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    • Jara Moravec joins HAMLET.Czech filmmaker Jara Moravec has joined HAMLET for representation across Belgium, France, China, The Netherlands and Japan.
    • Just a Lidl further.Adland's yomp towards post-pandemic life continues with this hard-working spot for Lidl.
    • Vision swoop for Kai Blamey.Vision's Emerging Artists roster continues to grow with the addition of cinematographer Kai Blamey.
    • Soft and strong.Keen to beat IKEA at their own game, Skoda introduce their own anthropomorphic robots.
    • In excess.Apple bid farewell to superfluous computer accessories in this 60" musical.
    • Masculine mash-up.Social media sensation Ehiz breaks down toxic masculinity in this entertaining film for BBC Three.
    • Introducing Park Village Stills.Park Village have added a stills photography wing to their already strong offering.
    • Sebastian Thiel heads to MindsEyeMindsEye have added writer, director, and producer Sebastian Thiel to their roster for commercial representation.
    • The joy of single screening.Vivo urge us to put our phones down for a bit and watch the football.
    • Jim Weedon enlists with The Visionaries.Experienced commercials director Jim Weedon has joined the freelance roster at The Visionaries.


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Apple iPad
"Out There"
18 June 2021

Those allergic to musicals are in a tough spot right now. As Lin-Manuel Miranda’s 'In the Heights' arrives in cinemas and Andrew Lloyd-Webber fights to release a Cinderella stage show, Apple present their own toe-tapping effort: a farewell to excessive computer accessories, attachments, and thingymabobs.

The cast are endearingly pathetic, encumbered by the dark days of PC World's stockroom. This is contrasted with the spacious, sun-kissed world of iPad users, who don't need to make a song and dance about their devices (not here, at least.) It's certainly fun, but where does the tagline leave viewers who bought a shiny new iMac?

BBC Three
"Toxic Ting"
4 mins 12s
21 June 2021

Social media sensation Ehiz breaks down toxic masculinity in this entertaining film for BBC Three. Having built a following on various platforms (most notably yoof favourite TikTok), the comedian brings his distinctive sense of humour to a more polished production with 'Toxic Ting' - a grime track the likes of which the genre has never seen.

With well observed lyrics about masculine posturing and the changing face of what being a 'manly man' looks like, Ehiz demands both laughter and self-reflection from viewers. Directors Simon K Matthew and Amar Chadha-Patel ensure that the accompanying visuals are just as attention grabbing, with a balaclava-clad crew, bold fashion choices, and a powdered wig enhancing the timely message of embracing gender non-conformity.

Introducing Park Village Stills.

Park Village have added a stills photography wing to their already strong offering.

The aptly named Stills division comprises Ntando Brown, Sam Riley, Elliot Simpson, Yolanda Y. Liou, Gareth Williams, and Chris Turner, who Park Village call "the next generation of multi-skilled and diverse photography talent".


Sebastian Thiel heads to MindsEye

MindsEye have added writer, director, and producer Sebastian Thiel to their roster for commercial representation.

Born in Zambia and raised in London, Thiel began his career writing and directing comedy web series and shorts at the tender age of eighteen. He quickly realised his calling lay behind the camera, and a passion for exploring human stories led him to documentary work - shooting in Kenya, China, and of course all over his hometown.


"To Beautiful Moments"
14 June 2021

There can't be many of us who don't feel that we spend too much time peering at our mobile devices... as these miraculous machines in our pockets are both a blessing and a curse. But it's perhaps surprising that a major manufacturer of mobile phones should add their voice to those of irritated spouses and exasperated parents in urging us to put them down for a little while.

The message is not conveyed chidingly: Vivo don't want people to feel bad about their overuse of their mobiles, instead they want us to recognise the value of personal interaction. And they're using the Euros to remind us about the joy of communion. The perennially underestimated director Jesper Ericstam has put together a film which captures this spirit beautifully, and only a football-hating curmudgeon would be unmoved by the sheer joy of this film.

It's a double bluff though… humanity's complicated relationship with the so-called 'beautiful game' somehow skips past the regularity of very dull fixtures, and there's an enjoyable communion of a very different complexion to be gained from sharing the misery of football's tediousness by moaning about it on social media with others going through the same agony. So, maybe it's okay to have your phone in your hands after all!


On This Day
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23 Jun 2007
This year's Cannes Grand Prix Winner is a fascinating look at the way it is possible to manipulate images in this era. A woman sits before make-up artistes who convert the less-than-perfect image to something approaching the magazine norm and then the PhotoShop wizards finish the job.

Dove Spoof
23 Jun 2007
Brilliant spoof of the 2007 Cannes Grand Prix Winner for Dove shows the process celebrated in the ad working in reverse as a young man is converted into an aged lager lout through the abuse of lager, cigarettes and kebabs. This viral may well be what the Internet was invented for.

Toyota Rav4
"Happy Together"
23 Jun 2007
Highly amusing film out of New Zealand in 2006 which features each half of a couple's efforts to ensure that they are the one who gets to drive the RAV4. The Tom & Jerry style excess culminates in an ending which is so violent you'll be surprised it was ever allowed.

23 Jun 2009
This clever film uses the metamorphosis of a caterpillar into a butterfly to suggest that later life can be a big improvement on what precedes it. A narrative is cleverly created using excellent photography, shrewd editing and a good choice of music.

Virgin Media
"Fantastic Journey"
23 Jun 2009
Content on this man's mobile device gives him the impression that he's at a gig, watching a movie and taking part in a military invasion. The excellent photography and wise music choice create a decent effect which is almost enough to make us overlook the grandeur of the claim.

"Ronaldo Defeats Rafa"
23 Jun 2013
Former Brazilian football legend Ronaldo takes on Spanish tennis legend Rafa Nadal in this impressive film for the online gaming site. Gambling sites either seem to promise that you can play professional gamblers (which you'd imagine to be the last thing an amateur player would want) or that

French Biomedicine Agency
"The Man Who Died The Most In Movies"
23 Jun 2015
To raise awareness about organ donation, this French PSA introduces us to Robert Cronejager: the most prolific victim in movie history. As a darkly humorous compilation of his greatest hits unfolds, the actor informs us that, unlike characters on set, we only have the one death. Before that happens, people should make it clear whether or not they're willing to donate their organs. Offbeat and effective.

Digital Biscuit
23 Jun 2015
This richly visual and eloquent ad for Digital Biscuit cleverly demonstrates the company's capabilities as a collaborator in film-making of all kinds. Director Brian Williams has brought to life the raft of different services offered in a way that is both evocative and captivating; and the overall effect is of witnessing alchemy in action.

Tom Tom
"King of the Mountain"
1 min 45s
23 Jun 2015
The goat at the centre of this high octane TomTom ad isn't content to stand around on a mountain all day like the rest of his flock. But he's feeling more than a little gruff at his poor video editing facilities. That's where TomTom's new action camera comes in. In an ad that's about pushing it to the limit, the ungulate action ensures maximum fun.

"Silver Skaters"
23 Jun 2015
DAVID's never been a cider drinker (apart from that unfortunate incident in 6th form which everyone promised to draw a line under) but if anything were to ever tempt him back to the stuff it would be this marvellous ad for Swedish premium brand Rekorderlig. Two blondly hirsute chaps powerskate their way around a frozen fjord to the ethereal song of their coach... genius.

Burger King
"Whopper Blackout"
7 mins 03s
23 Jun 2016
Ignore the sinking feeling you'll feel when you discover this exceeds seven minutes, as it'll fly by. This has to be one of the most accomplished piece of longer-form advertising we've ever seen. It intrigues from the start, sustains the interest and provides plenty of laughs along the way. Simon Levene deserves a lotof credit for mining this seam and finding some real nuggets of humour.

"Worth The Wait"
23 Jun 2016
This dignified Nike commercial acknowledges the occasions when triumph overawes all other faculties by capturing Cleveland Cavaliers supporters as the team celebrates their first NBA crown on-court - just try asking Cavalier fans to put their emotions into words though.

New Zealand Transport Agency
5 Jul 2017
Like the redneck protagonist in this extraordinary anti-drink/driving film from New Zealand, you may need a little thinking time to entirely get this. He is clearly one of those guys who is impervious to the rules that other men live by, It's revealed in a terrific flashback sequence that he's a fellow who thrives on recklessness while appearing immune to its consequences.

Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken
"It’s Darkest Before the Dawn"
23 Jun 2020
This lofty communication from Swedish bank Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken (SEB) promises clients support as the world reopens. There are no quick fixes offered, no suggestion that some magic innovation or off-the-wall approach will return the economy to normal at the end of lockdown, only a crucial commitment to working hard towards a greener, more sustainable financial future.

Motor Neurone Disease Association
"The Dance"
2 mins 27s
23 Jun 2020
This Motor Neurone Disease Association film is dedicated to Wendy Gladwyn, a performing arts mentor who passed away from the disease. Director Jess Journo - a former ballet dancer herself - conveys how even the most lithe and active individual can succumb to muscle weakness and other life-shortening effects.

"Little Wins"
23 Jun 2020
This is one of the first commercials we've seen made during lockdown which is unapologetic in its cheeriness. Thank God! The misreading of the public mood by the advertising industry has been woeful, and nothing has demonstrated this more clearly than their fear of being anything other than entirely sombre.

Dr Oetker
"A Few Square Metres"
23 Jun 2020
This cheerful film for Dr Oetker pays tribute to those who've made the best of quarantine, even during tough times. From parents juggling working from home with becoming their kids' teacher to the children themselves trying to handle living through a pandemic with any sense of normality, things haven't been easy.

23 Jun 2007
Maria Sharapova looks increasingly unhappy at all the attention she gets because of her looks in this ad which has many of the people (including John McEnroe) she encounters on her way to play US Open tennis singing the lyrics of "I Feel Pretty" when they see her. But it all stops when she plays.

BBC Sport
"Wimbledon Stars"
23 Jun 2007
Oh I say. The BBC once again demonstrates that it has a library and it isn't afraid to use it in this promotional film for the forthcoming Wimbledon fortnight. It marries contemporary footage with older stuff to create a rally that would have Dan Maskell in a state of frenzied excitement.

"Glastonbury Noise"
23 Jun 2007
According to the array of yokels in this trail for the BBC's Glastonbury coverage when heard from a distance every band sounds the same. It's a constant thump, thump, thump no matter what the musical genre. Still, this lot can get their own back by re-enacting The Straw Dogs on any lost revellers.

National Grid (USA)
"Polar Bear"
23 Jun 2008
A clever piece of juxtaposition as footage of polar bears is neatly inserted into scenes of urban living to illustrate what the advertised company is doing for the environment. Mind you, if you really do wake up and find a polar bear sleeping on your bedroom floor, we recommend you evacuate the house rather than tickle its tummy.

Club Energise
"Wind Energy"
23 Jun 2008
High jinx aboard off-shore wind turbines in this impressive Irish ad for an energy drink. We can see how much it boosts the performances of the depicted athletes as they use their respective sports' equipment in games that get so out of hand that one of the turbines is sent into overdrive.

"Oil Parade"
23 Jun 2009
This ad for Audi beats a patriotic oil drum as it suggests that America wouldn't need to import any oil if only a third of the cars on the road had efficient diesel engines like the advertised brand. Then the Americans could send back the oil and lower the drawbridge.

EA Sports
23 Jun 2009
This clever American ad suggests that playing the advertised video game will make you feel as though you are part of the real sporting action. Punters are shown winning and celebrating with the stars they admire to illustrate how this will work.

The Open
23 Jun 2009
A young lad uses a plastic club and a ball to carry out a few tricks which mirror a famous ad for Nike featuring Tiger Woods. If you want your children to be similarly inspired and you're willing to stump up £220 for the week then you can get the little darlings in for free.

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