unknown.

"The Guest"
5 mins 19s
24 Mar 2015
Hannibal's Mads Mikkelsen takes a break from playing the psychopathic doctor with a very particular brand of fine dining in this smartly scripted and amusing commercial for the Danish furniture designers. As his guest is transfixed by the beautiful ladies frolicking in the pool, all the indifferent Mads wants to do is show off the stylish practicality of his living space.

24 Mar 2005
The Laughing Policeman provides the musical backing here as a man laughs hysterically at the ease with which he is able to apply Cuprinol to his fence using the new spray system, especially compared with his disgruntled neighbour who is painting his the old-fashioned way.

Channel 4
24 Mar 2006
Neat conceit here as people literally plug into each other's heads to uncover their musical tastes to promote a preponderance of unsigned bands available at Channel 4's Web Site.

Sony PS3
"This Is Living"
24 Mar 2007
Sony have come out of tease mode now that the PS3 has been launched and, in this re-edited version of the original teaser, we get to see the same events from a slightly different perspective. It's big and it's clever and must have cost a fortune.

Learning & Skills Council
24 Mar 2008
Further proof that it is almost impossible to create a film urging young people to take control of their lives without striking a highly patronising note. A young black voice tells us that he intends to set his own path and the thirty quid a week he gets from the EMA will enable this.

Sugar Puffs
24 Mar 2008
An ill-advised attempt to show that the Honey Monster can get down with the kids... although not deserving the heaps of derision that have come its way, this is nonetheless a little bit embarrassing for those concerned.

"Ten Years"
2 mins
24 Mar 2009
A clever piece for the free newspaper has a busker and a woman using props apparently made from sheets of newspaper describing major events from the last ten years. The selected events' bent perfectly reflects the asinine news coverage in the advertised journal.

Boots No 7
"Not So Everyday"
24 Mar 2010
Perhaps female viewers will watch this commercial with a glimmer of recognition as they remember a time when they put on some make-up and then dressed up like a bag lady but still felt glamorous.

"Cricket Catwalk"
24 Mar 2010
The new spring and summer collections available from Tesco are shown off on an unusual catwalk. The models striding down by cricket pitch with very Little regard for the damage their stilettos may do to the hallowed turf. Harumph.

24 Mar 2011
This short and simple ad for the online trading service shows a man attaching a rope to his car and watching as its launched into the sky. This is the kind of ad likely to prove so successful that Gumtree's servers will collapse under the weight of traffic it generates.

B & Q
"D.I.Y Videos"
24 Mar 2011
Ha, ha, ha, ha... some people fell over. Hilarious. If you're the kind of person who can watch You've Been Framed without a growing tide of hope that a meteor will reduce our planet to dust and cockroaches then this is probably the perfect ad for you.

"When I Grow Up"
24 Mar 2011
This film for Irish charity Trocaire focuses on the dismal prospects of children growing up in the under-developed world. Switching to adult voices does nothing to dim the poignancy while ensuring that words haven't irresponsibly been put in the mouths of babes.

1 Oct 2011
This energetic spot from October 2011 has greyhounds doing what they have been bred to do... chase a rabbit without ever quite managing to catch it. They abandon their owners all over the city to join a chasing pack that's hot on the heels of the advertised vehicle - known just about everywhere other than the UK as the VW Rabbit.

T K Maxx
24 Mar 2012
This attractively filmed tribute to the people who take advantage of the advertised retailer is augmented by rhyming copy. Regular readers will be aware that DAVID feels that it rarely goes well when copywriters reaching for the rhyming dictionary and the best that can be said here is that the poorly constructed verse doesn't entirely ruin the commercial.

"We Are Alive"
2 mins
24 Mar 2012
If you're going to use stock footage then you'd better make sure you use it well. Though it's message is scarcely credible - documentaries on ITV? Really? - this manages to hit all the right notes and adds up to an impressive whole even if occasionally the clips seem slightly misaligned with the script.

On This Day
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