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Latest Work
    • Fern Berresford signs with Rattling StickRattling Stick have signed award-winning director and photographer Fern Berresford to their roster for UK representation.
    • People are strange.Childline assure children that when it comes to fitting in, there's no such thing as normal.
    • Strength in numbers at The Quarry.London-based editing house The Quarry have added six new faces to their crack roster.
    • Hello, pickle.This beautifully observed commercial for Branston Pickle depicts a woman who’s recently moved out of the family home.
    • Kick, throw, punch, whatever.Director Henry Scholfield and agency MOX London deliver a cheeky, pacy ode to finding one's ideal sport.
    • Make Christmas great again.The Norwegian postal service depict a Santa with a unique take on Christmas giving in this amusing festive ad.
    • Ring 'n' sing.This timely documentary from director Liam Saint-Pierre focuses on Michael Chilokoa - a volunteer who offers a lifeline to lonely and vulnerable people.
    • Kiwi surprise.This crafty piece of work aims to prove how light Allbirds trainers are through, er, advanced scientific techniques.
    • Christopher Gruse joins Hungry ManHungry Man have welcomed award-winning commercials director Christopher Gruse to their roster for global representation.
    • Levels of leverage.While many commercials make use of video game-style graphics to assist their narrative, few do so as poignantly as this film for The Children's Society.
    • Car talk.Toyota neatly handle hanging out at a safe physical distance without ever mentioning the word 'pandemic' in this amusing Kiwi ad.
    • The getaway.This offbeat short film arrives courtesy of co-directors Jordan Hall and John Margaritis
    • No.8’s magic for Sam Robson.Sound design whizz Sam Robson has joined No.8 as a partner and their new creative director of audio.
    • Michal Sablinski lands at Papaya Films.Polish director and self-proclaimed Zen warrior Michal Sablinski has joined Papaya’s UK wing for representation.
    • Keep on keeping on.The raw emotional heart of this film for Grief Encounter addresses the resilience of children who've lost a parent.


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Posten Norge
2 mins 15s
26 November 2020

The Norwegian postal service depict a Santa with a unique take on Christmas giving in this amusing festive ad. This grouchy version of Saint Nick has found himself out of step with modern times, furiously tweeting about Posten Norge's efforts to make his old-fashioned deliveries via chimney irrelevant. There's even a suspiciously familiar red hat in the mix as he does his best to 'make Christmas great again'.

It's an unusual way to characterise the world's most giving man, but it's one that works very well in its incongruity. Outdated shenanigans like being lecherous at Christmas parties and yanking presents away from children contrast nicely with the opposition's friendly professionalism - something which does, eventually, inject some festive spirit back into the big man's heart. Kudos to directing duo Matias & Mathias for the well-balanced humour here.

Short Films
"Keep Calling"
8 mins 57s
26 November 2020

This timely documentary from director Liam Saint-Pierre focuses on Michael Chilokoa - a volunteer who offers a lifeline to lonely and vulnerable people. One client, Lillian Chuntz, proves a tough nut to crack...until she reveals a passion for singing that goes back to the Second World War. Soon enough, Lillian demands her own performance from Michael.

What follows is one of the most likeable training montages in recent memory, as Michael practises Ben E. King’s ‘Stand By Me’ as if the biggest gig of his life awaits. We won’t spoil the ending, but it’s more authentic and affecting than any reality TV music competition. A worthy addition to Saint-Pierre's bid to capture the voices of lockdown.

"Tread Lighter"
25 November 2020

This crafty piece of work aims to prove how light Allbirds trainers are through advanced scientific techniques—namely, combining balloons, string, and some leaf blowers. Who needs the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, eh?

Such antics evoke agency Uncommon’s previous work for Ecover, which slowly revealed Professor Green sitting on a washing machine. However, this 40" outing uses a jazzy soundtrack and barncrashing sheep to shake up the formula.

The latter is a wry nod to the brand’s New Zealand origins, as well as the materials used in the advertised product. Clean, charming, and focused, this is a balloon flight above other half-hearted Christmas sales plugs.

Christopher Gruse joins Hungry Man

Hungry Man have welcomed award-winning commercials director Christopher Gruse to their roster for global representation.

Rather than learning his craft at film school, Gruse came to the filmmaking world via a love of books, music, and cinema. Directing was a convenient way to combine this passion for visual media and deep love of storytelling, and he's become well known for his ability to combine sound design, considered aesthetics, and passionate narrative into one polished outcome.


The Children's Society
"Fighting for Hope"
25 November 2020

While many commercials make use of video game-style graphics to assist their narrative, few do so as poignantly as this film for The Children's Society. The piece follows a young boy as his hope swells or depletes according to his circumstances - health bar increasing when he can see a way out of his current situation, and leading to misguided choices when it swings the other way.

It's a deftly observed look at how young people can become caught in spirals of criminal behaviour - how poor home environments or neglect can leave them vulnerable to manipulation. Director Charlotte Regan has done a great job here, inspiring empathy for the young protagonist without over-egging his emotional state. Food for thought as lengthening lockdowns put pressure on families across the nation.


Recent Promos
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Califato ¾
"Fandangô de Carmen Porter"
5 mins 22s
27 Nov 2020
Religion, grief, and madness come together in this striking promo for Califato 3/4's 'Fandangô de Carmen Porter'. The film's heightened drama and stylised visuals suit the narrative perfectly, as a father is so distraught at the death of his daughter that he begins to hallucinate her as an apparition of the Virgin Mary. Uncanny and unsettling in equal measure, it's also a gorgeous piece of storytelling from director Nono Ayuso.

"A Little Love"
3 mins 02s
25 Nov 2020
'A Little Love' already gained traction as the soundtrack to John Lewis's 2020 Christmas outing, and soul artist Celeste offers an equally festive take in this promo. The singer brings a child's music box and toys to life, embracing the whimsical magic of the festive season from a youthful perspective. Charming, playful work from directing duo Silent Tapes.

Hope Tala
3 mins
25 Nov 2020
Singer-songwriter Hope Tala belies the grim weather with a salsa-tinged track and an equally succulent promo (the song is called 'Cherries', after all). Rapper Aminé's contributions are, erm, saucy to say the least ("Is it your pussy or dinner? Both seems like the same to us"), but they don’t stain director Anna Fearon’s refined aesthetic.

Pale Waves
2 mins 52s
24 Nov 2020
Influenced by such grunge classics as Nirvana's 'Heart-Shaped Box' and Hole's 'Celebrity Skin', retro-minded viewers will find their interest piqued by this Pale Waves promo. The Manchester group embrace bold styling and a spangly sound, while director Johnny Goddard uses quirky camera angles and some well-timed rain to nail the 90s alternative vibe.

Mae Muller
2 mins 52s
20 Nov 2020
Earlier this year, pop star Mae Muller declared her financial independence with 'I Don’t Want Your Money'. New single 'Dependent' explores a similar theme, with Muller caught between the excitement of a new relationship and the loss of her freedom ("I'm feelin' kinda scared bеcause I never had it bеtter").

Zebra Katz
3 mins 24s
23 Nov 2020
Zebra Katz has been hailed as a crossover hit-in-waiting ever since 2012's 'Ima Read' melded the low-fi rap scene and drag ball culture into something new and exciting. Now it seems the opportune moment for Katz to hit the mainstream has finally arrived, heralded by this sleek promo for 'Moor'.

Loyle Carner
3 mins 03s
17 Nov 2020
This autobiographical promo for Loyle Carner's 'Yesterday' invites repeat viewings thanks to its one-shot flow and evocative production design. Set entirely in the rapper's childhood bedroom, the promo (co-directed by Ryan and Ben Coyle-Larner) deftly uses gig posters, news flashes, and changing technology to mark the passage of time.

Foo Fighters
"Shame Shame"
4 mins 02s
16 Nov 2020
When he’s not being rock 'n' roll's cuddliest frontman and challenging young fans to online drum-offs, Dave Grohl stars in atmospheric Foo Fighters promos like this. Shot by Argentine director Paola Kudacki, the clip has Grohl and 'Star Trek' actress Sofia Boutella explore a black-and-white landscape laden with foreboding. Perhaps fans should fear the worst.

"Lose You in the Crowd"
3 mins 07s
9 Nov 2020
This movie trailer-cum-music video sees director Martin Krejci team up with a Denver-based Gypsy-punk band to promote his feature debut, 'The True Adventures of Wolfboy'. Scored by DeVotchKa’s 'Lose You in the Crowd', the clip introduces thirteen-year-old Paul (Jaeden Martell) as he embraces life with abnormal hair growth.

Big Ideas
"The American Dream"
3 mins 20s
6 Nov 2020
Comprised of director Ben Lankester and The Boxer Rebellion’s Nathan Nicholson and Adam Harrison, Big Ideas are a band with a keen eye on events across the pond. Their debut track, ‘The American Dream’, couldn’t be more topical, with gritty visuals and a Clarence Clemons-style sax riff completing the Springsteen vibe.

"Fade Away"
3 mins 45s
3 Nov 2020
Self-isolation and mermaids collide in this off-kilter promo from director Allie Avital. The protagonist is Canadian singer and songwriter Kai, whose solitude is broken by a fish on her apartment window and others falling to Earth outside. Many will be craving a change of scenery right now, but this is on another, well, scale.

Royal Blood
"Trouble's Coming"
3 mins 52s
2 Nov 2020
This stylish promo for Royal Blood's 'Trouble's Coming' provides a diverting visual accompaniment to the band's latest track. Soaked in blood, sweat, and seasickness, the film focuses on granular detail and texture to complement the song's scrappy sound: weeping knuckles, dirty mirrors, and lightning strikes all offer their own layer of controlled chaos.

Yusuf/Cat Stevens
"Wild World"
4 mins 10s
26 Oct 2020
This whimsical promo for Yusuf/Cat Stevens feels like a cross between 'Bugsy Malone' and 'Casablanca'. The young cast (including Sam the Younger and a pint-sized warmonger) acquit themselves well throughout, as director Effie Pappa riffs on Rick's Café Américain and even stages a zero-gravity cup of tea for good measure.

Stefflon Don
"Can't Let You Go"
3 mins 25s
22 Oct 2020
A combination of polished set design and down-to-earth choreography make this promo for Stefflon Don's latest track a treat for the eyes and ears. 'Can't Let You Go' brings the British singer's diverse cultural influences into play, as she incorporates Yoruba lyrics into declarations of longing for someone special.

Novo Amor
"I Feel Better"
2 mins 58s
19 Oct 2020
This atmospheric promo for Novo Amor's 'I Feel Better' gives voice to the twisted feelings which stem from a relationship breakdown. Knives enter backs, sobs wrench gutturally, and a thousand eggshells just wait to be stepped on as the stylishly-shot pain plays out. It's visceral work from director Lisette Donkersloot, culminating in a butcher's counter which ties off the, er, raw emotions nicely.

Duck Sauce
4 mins 28s
18 Oct 2020
Sometimes, one's first thought upon viewing a new piece of work is to question the mental state of those behind it... but not in a bad way. Watching this is a complete head fuck so imagine what it's like having it all bouncing around inside you as its creator, rather than as a mere viewer.

Millie Turner
"Eye of the Storm"
3 mins 53s
15 Oct 2020
This whimsical promo for Millie Turner's 'Eye of the Storm' captures the singer's carefree spirit. Shot in understated fashion by director Hannah Berry George, the energetic promo sees Turner frolic through lush woodland, run under stormy skies, and deliver a memorable turn to camera inside a parachute. Delicate cinematography seals the deal for a soulful visual experience.

Joe Hertz
"Inside Current Blues"
3 mins 14s
16 Oct 2020
This intriguing film takes viewers into the mind of Joe Hertz and explores his artistic vision when creating new album 'Current Blues'. Featuring thought-provoking vignettes which involve activities as diverse as VR, dance, and indoor cycling, the audience is treated to snippets of the new tracks as Hertz waxes lyrical about his process of making songs "from the inside out".

Tom Rosenthal
"We Can Always Come Back"
2 mins 51s
14 Oct 2020
First released in 2017, Tom Rosenthal’s 'We Can Always Come Back' receives a heart-wrenching new promo courtesy of director Rachael Olga Lloyd. The Royal College of Art graduate weaves an evocative, stop-motion animated tale, as a family beach holiday is given new meaning years later— one skilfully conveyed through Lloyd's puppetry.

"Does it Make You Feel Good?"
3 mins 08s
13 Oct 2020
Singer Joesef and director Molly Burdett’s previous collaboration saw the former locked inside a dingy flat with poor temperature control. Their follow-up offers a marked change of pace, as a boy (played with infectious abandon by Kayden Weir) channels his inner Billy Elliot and dances to the local bowling club. It's spirited work from the established partnership.

Gotts Street Park
3 mins 26s
12 Oct 2020
Director Lola Aitken-Till aka Silence presents a decidedly grown-up sand pit in this promo for Gotts Street Park’s 'Everything'. As guest vocalist Rosie Lowe puts listeners at ease ("I can dim the lights/It makes you feel more easy on my mind"), a sensual dance routine unfolds against the setting sun. Anakin Skywalker may want to skip this one.

Bree Runway
"Little Nokia"
2 mins 29s
9 Oct 2020
This Bree Runway promo feels like a Carphone Warehouse employee's ultimate fantasy. The sight of her riding a giant 3310 handset like a mechanical bull is certainly memorable, but director Ali Kurr also nails tightly choreographed routines that emphasise Runway's stage presence. We hope this inspires a wave of mechanics-cum-trapeze artists.

London Grammar
"Californian Soil"
3 mins 48s
8 Oct 2020
This enthralling promo for London Grammar's latest track 'Californian Soil' blends glamour and darkness for a beach retreat with a difference. Directed by Silent Tapes, the film has a surreal atmosphere that builds from the very beginning, as Hollywood glitz breaks down into something increasingly fractured and abstract.

The Oozes
1 min 55s
7 Oct 2020
The propulsive debut single from UK queercore band The Oozes is an anti-capitalist scream that coasts on the gall of its opening line: "Sleep with Mr McDonald/Suck off a prick in his suit and tie on his billion-pound cashmere". Together with director Colm McCarthy's manic circus of a promo, it's a spirited first assault from the quartet.

Jorja Smith
"Come Over (ft. Popcaan)"
3 mins 59s
5 Oct 2020
This promo for Jorja Smith's latest single 'Come Over' boasts sci-fi, Afrofuturistic vibes, which will leave viewers begging for a full-length animated series. Directed by Amber Grace Johnson, the film focuses on female empowerment and delves into Smith's frustration at being messed around by potential suitors.

Recent Promos
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