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 "You're not an artist, Peggy. You solve problems." Don Draper.

    • Jetpacks Go! to Fresh FilmBrooklyn-based collective Jetpacks Go! have signed with Fresh Film for global representation.
    • Hollywood on hold.Warburtons tackle video calls with relish in this entertaining ad with a surprising celebrity cameo.
    • Giulia Mucci signs with COMPULSORY.Italian horrorphile Giulia Mucci has joined the talented roster at COMPULSORY for representation.
    • Campaigning journalism.One of three New York Times--esque commercials celebrating the 200th birthday of The Guardian,
    • Mile after mile.Asics reach out to those who have embraced solo exercise in this contemplative commercial.
    • Dumas Haddad is AgileAgile Films have signed director Dumas Haddad to their roster for commercials and music promos.
    • Stink Rising get LOOSE.Whip-smart director LOOSE has joined Stink Rising for immediate representation.
    • One and done.Dutch director Fons Schiedon attempts to shift the conversation around climate change with this snappy outing for Concern.
    • Thomas Bird joins Vision Artists.London-based production designer Thomas Bird has joined the dexterous team at Vision Artists.
    • Processed beets.The war against lockdown boredom takes an unexpected turn in this seven-minute documentary-cum-music promo for Subway.


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Giulia Mucci signs with COMPULSORY.

Italian horrorphile Giulia Mucci has joined the talented roster at COMPULSORY for representation.

A disciple of Nobuhiko Obayashi, Peter Greenaway, and Dario Argento, Mucci studied Fashion Communication at Central Saint Martins before deciding to "spill some blood on haute couture". This attitude piqued COMPULSORY's interest straight away.


The Guardian
6 May 2021

One of three New York Times--esque commercials celebrating the two hundredth birthday of The Guardian, this execution is a slideshow of imagery showing how far we have come when it comes to 'equality'… while, dispiritingly, reminding us how far we still have to go.

Newspapers botched the move from newsprint to online and they have paid a heavy financial price for it, and The Guardian has only managed to survive thanks to the deep pockets of The Scott Trust. But, despite its depleted resources, the newspaper remains both culturally significant, and a provider of massive news stories.

Astutely chosen images reflect the history of a newspaper which has almost always been on the right side of the argument… especially when it comes to equality. Heaven only knows what form The Guardian will take another two hundred years, but we certainly wouldn't bet against it still being around.

6 May 2021

Solo exercise has, for some, been a necessary evil during the pandemic, while others have embraced the meditative nature of communing solo with the world around them. Asics reach out to the latter in this contemplative commercial, which follows a series of runners as they wake up early to put the miles in.

Sam Robson's sound design is on point here, as the distinctive slap of running shoes on different kinds of road enhances the flashes of each runner's environment. Whether navigating dimly-lit city streets or snowy woodland, their dedication shines through. A reflective and well-considered love letter to the sport from director Molly Burdett and co.

Dumas Haddad is Agile

Agile Films have signed London-based director Dumas Haddad to their roster for commercials and music promos.

Known for his detail-oriented and culturally resonant work that questions the status quo, Haddad has made a name for himself shooting tactile films for major fashion brands. Enthralling music videos for the likes of grime star Ghetts and rising talent Priya Ragu also litter his reel, proving Agile's new man can turn his talent to any project.


Stink Rising get LOOSE.

Whip-smart director LOOSE has joined Stink Rising for immediate representation.

Once a producer on BBC Radio 1 and BBC Radio 1Xtra, LOOSE is used to working with big personalities and emerging talent. However, directing means she can engage with artists on a whole other level.

It's allowed her to develop a fruitful relationship with Trinidad-born, London-based singer and rapper Berwyn, shooting promos for '017 Freestyle', '100,000,000', and 'I'd Rather Die Than Be Deported'. The latter—shot in one take over the Dartford Crossing—is her official Stink Rising debut.



Five Star Work
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"It Can Wait"
7 May 2021
While many corners of adland have tried to adapt to our newly tech-reliant world (with varying degrees of success), great gags about video calls and Zoom meetings have been few and far between. Warburtons change that with this excellent piece of work, which has chairman Jonathan Warburton demonstrate that his priorities are firmly in order.

"Born This Way"
2 mins 15s
4 May 2021
Personal care brand Lux throw their weight behind unfairly-blacklisted athlete Caster Semenya with this animated outing. While controversy around transgender athletes is the latest straw man taking a beating from conservatives in the USA, Olympic gold-medalist Semenya is being banned from competition for her naturally high testosterone levels.

"The Uncomfortable Truth"
4 May 2021
Durex strike a cheeky tone in this latest instalment of their quest to get Britain shagging better. It picks up where 2019's female-focused campaign left off, centring on empowered women who reckon that when it comes to bumping uglies, wetter is better. A jaunty soundtrack adds to the piece's light-hearted tone, as director Alicia MacDonald takes a down-to-earth look at the realities of sex.

"Bring Back You"
2 mins
30 Apr 2021
With international travel once again on the horizon in the wake of Covid-19, UAE-based travel app Tajawal encourages users to shake off their routine-induced ennui with a trip to exotic climbs. The unexpected protagonist of this intriguing short film on the matter is a mandrill monkey—one who's lost his wildness to the corporate world's relentless grind.

"Get Kitted Out"
27 Apr 2021
Directing duo Ben Mallaby and Rachel Stubbings aka BARBARA helm this amusing piece of work for shopping centre owners Landsec. What used to be a straightforward trip to the shops now requires vital equipment (face mask, hand gel, a two-metre barge pole) and discipline—the kind only battle-hardened mums can instill.

29 Apr 2021
This is a commercial which asks the viewer to rethink the brand it advertises… it is – at least according to this winning film – a virtual travel companion ready to step in when ever needed to enhance the experiences of someone in unfamiliar territory. It's a knowing exaggeration of what Expedia can really deliver, so the humour plays a vital role in acknowledging that we're not supposed to take this representation of the advertised service too seriously.

Wrigley's Extra
"For When It's Time"
29 Apr 2021
Now many of us have become accustomed to life indoors, the prospect of leaving quarantine looms large. Getting back to mates, dates, and meetings which don't take place through a screen can feel overwhelming, but this upbeat ad for Wrigley's Extra reckons a well-timed stick of gum can ease the way to normality.

Formula E
"Change. Accelerated."
29 Apr 2021
Science fiction doyen Arthur C. Clarke narrates this beautifully crafted promo for the new Formula E season. Directed by Marcus Söderlund, the film starts with one of Clarke’s most famous quotations: "Trying to predict the future is a discouraging and hazardous occupation". Meanwhile, something equally momentous draws attention from people around the globe.

"Goodness from Grit"
4 mins 30s
26 Apr 2021
It's a proper challenge to persuade an audience to stay with a piece of advertising which lasts for four and half minutes because – statistically speaking – such a piece of work would typically be four minutes too long. Not so here. Director Nick Ball brings his customary energy and humour to tell an epic story which – to be fair – is worth telling.

2 mins 50s
27 Apr 2021
Parents who were introduced to the struggles of home-schooling during lockdown will be particularly gripped by this visceral film from UNICEF, which addresses the barriers preventing children all over the world from accessing education. Yet there are far greater threats at play than a dodgy Wi-Fi signal.

"Midnight Ramadan League"
23 Apr 2021
Leicester City midfielder Hamza Choudhury stars in this 60" commercial from EA Sports—the latest Channel 4 Diversity In Advertising Award winner. Keen to salute those who juggle religion with football, the brand highlight Birmingham's Midnight Ramadan League.

"With a Little Love"
22 Apr 2021
The tricky business of making a new place feel like home takes centre stage in this touching Australian ad for Google. Shot by director Patrick Fileti, it focuses on a father who encourages his daughter's burgeoning passion for Australian rules football. The action is tenderly drawn, with the father's love always at the fore as he muddles his way through unfamiliar sporting territory

Amazon Echo
21 Apr 2021
Amazon's latest historically-minded Alexa campaign transports viewers back to the Roman Empire. While previous ads have explored classical French opera and dragon-rich worlds a la Game of Thrones, this instalment plonks the audience - and polo-shirted protagonist - firmly in 79AD during the destruction of Pompeii.

Taylors of Harrogate
20 Apr 2021
Most of us spend our lives in pursuit of a shockingly small number of things: a family to love, a place to live, and financial stability. Taylors of Harrogate imagine a world in which acquiring those things is as simple as snapping one's fingers - bringing the old adage 'if you don't ask, you don't get' to its logical conclusion.

"#crispIN or #crispOUT"
18 Apr 2021
Walkers reignite an age-old debate with their latest campaign, prompting customers to take a stand on whether they prefer their sandwiches with or without a crunchy element. Crisp butties are either a staple food or an unthinkable culinary sin according to this ad, which sees folks from all walks of life stating their position with great vehemence.

ACC New Zealand
"Have a Hmm"
15 Apr 2021
Insurers ACC New Zealand encourage people to look before they leap in this engaging commercial. Focused on a young daredevil eager to prove his mettle by leaping from a great height, the ad muses on what the consequences may be if his moment in the spotlight goes wrong.desperate need of a wingman a particular standout.

Saudi Telecom
15 Apr 2021
Easy access to high-speed internet could free up enough time to cause a fracas. At least, that's according to this spirited commercial for Saudi Telecom, which touts the simplicity with which one can connect to their 5G network anywhere - even isolated in the middle of a desert. In a post-lockdown world, the prospect might appeal to more modern-day hermits than we'd expect.

"The Marine"
14 Apr 2021
A bloke discovers his family's military history and immediately regrets it in this amusing, mischievous piece of work for Find My Past. The genealogy website boasts exemplary access to British army records, and encourages the public to seek out their forgotten relatives of yore... cuckolded consequences be damned.

"The Journey"
1 min 40s
13 Apr 2021
While the Tokyo Olympics organising committee bid to make the 2020 Games as safe and, erm, git-free as possible, this pacy commercial from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) reacquaints viewers with the nascent refugees team. Argentine directing trio PANTERA depict one woman's escape from an unnamed warzone.

"The Journey"
13 Apr 2021
This beautiful film by Seb Edwards uses the sheer quality of the director's work to underline the idea that Aviva are a serious financial company who won't let you down when it matters. It follows a woman who is inspired by a vision of children playing in an idyllic Scottish landscape, as she sets about making her dreams come true.

Ronald McDonald House Charities
"Family Is Medicine (Director's Cut)"
2 mins
12 Apr 2021
Charlotte Regan directs this stirring piece of work for Ronald McDonald House Charities Canada that underlines the importance of family in a sick child's recovery. As a boy and his family enter their accomodation late at night, we realise they’re in it for the long haul. The reality of extended care is well-handled

9 Apr 2021
The success of WandaVision and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier on Disney Plus must have brands itching for a piece of Marvel action. Sure enough, Chinese smartphone maker Oppo enter the fray with this nimble commercial directed by Nick Bartleet. What it lacks in character development, it makes up

2 mins
8 Apr 2021
A chirpy bloke named Bjorn fronts this safety-conscious ad for Volvo. Touting the marque's long history of putting driver and passenger welfare above all else, the film follows its host on a tour of the aptly named Safety Centre, where creative tests take place in order to put each new vehicle through its paces before it hits the road.

"Breakfast Done Properly"
8 Apr 2021
This handsomely shot McDonald's commercial portrays breakfast with reverence. Bathed in light as they tuck into McMuffins, hash browns, bacon rolls, and more, each cast member savours their respective happy places. One diner even breaks the fourth wall as she slots a hash brown into her Egg McMuffin and says: "We all do it".

7 Apr 2021
The world's most laid-back hula-hooper stars in this entertaining commercial for Lucozade. Ini Kamoze's dancehall classic 'Here Comes The Hotstepper' provides a fittingly rhythmic soundtrack to the bloke's shopping trip with a twist, as his ever-moving hoop and casual attitude draw curious attention from passers-by. Well, it's one way to keep cardio fun.

Five Star Work
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