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 "You're not an artist, Peggy. You solve problems." Don Draper.

Latest Work
    • Touching From a DistanceThis stripped-back ad from Channel 4 demonstrates how the commercial industry is adapting to the ongoing Covid-19 crisis.
    • Uncommon enlist Jonas Roth and Rasmus Smith Bech.Danish creative duo Jonas Roth and Rasmus Smith Bech have joined the ranks at Uncommon.
    • Darling Films welcome Daniel Skoglund.New signing Daniel Skoglund brings a “slick visual universe” to the table, according to Darling Films.
    • Virus Crisis Podcast: Sascha Darroch-DaviesWe talk to DLMDD's Sascha Darroch-Davies.
    • Man vs NatureGardening gets the action movie treatment in this enticing outing for Honda.
    • The royal treatment.Cautiously optimistic racing fans can take heart from this 60” plug for Royal Ascot 2020.
    • An important takeaway.Chat shows as we know them have quickly become a thing of the past, but ITV stalwarts Ant and Dec are keeping things ticking over.
    • Virus Crisis Podcast: Steve Davies and Toby TomkinsAs we enter a new week of the virus crisis, we get the lowdown from the APA's Steve Davies and Cheat's Toby Tomkins.
    • Mum's the word.Such unprecedented times make this Not On The High Street commercial all the more affecting.
    • Last call.This emotionally charged short film evokes ‘Bronson’ and ‘Starred Up’ in its depiction of solitary confinement.
    • Going for GoldOlympic sponsors Bridgestone take an unusual approach with this introspective film starring Taekwondo silver medalist Lutalo Muhammad.
    • Virus Crisis Podcast: James Sindle and Sorcha ShepherdIn the second of our virus crisis podcasts, we hear from James Sindle of ETC and Sorcha Shepherd of Caviar.
    • Pundersons Gardens: a view from the bunker.DAVID speaks with Pundersons Gardens executive producer Thomas Viney.
    • Balls to that.Over two years after his acclaimed ‘Madness’ spot for McDonald’s, director Tony Barry returns for another playful jibe at try-hard coffee shops.
    • Ready to rumble.Dance-fighting teens may not be the first thing that comes to mind in regards to home insurance, but this amusing ad for Canadian firm Belair Direct may just forge a link.
    • Bucks tizz.Comedians Jack Whitehall and Michael Dapaah explore deepest, darkest Buckinghamshire to promote Google’s new Pixel 4 handset.


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Google Pixel
"Lost in the Countryside"
2 mins 36s
18 March 2020

Comedians Jack Whitehall and Michael Dapaah explore deepest, darkest Buckinghamshire to promote Google’s new Pixel 4 handset. The pair offer good value for money as they clamber over gates and enjoy the sights and sounds of Amersham, though it’s hardly a rigorous test of the smartphone's capabilities.

Entertainment is the name of the game here though, and Google will benefit from the well-orchestrated comedy provided by the two stars which has been excellently marshalled by director Benjamin Green

Pot Noodle
"Rock Star"
16 March 2020

Many may be getting sick of instant noodles in the near future as their Covid-19 stashes run low, but this quirky ad for Pot Noodle shows there's still fun to be had. The action sees a bloke graduate from boring old potatoes to the advertised noodle snack - something which inspires him to change his life in all sorts of exciting ways.

Director Martin Granger keeps things squarely on the silly side here, as the bloke swaps barnets with his dog, joins a metal band, and becomes a viral sensation with the exquisitely named 'Filth Magnet'. This is lovely, upbeat work which provides a much-needed laugh in these trying times.

"The Creative Journey"
16 March 2020

Tablet computer maker Wacom use flowing animation and a Jon Hopkins-inspired soundtrack to illustrate the creative process in this 90” ad. As any artist will attest, it's a process that comprises ups and downs. Lots of downs. Seen from a first-person perspective, it’s an especially turbulent flight into the unknown.

Sure enough, directing duo BAT draw viewers into a bird’s transformation from black-and-white sketch to flame-hued phoenix via an unfortunate case of birdstrike. There are some dark moments along the way as crimson ghouls pepper the screen, but the overall message is one of handheld hope.

"Princess Party (Director's Cut)"
16 March 2020

Dragons typically get a bad rap when princesses are involved. Not so in this charming Very.co.uk ad, which handily reinforces the retailer’s progressive approach to playtime.

A girl is crestfallen when she’s invited to a ‘princess party’, as she prefers the scaly, fire-breathing type. Luckily, her dad is a supportive bloke… and a demon with a sewing machine.

This works both as a knock against wasteful, single-use party costumes, and a reminder that men can also stitch, seam, and hem when the occasion arises. The fruits of his labour are a treat to behold.

Furthermore, the ad suggests there are more ways than ever for parents to support their offspring's point of view. Here be dragons, and all the better for it.

OB Management welcome Jonathan Schey.

Writer and director Jonathan Schey is the latest to join OB Management’s independent talent roster.

Together with comedian Liam Williams, Schey brought coming-of-age sitcom Ladhood to BBC Three in 2019 and is already hard at work on series two. Schey’s main passion, however, is short films.



On This Day
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"Brazil v Portugal"
28 Mar 2004
Brazil and Portugal go head to head in this entertaining romp for Nike. The two teams - both sponsored by the advertised brand - begin messing around in the tunnel ahead of kick off and, before you know it, they've taken their battle into the streets. Packed with famous players, it even features the mandatory cameo from Eric Cantona.

Ford Focus
"Can a Car?"
28 Mar 2011
Car advertising needs to do this kind of thing more often. A series of genuinely remarkable innovations are described individually in this commercial staking a claim for the Ford Focus as a bastion of pioneering technology. The delivery is dry but this allows the features themselves to shine.

Tesco F & F
"Life Stroll"
28 Mar 2012
This is a lovely way of showing off the fashions available at blue supermarket. A woman passes through a number of different scenarios creating the impression of a continuous sequence. It's fun and has been put together with a light touch that grabs the attention.

du Telecom
"The Man Sitting Next to You"
28 Mar 2017
A trip to the cinema offers ideal escapism for a couple of hours. Unfortunately, it only takes one crunch, slurp, or waft from a fellow patron to break the illusion. For anyone who's suffered such picturehouse blues, du Telecom feels your pain. Rarely has the worst of cinema etiquette looked so good as arm hairs mingle, popcorn combusts, and nachos literally swim in melted cheese.

Apple iPhone
"Fly Market"
28 Mar 2018
Apple take a stylish approach to advertising their latest iPhone X innovation - paying with your face. While we can see the potential issues with the technology, this film makes the whole process look cool as hell. A suave hipster takes his local flea market by storm, clothes and accessories flying onto him just as soon as he fancies them.

Far Cry 5
"The Sermon"
2 mins 22s
28 Mar 2018
Things haven't improved a great deal since our last visit to Far Cry 5's Hope County. The shooter's fictional chunk of Montana remains under Joseph ‘The Father' Seed's control. As this ominous trail shows, even the local constabulary haven't a prayer. Martin de Thurah's cinematic verve shows how far video game marketing has come in recent times.

"Contagious Dance Move"
28 Mar 2005
Someone ordering a Baileys sets off a chain reaction in this commercial for the disgustingly sweet and creamy girl's drink. Each person in the bar passes on an elaborate dance move to the next in a sort of Mexican wave.

"Ronaldinho Now and Then"
28 Mar 2006
Okay, this is more like it. When a bloated Eric Cantona burst into a German TV studio to reclaim the beautiful game, DAVID was unsure of this campaign. But this ad shows a surer touch. It meshes together footage of a prococious Ronaldinho with newly shot film in a similar location. Mesmerising skills.

Marks & Spencer
"Itchycoo Park"
28 Mar 2007
Twiggy has a new friend... none other than Myleene Klass, once part of Hear'Say, who won a whole new set of fans with her recent appearance in I'm A Celebrity... on ITV. And what a dream for M & S, no sooner has the wholesome beauty appeared in their ad than she announces her first pregnancy.

Sony PS3
"What Is Living?"
28 Mar 2007
The latest salvo in the 'This Is Living' campaign has a Latino man sitting in a bath and waxing lyrical about human existence. The problem with this approach is that any suggestion that we are wasting our lives if we are not sat in front of a games console is plainly misguided. This ain't living.

28 Mar 2007
There's much to admire in the simplicity of this campaign for Lurpak. This one is eulogy to bread which, according to the ad, in the hands of an expert baker tastes like life itself (which makes you wish they'd wash their hands more often, but never mind). Beautifully filmed and a good fit for the product.

Stella 4%
"24 Hours"
3 mins 53s
28 Mar 2009
Another spoof of French cinema on behalf of the Belgian lager. These carefully-crafted parodies demand an attention from the audience that they might not necessarily receive.. it seems likely that many viewers won't make it to the end.

"Ice Cream Van"
28 Mar 2010
What the...? Presumably, the significant thing here is that everybody has only cleaned half of everything but it's hard to understand what that has to with the advertised product. Advertising shouldn't be this hard to decipher.

Pizza Hut
"Max Your Chat"
28 Mar 2010
There's a nicely performed scene at the heart of this commercial for Pizza Hut which positions the chain as somewhere to heave a relaxed gossipy lunch. Establishing so much in just twenty seconds is a neat trick by scriptwriters and director alike.

Co-op Supermarkets
"Plenty More Fish In The Sea"
28 Mar 2011
This ad highlights the danger of muddling metaphors with real life. If you want to eat some fish, it's best not to use the phrase "there's plenty more fish in the sea" as your launching point. Visually engaging but a bit illogical.

Irn Bru
"Moving In"
28 Mar 2012
A young man faces up to the most intense provocation thanks to the can of Irn Bru from which he sips as he learns that his cutesy girlfriend has moved and her mother's been using his razor to shave her legs. This looks like video footage to be used as mitigating factors at a murder trial.

Marks & Spencer
"Easter Food"
28 Mar 2012
Marks & Spencer is made to look exceptionally lovely as you might expect as they make their pitch for their share of the money we'll spend on treats this Easter. Do their Hot Cross Buns look worth the extra 44p that you'll pay if you choose M & S over Aldi?

Waitrose & Partners
"Easter Gammon"
28 Mar 2012
Delia Smith explains how she likes to glaze gammon with golden syrup so she'll end up with caramelised crackling. She then covers her bets by pointing out that we might prefer other roasts instead of gammon and we get to see a beautifully roasted chicken.

"Comedy Sponsorship"
28 Mar 2012
This series of bumpers builds on the success of the advice line campaign. The two protagonists from those commercials are so enthralled by comedy on their television that they need a bit of help from their faithful to dog to keep their whistles wet.

Pepsi Max
"Crowd Surfing"
28 Mar 2012
Lionel Messi, Frank Lampard, Fernando Torres, Didier Drogba, Jack Wilshere and Sergio Aguero arrive at a gig with DJ Calvin Harris at the decks. Spying a Pepsi vending machine on the far side of the audience, the footballers take the direct route to fetch a drink.

"Curve Creator"
28 Mar 2012
Four young women model the advertised lingerie as a voiceover describes what it can do to help show off their curves. Not that these women are necessarily as much in need of assistance as the target market. It looks as though it's designed to get the attention of men rather than women.

28 Mar 2012
A couple painstakingly redecorate their children's room while the youngsters charge around like screaming lunatics. Plainly, the grown-ups are hoping for a little peace and quiet and when they wake at a civilised hour on a Saturday morning, it looks like their dream has come true.

"Football Fans"
28 Mar 2013
A nicely knowing ad for football fans everywhere. People gathering in the build-up to a big match as the atmosphere heightens; the mad last dash to the pub before kick-off; the celebrations after the final whistle - all brought together by Budweiser. There's even a chance to win match tickets... so grab yours now, as it were.

Our Gay Wedding
"The Musical"
28 Mar 2014
There was a time when Channel 4's support of minority groups set them apart from other national institutions but where they have led, others have followed - and Gay Pride's rainbow flag has even flown over 10 Downing Street to mark the advent of equal marriage. Channel 4 still has a right to claim ownership of this issue, and this trail suggests they're determined to have a bit of mischievous fun with same sex marriage.

Jose Cuervo
"The Battle for Tequila"
28 Mar 2015
One of three spots for a new campaign for the drink, this whisks us back to 1873 when a dastardly bandit ran riot through Mexico, ransacking the towns as he went. However, he hadn't reckoned on the folk of Tequila, who were determined he wasn't going to get his sticky little paws on their beloved distillery. The slick animation guides us through the battle.

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