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Latest Work
    • Christopher Gruse joins Hungry ManHungry Man have welcomed award-winning commercials director Christopher Gruse to their roster for global representation.
    • Levels of leverage.While many commercials make use of video game-style graphics to assist their narrative, few do so as poignantly as this film for The Children's Society.
    • Car talk.Toyota neatly handle hanging out at a safe physical distance without ever mentioning the word 'pandemic' in this amusing Kiwi ad.
    • The getaway.This offbeat short film arrives courtesy of co-directors Jordan Hall and John Margaritis
    • No.8’s magic for Sam Robson.Sound design whizz Sam Robson has joined No.8 as a partner and their new creative director of audio.
    • Michal Sablinski lands at Papaya Films.Polish director and self-proclaimed Zen warrior Michal Sablinski has joined Papaya’s UK wing for representation.
    • Keep on keeping on.The raw emotional heart of this film for Grief Encounter addresses the resilience of children who've lost a parent.
    • Double or nothing.This lyrical ad for the Co-op arrives as shop workers report rising abuse from customers during the coronavirus pandemic.
    • Jelly London welcome Rosanna Webster and Peter Phobia.Visual artist Rosanna Webster and illustrator Peter Phobia have joined Jelly London’s eclectic roster.
    • Love-hate relationship.This arresting film from Beats by Dre interrogates American society's love-hate relationship with Black culture.
    • A clean break.Up-and-coming singer-songwriter Rachel Chinouriri provides the soundtrack to this 60” Boots commercial.
    • Forceful messaging.This fundraising film for Parkinson's UK grabs you by the lapels and forces you to pay attention to its message about the relentlessness of the disease.
    • Crafty romance.No Channel 5 Christmas movie is as mercifully short and beautifully simple as this film for Hobby Lobby by director Rudi Schwab.
    • The joke's on me.Spare a thought for professional writers this year, says this Simon Neal-directed short film.


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Kantú Lentz heads for Hungry Man.

Hungry Man have completed the signing of Peruvian-German director Kantú Lentz for global representation.

Since the release of her debut short film in 2014, Lentz has won praise for her open-minded approach and nods to magic realism. She’s now transferred these skills to the commercial arena, with Hungry Man keen to aid her progress.


Rattling Stick unveil Owen Trevor.

Australian director Owen Trevor has emerged from lockdown as a member of Rattling Stick’s UK commercial roster.

Despite the demands of remote pitches and homeschooling three young children, Trevor remains upbeat about life in the director's chair. And joining Rattling Stick satisfies a long-held desire for the Aussie.


Short Films
"The World's Strongest Brothers"
8 mins 08s
18 November 2020

According to Invergordon resident Luke Stoltman, he and his brother Tom are “just a couple of dafties from the Highlands”. They are also two of the world’s strongest men, so the pair can afford a little self-deprecation.

Such affable moments are peppered throughout this documentary from director Pete Banks, who joins the bodybuilders as they eat, train, and recover in their hometown. Amid concrete Atlas Stones and meals that put Little Chef’s Olympic breakfast to shame, there's more to Stoltmans than meets the eye.

Younger sibling Tom, for example, is autistic, and his insights into both physical and mental strength offer a refreshing take on this misunderstood sport. Complemented by Banks's grainy visuals, the film easily justifies its eleven-minute runtime.

"Boss It (Director's Cut)"
17 November 2020

Sage ditch Peter Jones and his shoes in favour of a more character-driven approach. Thus, agency Wunderman Thompson and director Jake Dypka introduce a host of self-employed workers who perform feats of derring-do on a daily basis. Whatever their tools of the trade, they rely on the same accountancy software.

It’s a knockabout reminder of the brand’s electronic services, albeit at a time when many self-employed people face mounting uncertainty. The ad's surreal, bullish sense of humour is hard to resist, and nothing says potential economic recovery quite like a fish being filleted in mid-air.

Pete Banks lands at Kode.

London-based production company Kode have strengthened their roster with the addition of director and photographer Pete Banks.

Since hitting the circuit, Banks has shifted between moving and still-life images with ease. He eventually crossed paths with CEO Alex Harman, and it was only a matter of time before he joined Kode.



On This Day
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Dior J'Adore
"Le Parfum"
25 Nov 2012
Charlize Theron doesn't appear in the latest ad for Dior J'Adore but the commercial still bears her mark as it's her faltering voice you can hear as well as a piece of music that sounds like it might be from the soundtrack of 'Stardust'. The overall effect is a good deal more pleasing than we've come to expect from ads in this sector.

"Colliderscope - West Quay"
25 Nov 2014
This astonishingly beautiful ad displays a variety of the gifts and goodies available at Hammerson shopping centres (West Quay in this particular spot) by integrating them into an intricate mechanism powered by cogs and wheels. If you marvel at the filigree nature of its workings - the dainty scrolls and chains that drip nail varnish onto vinyl and cause billowing blue clouds to issue from teapots - that's because you should.

"Now This Is Christmas"
25 Nov 2015
You can always rely on the Aussies to come up with a straight-talking depiction of Christmas. Aldi Australia's seasonal offering begins with an innocent glance at the calendar and a reminder what December is all about. Peace and goodwill to all? Yeah, right - it's enough to make you choke on your breakfast.

Paddy Power
"Pocket Jostle"
25 Nov 2015
Paddy Power take their cheeky approach to new heights in an outing that was deemed too risqué for the telly box. The Irish bookmaker is notorious for pushing the envelope when it comes to advertising but this time they may have shoved the envelope off a cliff. To illustrate how easy it is to use their new phone App, punters are shown using them inside their trouser pockets and that - combined with an innuendo-laden VO performance - makes it look as though they are all having a crafty hand shandy.

"The Journey"
25 Nov 2015
This arresting commercial for Indian fashion retailer KOOVs doesn't stand still for a second... and is all the better for it. Cleverly highlighting the website's ability to let customers enjoy the latest trends with ease, clothes become portals to new and exciting experiences. With this slick and exciting communication, the brand invites the audience to a night out with a sci-fi twist.

1 min 35s
25 Nov 2015
This lovely ad for Samsung reminds us of the Currys PC World commercial where a dog is framed for a crime it didn't commit in the name of its owner getting a new laptop. The gag is multiplied here and it's just as amusing. This lot seem strangely relaxed about potential threats to their TV sets. In fact, they try their best to steer them towards their telly boxes.

25 Nov 2015
There was a lot of joy on Twitter last night when punters saw this cheeky film by Aldi poking fun at John Lewis's Christmas commercial. Another Film Company's Mark Denton has drawn just the right amount of fun from McCann Manchester's script and there's even time - in just 20" - for a guest appearance from Jean - the advertiser's gin-toting icon.

"You Be You"
25 Nov 2016
French footballer Paul Pogba might be the most expensive player in the world right now, but that doesn't mean everyone wants to be him. Although they do want to be in his shoes - literally. This hi-octane ad hits us with an unrelenting barrage of witty images demonstrating that while Pogba's skills, fortune and tabloid notoriety don't appeal, his Adidas boots do.

1850 Coffee
"Quality That's Criminal"
1 min 54s
25 Nov 2019
"Four filthy numbers" threaten to bring a city to its knees in this entertaining spoof of police procedurals by 1850 Coffee. As a pair of grizzled cops - both of whom have seen, heard, and smelt too much over the years - discuss a citywide caffeine hit, we catch a glimpse of some of the prime suspects… and no-one is safe from a thorough bean-grinding.

25 Nov 2007
The best yet in the Belong series for Carling beer has a small group of astronauts on the brink of gaining entry to some kind of supernatural entity when they are challenged by it because one of their number is wearing trainers. In the best tradition of what the Australians call 'mateness' the others refuse to go in without him.

The Anna Awards
"The Price Of Digital Fame And Fortune"
2 mins 30s
25 Nov 2008
This viral for The Anna Awards (which reward achievements in digital advertising) has a man in a chicken suit talking about fame and fortune. The protagonist has been afforded anonymity by the use of silhouette as though he is in a documentary about a whistle blower.

BBC News
"News On Your Mobile"
25 Nov 2008
An emotional and highly effective piece for BBC news reminds us of the impact it has on us when we first hear about a really significant piece of news. Some of the biggest events of the past fifty years are depicted including the assassination of John F Kennedy and the terrorist attacks on New York and Washington.

25 Nov 2008
For many of us, watching 'The Great Escape' on television each Christmas was as much a part of the festivities as Uncle Vince's flatulence and Aunt Vera's fondness for gin... so McDonald's may be on to something by using the iconic film as the basis for a seasonal ad for the second year running.

25 Nov 2009
Explosions of mud are made to look like fireworks in this German ad which suggests that this is the best way of celebrating the thirtieth anniversary of the advertised vehicle which is the Teutonic equivalent of the Land Rover.

J C Penney
"Return To The Doghouse"
2 mins 55s
25 Nov 2009
This American ad features another amusing look at life in "the doghouse" where men are sent for being inconsiderate to their wives. Particular focus is placed on the court proceedings where it's determined whether or not men have to stay.

J C Penney
"Beware Of The Doghouse"
4 mins 42s
25 Nov 2009
This lengthy American ad from last year renders the notion of being "in the doghouse" into a literal place where men are sent for being inconsiderate to their wives. A man who bought his wife a vacuum cleaner is introduced to the whole grim fandangle.

"Fan Vs Fan"
25 Nov 2009
The ethos of Betfair is on display in this ad which shows real football fans challenging each other to bets. DAVID isn't sure he'd want to challenge the geezer who reckons Arsenal are going to win the Premiership as he makes it look like more than money will be at stake.

The Havens
"The Line"
25 Nov 2010
This trailer directs you towards a longer film which invites viewers to ask themselves at what point an encounter between a man and a woman becomes sexual assault. It's an important message and we recommend you watch the film in full by clickinghere.

"Operation Rubbish Dad"
25 Nov 2011
'Rubbish dad' is helped out when it emerges that he's failed to buy a Christmas present for his missus. A crack team hands over perfumes, wrapping paper and Sellotape so he can handover pointless gifts even though his wife has protested that she doesn't want anything.

Gordon's Christmas Cookalong Live
"The Long Wait"
25 Nov 2011
There are plenty of spoofs of the John Lewis commercial available online so why shouldn't Channel 4 get in on the action? This ad for a cookery programme on Christmas Day has a young lad waiting impatiently to hand over his gift disappointed as he tries to deliver it.

Herbal Essences
25 Nov 2012
The advertised shampoo has long associated itself with the sounds of a woman's sexual climax. They haven't quite been doing this for forty years but the product itself has reached that grand old age and this proves a good enough excuse to ask us if we remember our first time... in a mischievously ambiguous way.

"Will The Lights Work?"
25 Nov 2012
Someone always has to do explore the hackneyed cliché about Christmas lights and this year it's Sainsbury's. Dad looks chuffed when the lights come on but it's no surprise when his triumph proves short lived. To be fair, this is a nice commercial despite the crashing obviousness of its subject matter.

Charlie Brooker's How Video Games Changed the World
"Video Games"
25 Nov 2013
Clever trail for Charlie Booker's new programme. Apparently, video games are more profitable than Alan Sugar's face or something, so this is our chance to find out how it happened. Lovely use of the primitive graphics that seemed so cutting edge when they first appeared. Charlie himself looks really rather healthy - as befits the post-Konnie Huq incarnation.

Phones 4 U
25 Nov 2013
An atypical display of generosity towards a co-worker leaves hapless Rory backed into a corner. Yes, it's those pesky freebies from Phones 4 U again; causing havoc because they're good enough to pass off as a thoughtful gift. Hannah certainly thinks so... and she thinks her luck's in.

Dolce & Gabbana
"The One"
25 Nov 2013
Matthew McConaughey and Scarlett Johannson snatch an afternoon together to visit memory lane before she has to get to the airport. It's good to see a bit of effort going into a perfume ad - we like how this assumes a back story we're not privy to (seek out the longer version for that) - even though, by its very nature, it's cheese on a stick.

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