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Latest Work
    • Make Christmas great again.The Norwegian postal service depict a Santa with a unique take on Christmas giving in this amusing festive ad.
    • Ring 'n' sing.This timely documentary from director Liam Saint-Pierre focuses on Michael Chilokoa - a volunteer who offers a lifeline to lonely and vulnerable people.
    • Kiwi surprise.This crafty piece of work aims to prove how light Allbirds trainers are through, er, advanced scientific techniques.
    • Christopher Gruse joins Hungry ManHungry Man have welcomed award-winning commercials director Christopher Gruse to their roster for global representation.
    • Levels of leverage.While many commercials make use of video game-style graphics to assist their narrative, few do so as poignantly as this film for The Children's Society.
    • Car talk.Toyota neatly handle hanging out at a safe physical distance without ever mentioning the word 'pandemic' in this amusing Kiwi ad.
    • The getaway.This offbeat short film arrives courtesy of co-directors Jordan Hall and John Margaritis
    • No.8’s magic for Sam Robson.Sound design whizz Sam Robson has joined No.8 as a partner and their new creative director of audio.
    • Michal Sablinski lands at Papaya Films.Polish director and self-proclaimed Zen warrior Michal Sablinski has joined Papaya’s UK wing for representation.
    • Keep on keeping on.The raw emotional heart of this film for Grief Encounter addresses the resilience of children who've lost a parent.
    • Double or nothing.This lyrical ad for the Co-op arrives as shop workers report rising abuse from customers during the coronavirus pandemic.
    • Jelly London welcome Rosanna Webster and Peter Phobia.Visual artist Rosanna Webster and illustrator Peter Phobia have joined Jelly London’s eclectic roster.
    • Love-hate relationship.This arresting film from Beats by Dre interrogates American society's love-hate relationship with Black culture.
    • A clean break.Up-and-coming singer-songwriter Rachel Chinouriri provides the soundtrack to this 60” Boots commercial.


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"Tread Lighter"
25 November 2020

This crafty piece of work aims to prove how light Allbirds trainers are through advanced scientific techniques—namely, combining balloons, string, and some leaf blowers. Who needs the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, eh?

Such antics evoke agency Uncommon’s previous work for Ecover, which slowly revealed Professor Green sitting on a washing machine. However, this 40" outing uses a jazzy soundtrack and barncrashing sheep to shake up the formula.

The latter is a wry nod to the brand’s New Zealand origins, as well as the materials used in the advertised product. Clean, charming, and focused, this is a balloon flight above other half-hearted Christmas sales plugs.

Christopher Gruse joins Hungry Man

Hungry Man have welcomed award-winning commercials director Christopher Gruse to their roster for global representation.

Rather than learning his craft at film school, Gruse came to the filmmaking world via a love of books, music, and cinema. Directing was a convenient way to combine this passion for visual media and deep love of storytelling, and he's become well known for his ability to combine sound design, considered aesthetics, and passionate narrative into one polished outcome.


The Children's Society
"Fighting for Hope"
25 November 2020

While many commercials make use of video game-style graphics to assist their narrative, few do so as poignantly as this film for The Children's Society. The piece follows a young boy as his hope swells or depletes according to his circumstances - health bar increasing when he can see a way out of his current situation, and leading to misguided choices when it swings the other way.

It's a deftly observed look at how young people can become caught in spirals of criminal behaviour - how poor home environments or neglect can leave them vulnerable to manipulation. Director Charlotte Regan has done a great job here, inspiring empathy for the young protagonist without over-egging his emotional state. Food for thought as lengthening lockdowns put pressure on families across the nation.

"Unbreakable Bond"
25 November 2020

Toyota neatly handle hanging out at a safe physical distance without ever mentioning the word 'pandemic' in this amusing Kiwi ad. Bound partly by their shared love of powerful trucks and rugged terrain, a diverse collection of mates happen upon each other by the roadside and decide to stop for what turns into quite the extended chat.

There's a lovely pace to Damien Shatford's film, as snippets of conversation are permitted to flow throughout the 90" runtime without ever feeling pressured. Combined with a typically laid-back antipodean sense of humour and some fun performances (the bearded old bloke speculating about his own star sign is a particular standout), it's a charming addition to the brand's canon.

New York Sunshine
"Repent or Perish"
3 mins 58s
25 November 2020

This offbeat short film arrives courtesy of co-directors Jordan Hall and John Margaritis, who somehow combine ‘Grand Theft Auto’ with DIY self-care. What begins as a run-of-the-mill car theft morphs into an oddly moving tale of escapism... and not just from a presumably pissed-off garage owner.

Initially shot like a gritty crime thriller, the film turns bright, airy, and almost soothing once the protagonist reaches the ocean. It’s here where the criminal indulges in an unusual hobby—albeit one recognisable to anyone who's felt like Steve McQueen in 'The Great Escape' recently. Who knows, it may even have a shot at appearing at the next Olympics if social distancing dictates.


On This Day
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Sony PlayStation
27 Nov 2005
The new Playstation Portable is launched with an impressive ad in which a red sculpture surprises gallery visitors by leaping off its pedestal and charging into the street where it leaps aboard cars and trains before being shattered against the wall of a tunnel.

Helen Bamber Foundation
"Torture By Any Other Name"
27 Nov 2007
Emma Thompson in a quite stunning film for the Helen Bamber Foundation reminds us that each victim of sex trafficking is a real human being. The actress shows remarkable dedication to the cause in surrendering all her dignity in a graphic depiction of what these women are put through.

"The Cautionary Tale of Ebenezer Snoop "
4 mins 20s
27 Nov 2012
This lengthy online film for Adidas is based on Charles Dickens's A Christmas Carol and features Snoop Dogg as Ebenezer Scrooge. The main part of the action is animated and unfortunately the voice performances really aren't up to scratch and you're lefting feeling that Adidas could have invested their money more wisely.

30 Mar 2015
This sensational film for Sony juxtaposes footage of a boxer climbing into the ring with the sound of a drummer talking about his art and playing his kit. The two come together brilliantly largely thanks to the superb editing of Matt Felstead who rightly picked up a Gold Arrow at the Craft Awards in the autumn.

"Awkward Elves"
27 Nov 2016
Goodwill to one's fellow elf doesn't go entirely to plan in this well-performed ad for Bulldog. Two of Santa's hard-working employees discuss their love of Christmas. One of them wonders why elves don't give presents to each other. Safe to say his mate has never given it much thought. Sure enough though, the generous one has a surprise in store.

H & M
"Come Together"
3 mins 52s
27 Nov 2016
There are few directors whose style is as distinctive as Wes Anderson and no self-respecting movie fan could look at this without immediately recognising it as his work. All of Anderson's familiar trickery has been deployed but don't let that fool you into thinking a square peg has been lodged into a round hole - the effect is entirely on point and is directed towards creating an utterly charming Christmas commercial.

"Above The Noise"
4 mins 30s
27 Nov 2017
Michael K Williams tells a weighty bedtime story in this Beats commercial. When a little girl struggles to doze off, Williams tells her to ignore the noise. Easier said than done when the global volume keeps rising. At four-and-a-half minutes long, Terence Neale's film rewards patient viewers. A charged communication from a brand keen to endorse progressive, well, beats.

New Zealand Police
"Recruitment Video"
3 mins
27 Nov 2017
This unconventional film for the New Zealand Police has been dubbed the 'most entertaining recruitment video ever' by several outlets - and we can see why. Featuring over seventy real police officers, sniffer dogs and cats, a helicopter, and numerous stunts, the film has captured attention with its very Kiwi sense of humour.

"Share Your Gifts"
2 mins 44s
27 Nov 2018
A girl learns to embrace her creativity in this sumptuous animation from Apple, though strap yourself in, folks - it's another Christmas epic. At just shy of three-minutes long, there is plenty of time to admire the film's characterful visuals and wintry vibe as the protagonist hides her ideas from the world.

27 Nov 2018
As pressure mounts on gambling firms to reduce their on-screen presence, this compelling ad for GambleAware draws attention to football's increasingly dubious relationship with both on and offline betting. Like a mash-up between the beautiful game and The Twilight Zone, kickabouts and five-a-side matches across the nation are hit by a mysterious ball shortage.

"Tree Meeting"
27 Nov 2018
How far would you go to say hello to your shoes? That's the premise of this amusing ad for eco-friendly shoe brand Allbirds, wherein a woman absconds from the dentist's chair and embarks on a globetrotting odyssey. Whilst other parties may encourage such aberrant behaviour, the San Francisco start-up's spokesman is at a loss.

"Oscar the Grouch"
2 mins 33s
27 Nov 2019
The Muppets have been getting a new lease of life in the ad world recently, and this time it's their grumpiest member's turn to shine. A passing art connaisseur catapults Oscar the Grouch and his beloved piles of trash into the mainstream with a few brief clicks, letting a page from the advertised website builder do the talking for him.

Kronenbourg 1664
"1664 Overture"
27 Nov 2004
Continuing the theme established in last wek's ad that 1664 was a bad year for everything else besides beer because of its distracting qualities we hear the few chords that comprise a symphony written that year. It seems the composer disappeared down the pub before he could complete it.

27 Nov 2005
This ad for MasterCard strikes the right kind of sentimental note at Christmas time as a pair of oldies gear up for a special festive season - the first to be attended by their first grandchild. Awww, sweet.

"Beach Fun"
27 Nov 2006
A group of youngsters lark about on the beach capturing their fun with a Canon camera and immediately outputting their pics on a Selphy printer. Some of the photos are especially inventive and the effect of the ad is to make you want to emulate their creativity.

The Famous Grouse
"Perfectly Composed"
27 Nov 2006
Such is the force of the storm faced by the intrepid grouse in this commercial that even a stag is unable to withstand it and we see the said animal (possibly representing a rival whisky brand) rolling past. Recent weather in Scotland leads DAVID to believe that this ad was shot on location in Glasgow.

The Famous Grouse
"Beautifully Balanced"
27 Nov 2006
The famous grouse looks so chuffed with himself as he manages to balance on the front of an old-fashioned motor car in the place where one might expect to find a small figurine. He might in fact be a bit of a hazard to the driver there but you have to love the look to camera offered by the cheeky bird.

Scottish Power
"Energy Saving Light Bulb"
27 Nov 2006
Nicely animated ad has a hairdryer (looking a bit like a mutant clanger) complimenting a bedside lamp on her new energy saving light bulb which she says is a perfect fit. Tom the radiator isn't quite so positive, wouldn't you just know it. Do you think he's hot and bothered? Do you? Do you?

27 Nov 2006
Another edgy commercial for WKD has one of a pair of lads who are doing some decorating performing a robotic dance (à la Peter Crouch) as he heads across the room to hand a power drill to his mate. Don't try this after a crate of WKD if you know what's good for you.

"Predator V F50"
27 Nov 2006
The launch of a new campaign for 2007 which sees Adidas positing two differeent philosphies of footbal against each other. Luckily, Adidas claim to have the ideal footwear for both - the Predator for those who favour teamwork and precision; the F50 for those who favour flair and speed.

"Carnival Float"
27 Nov 2007
Amusing Argentine ad has a man who buys a carnival float because he wants a fun vehicle. Soon he realises that he may have over-estimated how much fun it would be and under-estimated how much trouble it would be and he swaps it for a Ford 4 x 4 instead. Don't be seduced by all the fancy bells and whistles.

Marks & Spencer
"Also Wouldn't Be Christmas Without..."
27 Nov 2009
M & S's seasonal campaign continues with the usual suspects identifying the little morsels of food they associate with the big event. Stephen Fry doesn't feel his Christmas would be complete without fizz, frivolity and finger food which suggests a bit of an 'F' theme.

JP Nataf
"Tell Me How"
3 mins 50s
27 Nov 2009
This charming pop promo for French singer-songwriter JP Nataf features a strange looking creature leaving home and hitting the road mixed with footage of Nataf performing the song in the studio. Eventually the two join up and become a Gallic Flat Eric and Angel.

"It's The Little Things"
27 Nov 2011
Little gestures provoke touching responses in this charming ad for Vodafone from Ireland. The vignettes are nicely compiled and the absurdity of a huge tax-avoiding corporation trying to take ownership of acts of largesse barely registers.

27 Nov 2012
A postman diligently delivers all the special packages at Christmas time. Each is gratefully received in an attractive sequence designed to remind us that this season is about bringing people together and postmen have a key role to play. This fellow then receives his reward - a food offering in its own little box.

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