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 "You're not an artist, Peggy. You solve problems." Don Draper.

Latest Work
    • Hell for leather.This diverting Czech ad offers an insight into wartime survival, with car manufacturer Aero under threat from both Hitler and Stalin at various points.
    • Tales of us.To say this three-minute Bodyform ad is a force of nature would be an understatement.
    • City LovingThis unexpectedly touching film features New Yorkers sharing their thoughts on the downsides of living in one of the world's busiest cities.
    • Characters and CreationVogue continue their Pride series with this bold and beautiful film which explores the intersection of disability and drag.
    • P.O.B. joins Darling Films.Darling Films have completed the signing of Irish filmmaker P.O.B. for representation in the UK.
    • The Visionaries laugh it up with Justin Reardon.Seasoned comedy director Justin Reardon says only the birth of his children trumps joining The Visionaries for UK freelance representation.
    • I've finished so I'll start.Coral highlight one of sport's early Covid-19 comeback stories: horse racing.
    • The Hidden PeopleThere's a charming sense of magical realism in this short film, directed by (and starring) Mark Jenkinson.
    • Viva la Villa.Premier League sponsors Barclays wish to ease at least one Aston Villa fan’s suffering this season.
    • Online and in form.BT have launched ‘Digital Dash’ - a free mobile game that combines athletics with digital skills training.
    • Where's your costume?This short film gives new meaning to the phrase ‘all dressed up and nowhere to go’.
    • Graceful Under PressureThis affecting short film for Vogue focuses on the brutal struggles and beautiful triumphs of the trans art community in one of Brazil's deadliest favelas.
    • Video nasty.This super piece of work for the National Centre for Domestic Violence turns user-generated content into something sinister.


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"Drag Syndrome"
6 mins 33s
2 July 2020

Vogue continue their Pride series with this fascinating film which explores the intersection of disability and drag. Director Jess Kohl takes a documentary approach as she profiles Drag Syndrome - an artistic collective of drag kings and queens who happen to have Down's syndrome.

One key aspect of this film is that it directly debunks two significant myths: a) that LGBT culture is somehow inherently 'adult' and sexualised and b) that disabled people must be sheltered from such things. The members of Drag Syndrome are unfailingly articulate as they explain their artistic approaches, touching on sexuality, aesthetics, and character creation.

As it shines a light on a little-explored corner of the LGBT community, this film offers a heartening reminder of how liberating and life-changing authentic self-expression can be. It's a bold and beautiful reminder that there's room for everyone under the rainbow - all without a hint of 'inspiration porn'.

P.O.B. joins Darling Films.

Darling Films have completed the signing of Irish filmmaker P.O.B. for representation in the UK.

P.O.B. - also known as Peter O’Brien - studied sound design at Dublin’s Institute of Art, Design, and Technology before stepping behind the camera with Motherland and Event Junkies.


The Visionaries laugh it up with Justin Reardon.

Seasoned comedy director Justin Reardon says only the birth of his children trumps joining The Visionaries for UK freelance representation.

All jokes aside, the New Jersey native explains: “As the industry finds its footing in our new normal, I think this partnership with Corin West and The Visionaries makes a lot of sense”.


"At the Races"
1 July 2020

With more professional sports preparing to resume as the country eases out of lockdown, Coral highlight one of the early comeback stories: horse racing. This canny 60” film measures anticipation at different points during a race, working backwards from the elation of a winning bet to the anticipation under starter's orders.

Like February’s ‘Fail to Finish’ ad, director Jack Driscoll delivers a handsome spin on the ‘it’s the journey, not the destination’ meme. Judicious use of mist and mud splatter create an almost mythical atmosphere, with shots of pre-lockdown crowds reinforcing the uncanny vibe. At least it’s business as usual for the bookmaker’s app.

Short Films
"No Place Like Home"
8 mins 37s
29 June 2020

There's a charming sense of magical realism in this short film, directed by (and starring) Mark Jenkinson. The piece speculates on a little-addressed aspect of the Covid-19 pandemic: namely, what are wandering spirits supposed to do now everyone's stuck at home?

The action focuses on a couple who are searching unsuccessfully for an empty house to occupy. There are smart, subtle hints at a wider world here - a never-opened notebook, a reference to 'rules' designed to "keep them good", and ambiguous comments about remaining unseen. Unanswered questions like these draw the viewer further into the story.

Lovely, naturalistic performances tie the narrative together, as the pair deal with lockdown stress and the exhaustion of being uniquely stuck together. With moments of levity and an emotional heart, this is a compelling sign of what's to come as filmmakers begin to process the pandemic through fiction.


On This Day
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Toyota Corolla
3 Jul 2003
The idea of owning the Corolla is so appealing to the man in this ad that he takes a punch in the face when asked if he owns it even though it is not his. The beauty of the ad is that so much gets established wordlessly... we know the man has worked out that replying "yes" is going to result in physical injury just from the way he puts together the situation. Very clever.

4 Jul 2005
Esteemed traveller Alan Whicker picks up a guitar and strums out a flamenco tune in this amusing ad for the online travel business. Cleverly, it really does look as though the old boy is an accomplished musician proving that special effects don't have to be obvious to be special.

Sony Ericsson
"Food Chain"
4 Jul 2005
Memorable depiction of what you might be able to photograph with a Sony Ericsson in your hands. A flower is pictured initially; then the dragonfly that lands on it; then the salmon that eats the insect; then the bear that catches the fish before, absurdly, an eagle carries off the bear.

"Dip Desperado"
2 mins 10s
4 Jul 2011
This lengthy ad for Doritos tells the story of the Dip Desperado... a fabled champion of tortilla chip hurling. It's a beautifully composed piece of work with a terrific central performance in an ad that holds the attention from start to finish.

Compare The Market
"Meerkat Toys"
4 Jul 2011
There may come a point when this campaign becomes so successful that it swallows the original business whole. Apparently, you can now receive a soft toy based on Alexandr Orlov when you use the advertised service to purchase your insurance.

Stella Artois Cidre
"Important Announcement"
4 Jul 2011
This amusing commercial for a new variant of Stella Artois has a spokesman explaining that the new product is not cider... it is 'cidre' and that's quite different. It's a beautifully judged piece of nonsense entirely within the vernacular set out by the brewer's recent advertising.

"The Empty Car Convoy"
2 mins 35s
4 Jul 2014
If you've ever watched Top Gear and wondered what it would be like without the chummy antics of its ghastly presenters, take a look at this wonderful viral for Hyundai. Kit Lynch-Robinson - a veteran of the aforementioned bundle of motoring and prejudice - has put this together and his sure directorial touch ensures that it has the perfect blend of tension and humour. It's little wonder that it's racking up so many YouTube viewings.

4 Jul 2014
What a juicy ad to start the week off with. Using the excellent Temples track Keep in the Dark as its music bed, this spot for Strongbow shows us the contrast between the pleasurable and not so pleasurable aspects of making their well-known cider. Working in the bitterest depths of winter is the flip side to basking in the warmth of summer... and a delicious way to communicate the brand's bittersweet taste.

4 Jul 2016
We almost expected Kopparberg's dancing brewery worker to make an appearance in this entertaining Radox commercial, but the spotlight deservedly belongs to this twinkle-toed emo. While her long-suffering parents must have anticipated another day of silence from their black and purple-clad offspring, the protagonist emerges from her bedroom with a considerable spring in her step.

"The Movies"
4 Jul 2016
IMAX's first advertising push is a suitably cinematic tribute to what filmgoers, movie buffs, and casual viewers alike crave about the big screen experience. Flitting between genres as if leaping between film reels, the ad communicates the intoxicating power of the moving image. Each vignette either draws on cinematic archetypes or makes bold reference to a Hollywood blockbuster

"My Beauty, My Say"
4 Jul 2016
The standard of Dove's advertising varies wildly, succumbing at one end to the pseudo-scientific guff that is the last resort of pointless products, and putting forth sage insights into the perception of female beauty at the other. This, however, simply lays down the gauntlet with its collection of awesome women taking ownership of their own looks without compromise.

"Stefan Janoski"
3 mins 11s
4 Jul 2016
Nike enlist the expertise of skateboarder Stefan Janoski for this arresting film which turns the streets of Austin, Texas into a skatepark of limitless possibilities. Janoski sees trick potential where others would only see concrete and steel. Like a man whose endless rewatchings of 'Inception' paid off, he's able to exert uncanny control over every fixture, fitting, and feature he comes across - even shadows become the ideal grinding surface.

BT Broadband
4 Jul 2016
After his breathless arrival onto the BT Broadband set last time round, Ryan Reynolds takes time out in a comfy chair to introduce the telecom giant's new Smart Hub. Of course, why give a Hollywood superstar an easy ride when you can mount a spectacle? With a little money left over after acquiring Reynolds, the BT creative team procure a helicopter to showcase the strength of their new gadget's WiFi signal.

4 Jul 2016
Lidl's continuing effort to upgrade the British public's expectations is given a big boost with this lovely documentary-style piece. According to the super at the beginning, Sharna used social media to question Lidl on the source of their meat. They didn't just reply, they arranged for her to be taken to one of the Scottish farms where some of the cattle who supply their stores are raised.

"Driving Test"
2 mins 24s
4 Jul 2017
Yes, even Tom Holland's Spider-Man has to pass his driving test. Despite the ability to swing across New York City, Parker Peter - sorry, Peter Parker - tackles the practical test. Mind you, not all learner drivers can rely on Stark Industries technology. Audi's latest foray into the Marvel Cinematic Universe benefits from Holland and J.B. Smoove's repartee.

Wu Fang Zhai
"Sticky Rice"
3 mins 13s
4 Jul 2018
Next time you're digging into a bowl of sticky rice, spare a thought for the humble grains that made your nosh possible - after all, they endured a training regime beyond human and gastronomic comprehension. That's the premise of this barmy commercial from Chinese food brand Wu Fang Zhai, which depicts a crop of rice (played by a human cast wearing pointy hats) striving for culinary transcendence.

Old Spice
"Big Announcement"
4 Jul 2018
Old Spice spoof old-school perfume ads in this entertaining launch film for their brand new cologne. All the elements are present and correct: epic beach location: glistening muscles; sultry look just beyond camera... even the nonsensical script and over-the-top dive are executed with appropriate aplomb.

"We Are the NHS"
4 Jul 2018
MullenLowe have released a major new campaign to coincide with the NHS's seventieth anniversary, championing the vital work of nurses within the health service. Part recruitment drive and part love letter to a service which seems to be under permanent threat, this documentary film shows acts of care during life's vital moments.

Dublin Bus
"Long Road to Pride"
2 mins 38s
4 Jul 2019
This touching film from Dublin Bus reminds us that celebrating identity isn't just for the young, as a group of older people get to experience Dublin Pride for the first time. Shot documentary-style by Ken Wardrop, the senior group candidly discuss their experiences of growing up before being proud of their sexuality or gender was an option.

New Zealand Transport Agency
4 Jul 2019
The New Zealand Transport Agency flips the script on distracted driving in this smartly constructed commercial. The film explores the myriad ways we're glued to our smartphones every day, and frames being behind the wheel as a chance to escape the inevitable digital noise. Smart work from director Jakob Marky.

How Clean Is Your House?
"Shake 'N' Vac"
4 Jul 2005
Kim and Aggie from Channel 4's successful TV series How Clean Is Your House? publicise the forthcoming return of the TV series with an amusing spoof of the classic Shake 'N' Vac commercial.

"Three Piece Suite"
4 Jul 2005
A man annoys his housemate when he refuses to leave the sofa even though his mate is very obviously trying to cop off with his girlfriend. Eventually he rises but it is only to have a stretch and then sit down again. Honestly, these wacky boys.

4 Jul 2005
Alternative version of the Sprite ad set at a festival has the little monster dancing a jig on a guitar at the end.

Lipton Ice Tea
"Armpit Hair"
4 Jul 2005
Continuing campaign urging us not to knock something until we've tried it shows a woman with furry underarms having a stretch in the office. Let's hope Lipton's iced tea is slightly more appetising than her hirsute pits.

"Car Limbers Up"
4 Jul 2005
The dancing car from the previous (very popular) ad limbers up in preparation for another boogie.

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