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    • Bang TV sign US director Rudi SchwabBang TV are extremely excited to have added Rudi Schwab to their roster and it's not just because he's "not a car guy".
    • All aboard.Over three years since its launch, the Apple Watch finally makes an impression.
    • He takes a whiskey drink, he takes a lager drinkThis amusing ad announces Canadian Club's launch of their pre-mixed cocktail range Down Under.
    • A New PerspectiveThis striking ad break for Channel 4 - created in association with the RNIB - draws us into a world that is rarely, well, seen.
    • Top of the food chain.The Mayor of New York City may be surprised to learn he doesn’t run the Big Apple - an eighty-something baker called Edna does.
    • Mark Pellington is ready to Rumble.American filmmaker Mark Pellington has joined Rumble Films for UK representation.
    • The De Blinkks head to Colonel BlimpColonel Blimp have signed award winning photographic and filmmaking collective the De Blinkks to their roster.
    • Nexus Studios sign ChromosphereNexus have signed US-based design and animation studio Chromosphere to their roster.
    • Stars of CCTV.The Adidas Tango Squad launch an audacious raid on Real Madrid's training ground.
    • Horses for causes.The Compton Cowboys are a perfect fit for Guinness's 'made of more' campaign and Henry-Alex Rubin has created a lovely film celebrating the unlikely juxtaposition of urban gangs and equestrianism.
    • Seize the night.Absolut Vodka go back to the beginning with this eye-catching commercial.
    • Greater expectations.'Thor' actor Chris Hemsworth ruminates on what separates good from great for Buchanan’s whisky.
    • Ma'am! Bam! Thank-you, Wham!This ad for H&M is given a huge dollop of energy by George Michael's perfect 1980s earworm, and you may find yourself forming a new appreciation for a song that once seemed quite inconsequential.
    • James Lees joins OutsiderDirector James Lees has joined Outsider Films.
    • Do You Know What I MemeVirgin Atlantic get meme-tastic to show off their new wi-fi capabilities in this fun ad.



You know how you were going on about nominative determinism yesterday?




Well, what about Gerry Human? He's a good example, isn't he?


So you're saying, he's a human because of his name?


Well... yes.


So what do you think he was when he was born?


A baby, I'd imagine.


I can't fault your logic.

Mark Pellington is ready to Rumble.

American filmmaker Mark Pellington has joined Rumble for UK representation.

The East Londoners are understandably pleased with their latest signing. Rumble’s varied portfolio make Pellington a shrewd addition; whether it’s long form or short form work, the Baltimore native delivers polished results.


The De Blinkks head to Colonel Blimp

Colonel Blimp have signed award winning photographic and filmmaking collective the De Blinkks to their roster.

Formed of Leila and Damien de Blinkk, the directing duo are known for their cinematic sensibility and flawlessly executed visuals.


Nexus Studios sign Chromosphere

Nexus Studios have signed US-based design and animation studio Chromosphere to their roster.

Led by Creative Director Kevin Dart, Chromosphere have operated from Los Angeles since 2016. Global representation with Nexus will allow them to take their talents beyond HQ and out into the world at large.


18 September 2017

One would think Real Madrid’s training ground would be more secure than this.The Spanish giants obviously didn’t reckon on the Adidas Tango Squad. Named after the sportswear brand’s classic football, this daring crew of freestylers launch a midnight raid.

The Tangos bounce off walls and redecorate the changing room. Once on the pitch, they’re finally confronted by the club’s, er, security detail: left-back Marcelo on a motorized buggy. Sorry, mate - playtime has only just begun.

Frenetic camerawork and a bullish soundtrack chime well with the brand’s in-your-face mentality. We also like the idea that head coach Zinedine Zidane is constantly monitoring the club’s security footage. While budding stars are advised against breaking and entering, the brand commend those with top-flight bravado.

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"Compton Cowboys"
18 September 2017

Before unleashing too much praise on this attractive Guinness ad looking at the unlikely horse whisperers of South Central LA, we need to address the elephant in the room: this film is very similar to Tom Barbor-Might's 2016 film for iD looking at a comparable project in Philadelphia. We don't just mean that the subject matter has echoes of the earlier film as there's more to it than that: the way this has been filmed - especially the opening shot - makes it look as though the iD film was used as reference material.

This 'co-incidence' is unfortunate as the Compton Cowboys are a perfect fit for the 'made of more' campaign and Henry-Alex Rubin has created a lovely film celebrating the unlikely juxtaposition of urban gangs and equestrianism.

The association with people rising above their circumstances provided by this ongoing campaign has given Guinness the source material for some excellent advertising and we feel sure it will continue to serve the brand in the future. In almost all respects, this is a super addition to this canon of work and DAVID looks forward to the next instalment with unalloyed enthusiasm.

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Recent Promos

4 mins 07s
15 Sep 2017
For fans of early Radiohead the release of 'Lift' brings their mid-90s sound into the here and now, as fresh and powerful as ever. It's been bumping around in their live performances for years without ever finding a home on a studio album - but finally, it's enjoying a deserved moment in the sun and Oscar Hudson has made a stunning video to go with it.

Young Martha
"Homie (ft Meek Mill)"
3 mins 37s
12 Sep 2017
Whatever we think of the track, 'Homie' is - as a promo - pretty awesome. Hudson is becoming synonymous with intricate, in-camera pyrotechnics (see his promo for and this lifts his game yet another notch.

Piers James
3 mins 07s
12 Sep 2017
Rapper Piers James summons his inner warrior in this lithe ‘Samurai’ promo. Broadstairs turns feudal as a lone samurai throws some menacing shapes. Despite the scenic location, conflict is inevitable. Director Luke Davies and DP Mollie Manning Walker linger on the samurai’s imposing armour. As for the track, James fuses East and West.

"Faded Youth"
3 mins 26s
11 Sep 2017
This nostalgia-suffused promo for Punctual's 'Faded Youth' captures what it is to live in and outgrow a tired seaside town. The film and the grade give it a powerful sense of a place that was once a fashionable holiday destination, and we're drawn to the two young women who - we sense - both feel they don't belong and yet would be fiercely protective of their roots.

"Up All Night"
4 mins 25s
8 Sep 2017
'Up All Night' is the latest single to be released from Beck's upcoming thirteenth album Colors. First out last year, the track now gets a fresh lease of life thanks to the trippy promo by directing collective CANADA - and the richly imagined party shenanigans they've created is jam-packed with visual nuggets that make it a pleasure to revisit over and over.

Super Full Moon
4 mins 32s
6 Sep 2017
Animation director Sandra Clua has created a great promo for Super Full Moon which demonstrates the complexity of the human condition rather beautifully. Starting with Ikea-style directions for building your very own person, the freshly constructed being at the film's centre still suffers all the anguish and ennui each of us experiences at some time or other in our lives.

"Mortal Reminder"
4 mins 39s
7 Sep 2017
If you’ve never heard of Pentakill, you probably haven’t heard of ‘League of Legends’, either. The popular MOBA (that’s ‘multiplayer online battle arena’) game features its own heavy metal group: Pentakill. Think Gorillaz meets high fantasy warfare. Band members include Sona, Karthus the Deathsinger, and - ahem - Mordekaiser the Master of Metal.

"Ready To Go"
3 mins 40s
4 Sep 2017
Thomas James has created a poignant promo for Hurts' new release 'Ready To Go'. A man belonging to the travelling community has his world ripped apart by the death of his wife, and at the wake he expresses his grief on the dancefloor. Choreographer Alexandra Green does a great job of conveying bereavement, underlined by editing which switches between his solitary movements and memories of the couple together.

"Deathless (ft Kamasi Washington)"
3 mins 18s
4 Sep 2017
Taken from their sophomore album 'Ash', Ibeyi's latest release 'Deathless' is about resilience in the face of oppression. Their regular promo collaborator Ed Morris interprets the song by showing the twins giving birth to each other over and over, without end. It's a simple and powerful idea. Naomi and Lisa-Kaindé Díaz have immense dignity and presence, and Morris has captured this yet again.

"Hot Mess"
3 mins 50s
1 Sep 2017
Girli wants it all - the right to be "as messy as a boy" but still look sexy, ie to be the "hot mess" of her new track. It's an exasperating message, not made any better by the accompanying promo in which she aspires to be a ladette but evidently isn't yet ready to let go of Barbie. As her admiring chums tag along, she announces that she's "happy as a woman". Well, Girli, for goodness sake ditch the dressing up box and change your name then.

Nick Mulvey
4 mins 31s
1 Sep 2017
Nick Mulvey's evocative music is beautifully complemented by Majid Adin's promo for 'Myela'. The song is about the ongoing refugee crisis and Adin himself has firsthand experience of this; having fled from his homeland of Iran and endured the journey across Europe - including time in the Calais 'Jungle' - before being granted asylum here in the UK.

4 mins 47s
1 Sep 2017
Lost sheep in search of a spiritual shepherd get more than they bargain for in the promo for Mastodon's 'Steambreather'. As a sinister guru sucks in the souls of his motley audience, a couple of sneering dudes find themselves caught up in the event with unfortunate results. Fun stuff - and has anyone else spotted that the woman in the alice band is Princess Beatrice in the alternative universe provided by C4's comedy 'The Windsors'?

"Ill Ray (The King)"
3 mins 40s
30 Aug 2017
Historians may balk at this Kasabian promo, but for everyone else, it’s a king-sized romp. Exhuming Richard III’s bones isn’t enough for Lena Headey’s geeky necromancer… she wants the flesh and blood version. She grants the Plantagenet (This is England’s Michael Socha) a second reign. Naturally, his resurrection occurs in a car park.

"Do It, Try It"
4 mins 11s
25 Aug 2017
Tony’s Junk Food receives a 2D makeover in this David Wilson-directed promo. While mum and dad turn ‘Do It, Try It’ into a bitter back-and-forth, a boy finds solace in his colouring pens. As is Wilson’s forte, things soon get animated. The boy’s creations wreck everything in sight; frogs croak, fuzzballs bounce, and superhumans clash.

"Wait for the Impact"
3 mins 51s
25 Aug 2017
While an asteroid blazes overhead, three Londoners choose different ways to spend their last day on Earth. Whether it’s a boxing gym, a dance studio, or a mosque, director James Heaphy captures serenity in dire circumstances. Laucan’s falsetto won’t be to everyone’s taste, but there’s still pleasing heft to this doomsday scenario.

"Bam (ft. Damian Marley)"
6 mins 12s
24 Aug 2017
This affectionate documentary-stroke-promo has two Billboard stars for the price of one. Accompanied by their latest track, Jay-Z and Damian Marley stroll through Kingston’s Trench Town as they discuss life, community, and music. It’s an engaging ode to the island’s musical heritage - of course, Jay-Z has albums to shift.

Mr Jukes
"Leap of Faith (ft. De La Soul & Horace Andy)"
3 mins 07s
23 Aug 2017
Newly-shorn Bombay Bicycle Club frontman Jack Steadman continues his psychedelic rebirth as Mr Jukes with ‘Leap of Faith’. Following his barbershop mystery tour, Strange Beast’s Parallel Teeth now takes Steadman, De La Soul, and Horace Andy on an interstellar trip. Propelled by the track’s upbeat groove, geometric rockets and flowing blobs combine to delirious effect.

J. Views
"We Moved"
3 mins 15s
23 Aug 2017
This luminous promo for J. Views' 'We Moved' sees an animated manifestation of fear destroyed by the positive energy generated from joyful dancing. Intentionally designed to be hopeful in dark times, the promo enhances fan footage sent in from about the globe to create a cohesive, universal performance.

Tee Grizzley
2 mins 51s
21 Aug 2017
The 1967 Detroit riot saw the Motor City break down over five days. Fifty years on, the city’s social and economic struggles continue to influence writers, filmmakers, and musicians alike. Now Tee Grizzley’s ‘Teetroit’ coincides with the theatrical release of Kathryn Bigelow’s ‘Detroit’.

6 mins 59s
18 Aug 2017
Logic is known for his celebration of diversity, standing out in a rap scene which remains steadfastly conservative on certain issues (just check the YouTube comments...). This promo from director Andy Hines takes a serious tone, given the song is named after the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline's phone number, and tackles a boy struggling with intolerance towards his sexual orientation.

Mashrou' Leila
4 mins 07s
18 Aug 2017
This intriguing promo for Lebanese band Mashrou' Leila explores Middle Eastern feminism. The daring film uses traditionally dressed Arab and Muslim actresses in unexpected ways to celebrate the progress and history of the region, as the song deals with its distant past. At the climax, the women walk into the sea to represent the change they're striving for in society. A compelling slice of culture which makes us want to know more.

Bruno Mars
"Versace On The Floor"
5 mins 36s
16 Aug 2017
Zendaya stars in this sultry promo for noted smoothie Bruno Mars's 'Versace On The Floor'. The world is bathed in purple and gold, light glinting off sequins and jewellery and giving everything an appropriately luxurious feel as the 80s inspired track glides along. We especially like the perspex-topped piano, a vintage touch which really fits Cameron Duddy's carefully-crafted aesthetic.

"What About Us"
5 mins 21s
17 Aug 2017
This promo for 'What About Us', directed by Georgia Hudson, brings a sheen to the darkness of inner city life. We see tightly choreographed routines carried out in parking lots, all-night diners, and on the street, before escaping into the desert as the sun comes up. P!nk's powerful vocals are on full display here, as she laments 'all the happy ever afters' that never came to fruition.

Dua Lipa
"New Rules"
3 mins 44s
16 Aug 2017
This sleek promo for Dua Lipa's 'New Rules' is an intriguing mix of pop video and branded content, as the singer shares the spotlight with Hyatt’s boutique hotel, The Confidante. We watch as Dua and her squad of girlfriends get over a breakup in the most stylish way possible, complete with makeovers and choreographed support, before transforming into flamingos. Fun stuff.

Wretch 32
"Whistle (ft Donae'o, Kojo Funds)"
2 mins 46s
14 Aug 2017
Tottenham-born Wretch 32 has a new single out; one that's more accessible than his usual output. To go with it, director João Retorta has filmed a split-screen promo in which the hip-hop artist and fellow rappers Donae'o and Kojo Funds mooch about in a murky underground club. Bound to go down well with grime fans.

Recent Promos

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