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 "You're not an artist, Peggy. You solve problems." Don Draper.

Latest Work
    • The wheels keep turning.While few substantial positives have emerged from 2020, the compassion of communities helping those in need has been one of the bright spots in a very dark landscape.
    • Bare but hanging on.Tinned Pears' gives voice to families across the country struggling to make ends meet, for who even the very back of the cupboards are bare.
    • Cris Wiegandt heads to Friends ElectricAward-winning director and multimedia artist Cris Wiegandt has joined the Friends Electric roster for representation.
    • Ranya El-Refaey joins Vision.Up-and-coming production designer Ranya El-Refaey has joined Vision’s Emerging Artists roster.
    • The New Abnormal This striking short film from Stuart Langfield suggests a return to normal isn't the goal we should be aiming for post-Covid.
    • Visiting VocalsA second instalment of Amazon's latest campaign continues the couch-bound chaos of voice activated technology.
    • Real-Life NightmaresGreenpeace attempt to recapture the storybook magic of 2018's 'Rang-Tan' in their latest animated outing.
    • Raman Djafari joins BlinkInkBlinkink have added Hamburg-based animator and director Raman Djafari to their roster for representation.
    • Final Cut welcome Justin BrukmanJustin Brukman joins Final Cut as US Managing Director and Director of Global New Business.
    • Lives of LackPoverty is one of the greatest threats to families across the globe, and this touching film highlights the plight of those on the breadline in Romania.
    • Re(re-re-re)-windAmazon takes a cinematic approach in their latest campaign to convince consumers they're missing out on the joys of voice activated technology.
    • Things that go meow in the night.This fantastic short film for Temptations is built around a truth about cats of which many may be unaware.
    • Get ready for what exactly?It's ironic that the propaganda juggernaut should continue to roll even as it appears that actual juggernauts are likely to be stalled in the giant Brexit car park (neé Kent) as the transition phase of the UK's painful departure from the EU comes to an end on January 1.
    • Going the DistanceThis rather charming commercial for Bud Light breathes a little life into such cardboard sport supporters, as it follows one on a quest for refreshment.


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"A Life Interrupted"
2 mins 44s
19 October 2020

This affecting film for ERUK has a sting in the tail which will draw compassion from even the most tuned-out viewer. The atmospheric action takes place in Thurso, a small town in the North of Scotland, and focuses on Doug - a formerly lost young man who found his calling via surfboard.

The film is beautifully shot by director Luke Davies, who comes together with DOP David Bird to combine rugged landscapes and steely ocean shots with intimate portraits of Doug and his family. It's a contrast that speaks to the piece's wider narrative: the fragility of man in the face of nature's vast and uncaring panorama.

The twist, when it comes, is gut-wrenchingly unexpected and throws the vital nature of the charity's work into stark relief. There's no shying away from epilepsy's frightening randomness, just a reminder that research is the only way to find a cure. Kudos to Davies for not softening the blow - it's one which deserves to be felt.

Short Films
"Abe and Trump Being Frank"
19 October 2020

Let's face it, satire isn't going to hasten the end of Donald Trump. The cult-like grip he has on his supporters' minds is so tight that, as Trump himself has said, he could begin shooting people in the middle of New York City and it wouldn't loosen at all.

Those opposing Trump are equally convinced of their verdict. And who can blame them? After all, they have borne witness to his moral bankruptcy, intellectual vapidity, venal greed, blatant duplicity, horrific misogyny and obvious racism.

Both sides are baffled by the other's view and there are very few people on the fence, so it's hard to know who is going to watch this excellent piece of lampoonery and find themselves seeing Trump in a whole new light.

To put it bluntly, no one's going to change their vote on the back of this film.

But what does that matter when it's so much fun to watch? The actor playing Trump nails the failed mogul's peculiar speech pattern while the actor playing Abraham Lincoln plays his role with well-concealed contempt.

This is one of a number of entertaining films in this series and we must all hope that they exist to mark the beginning of the end of the Trump presidency rather than - God forbid - its halfway point.

Channel 4
"Together Against Hate"
3 mins 29s
19 October 2020

With public tensions at an all-time high due to Covid-19, it feels like a very fitting moment to highlight the abuse that public-facing workers are subjected to on a regular basis. This extended ad break from Channel 4 gives just a few of these workers a voice, yet speaks for a shamefully large number of people who face verbal and physical abuse while simply doing their jobs.

From call centre staff berated over the phone with threats to shop workers physically attacked by irate customers, this campaign provides a stark reminder that such incidents are, unfortunately, not isolated. And that the seemingly endless pandemic is only making things worse.

It's a canny move to have the featured workers discuss what they love about their job while threat visually creeps in around them, making it clear that tolerating such mistreatment should never be an accepted part of day-to-day life. This is a compassionate campaign at a time when empathy seems in short supply - one which may cool frustrated heads at a critical moment.

Dog Eat Dog sign Marc Bethke

Dog Eat Dog have added noted car director Marc Bethke to their UK roster.

The German's love of film was sparked at an early age, as he immersed himself in life on-set and worked all manner of internships and AD roles to build up his skills. A filmmaking degree in Los Angeles followed and the rest, as they say, is history.


"I Move Me"
16 October 2020

This nifty piece of work for Asics emphasises the importance of mind over matter. Nimbly shot by director Fabio Jansen, the film offers an insight into the mental and physical fortitude it takes to keep moving even when one's resources are all but depleted.

While the long-running campaign's plans for a global virtual marathon throughout 2020 were, er, somewhat scuppered by current events, it's clear from this punchy commercial that it's going to take more than a pandemic to keep these committed athletes down.

Kinetic visuals and moody lighting are complemented by a dynamic soundtrack, which is enough to increase even the most committed couch potato's heart rate. Just the kind of energy we need to get us through to 2021, even if we end up crossing the finish line with a limp.


On This Day
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"Number One"
27 Oct 2009
This Audi ad from 1995 is one of DAVID's favourite commercials of all time. Created by Bartle Bogle Hegarty and directed by the great Frank Budgen, It features a young man explaining his life philosophy as he drives the advertised car. Initially, it looks like a huge own goal but have faith, ad watchers, have faith.

"Cross Country"
27 Oct 2011
This lovely Australian ad from Nice Shirt's Sean Meehan beautifully illustrates its claim that the car provides luxury to which you'll become accustomed. A couple's swift exit from a hotel is something of a mystery until we discover their devious secret.

"Michael Bublé"
27 Oct 2012
This impressive commercial for O2 highlighting their customers' ability to be first in the queue for Michael Bublé tickets shows the young crooner making his way to the stage in the smoothest way imaginable. It's a nicely measured blend of bombast and tongue-in-cheek humour.

Bicester Village
"DJ, Mixologist, Poet"
27 Oct 2015
Building on their amusing bid to combat style overkill, Bicester Village introduce us to a fashion victim even more pretentious and affected than the last and this follow-up is all the more entertaining for it. The resolutely deadpan style is an acquired taste, but it's the ideal mode for this lampoon of those for whom leaving the house wearing the wrong belt buckle is a fate worse than death.

The North Face
"Never Stop _____"
27 Oct 2015
The North Face are on a global mission as the outdoor clothing label aims to promote their mantra of endless exploration to more audiences than ever before. Thanks to this attractive worldwide ad, they may prompt a few more impromptu expeditions. From a little girl letting curiosity be her guide in a museum to mountains conquered via ice and snow, the brand celebrates those who give life their all - be it for work or for play.

Mount Franklin
"The Nation's Hydration"
27 Oct 2015
Grabbing a bottle of water in drier-than-dry Australia makes perfect sense, but Mount Franklin are keen to inform us that it's also a matter of national pride. Luckily, they have H2O's most debonair spokesman on hand. Strolling through the Outback in his appropriately aqua suit, he explains just how precious water is to the average, thirst-challenged Aussie.

Tripl Stitched
27 Oct 2016
This lovingly-crafted film for Tripl Stitched reveals how much effort goes into producing one shirt button. Turns out it requires some solid graft and a mean pickaxe. Nexus's Jack Cunningham reminds us how rewarding stop-motion animation can be as his silent buttonmaker lets his work speak for itself.

NHS Blood and Transplant
1 min 40s
27 Oct 2016
Created by MullenLowe and directed by Rohan Blair-Mangat, this promo features grime artist Lady Leshurr, Olympic boxer Nicola Adams, TV presenter Ade Adepitan, and MP Chuka Umunna. Lady Leshurr raps about the potential and achievements of British black and Asian people at her verbose best, but the tone of the music changes when she points out that they make up only 3% of blood donors.

Royal British Legion
"Rethink Remembrance: Roy"
27 Oct 2016
The Royal British Legion urge us to rethink remembrance this November, starting with this emotional campaign to shift public perception of what veterans of combat look like. The film begins with a familiar premise: an elderly WWII veteran proudly wearing his medals and relating his experiences of combat and the horrific consequences of war... except this time they're the words of a much younger man.

"i Mode"
27 Oct 2005
A series of disconnected statements are set against a number of visual sequences with a constant recurrence of a circle (presumably representing the 'O' of O2) all to illustrate a new service called I Mode that enables this service provider's customers to use the internet.

"CO2: Working Kids"
27 Oct 2008
Children do their bit for the environment in this Belgian ad. It neatly draws our attention to the true beneficiary of our efforts to protect the planet... as the old expression goes, we don't inherit the world from our parents, we borrow it from our children. It's all very attractive and persuasive.

"Electric Revolution"
27 Oct 2009
A charming trail for a season of programmes on BBC 4 dedicated to technology shows some of the gadgets that have passed through our lives in the last half century. The Shirelles classic Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow? sounds a plaintive note.

27 Oct 2009
According to this American ad, the advertised car is the "world's first" in twelve separate categories. It sits aboard a giant turntable as some of these are described (we can only assume that the unmentioned achievements are incredibly trivial).

"Google Maps"
27 Oct 2009
This cute but functional ad for HP shows us how technology is increasingly merging in marvellous ways. Apparently, you can hook this printer to the internet and output a Google Map which will help you get to your destination.

PG Tips
"The Nation's Favourite"
27 Oct 2009
Monkey and Big Al are back. Monkey announces the news that PG Tips is now the nation's favourite tea. It must be great to be allowed to make an ad like this as it's obviously a huge pat on the back for the agency that gets to make the commercial.

Food Standards Agency
"Family Supercooks Sponsorship"
27 Oct 2009
This series of amusing bumpers advertise the Food Standard Agency's sponsorship of a programme called Family Supercooks. Health advice is doled out by the food itself thanks to mouths which have been superimposed on them using clever wizradry.

27 Oct 2010
Something fiery is going on in the North-West according to this stylish trail for the Channel 4 soap. CGI fire can look quite wrong but it's been used beautifully here and is ably backed by the choice of soundtrack.

"All Year Bikes"
27 Oct 2011
A little girl's thrill at receiving a bike for Christmas becomes a scream that lasts the whole year in this excellent ad for Halfords. It's well timed for the gift-giving season is almost upon us and no doubt many children will have bike-shaped lumps under their Christmas tree.

Agent Provocateur
"Fleurs Du Mal"
2 mins 07s
27 Oct 2011
There are hints of bondage and lesbianism in this provocative piece for the aptly named lingerie company. A straight-laced woman has her senses challenged by a series of leather-clad beauties with a strangely cold seduction technique.

Bell's Whisky
"Tumbler Orchestra"
27 Oct 2011
An orchestra is formed using glasses containing various measures of the advertised whisky. The musicians manage to play the theme music from Beverly Hills Cop and we can only assume that the precision of their rendition is only made possible by the fineness of Bell's

Costa Coffee
"The Public Join In"
27 Oct 2012
So the public have sent in clips of themselves singing "I Was Made For Lovin' You Baby" by KISS and these have been compiled into a television commercial. The resulting dogs dinner looks designed to completely undermine the positive impact of the unusual ad which showed baristas up to their necks in coffee beans.

Cow & Gate
27 Oct 2012
This compilation of infant behaviour has been beautifully photographed and represents an excellent follow-up to the ad that had youngsters messing around in a recording studio. Not quite sure about the first words spoken though... are they suggesting that when they put mobile phones and hoses into their mouths, children are seeking "vitamin D and iron"?

Mercury Prize
"Twelve Acts"
27 Oct 2012
This stylish trail for the forthcoming Mercury Prize awards on Channel 4 uses some elegant iconography to draw attention to the news that all twelve of those nominated will perform on the night and that Nick Grimshaw - late of their parish - will return to the fold from his Radio 1 Breakfast slot to co-present.

Don't Cook Just Eat
"Recipe Books"
27 Oct 2012
Mr Mozzarella, AKA "The Mozz", Mr Basmati, Mr Sweet and Mr Sour, Mr T-Bone, Mr Sashimi and Mr Halloumi are in a forest pulping recipe books in the latest instalment in a tongue-in-cheek campaign seeking to persuade punters that it's more sensible to order takeaway food than to cook their own meals.

Microsoft Windows
27 Oct 2012
Two years and eight months after Apple launched the iPad, a new tablet using Microsoft's latest operating system has been launched. It actually looks pretty good and when it's combined with the neat-looking keyboard it looks like it could give the existing devices a run for their money but isn't it about eighteen months too late?

On This Day
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