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Latest Work
    • Modern MythThere's a fairytale sensibility to this sumptuous film from Dior, showcasing the fashion label's autumn/winter collection.
    • The Sweetshop welcome Andrew Chaplin.The Sweetshop’s summer recruitment drive continues with the addition of GameFace and Alma's Not Normal director Andrew Chaplin.
    • Fabian Martinez joins LS ProductionsLS Productions have appointed producer Fabian Martinez to their Manchester office.
    • Back on the shop floor.Kudos to whoever it was who came up with this brilliant scheme for expressing support for small businesses.
    • The Blame GameBats campaign against misplaced blame laid on them for Covid-19 in this environmentally-minded comedy.
    • A Monster calls at Dirty Films.Hackney-based production company Dirty Films have unveiled their new fashion, music, and culture division.
    • Red means go.As the coronavirus pandemic continues to wreak havoc on dating culture, Porsche target those “hopelessly in love with driving” instead.
    • Meji Alabi signs to RSARSA have signed director Meji Alabi to their roster for US and UK commercial representation.
    • Always on duty.This understated commercial for baby feeding and weaning brand Tommee Tippee uses inviting visuals and intimate sound design to bring new parents onside.
    • All or NoneThis lovely piece of work for Nike is complicated by the brand's questionable ethics.
    • Dog Eat Dog dig Julian Marshall.Dog Eat Dog have completed the signing of director Julian Marshall for UK and German representation.
    • Blue Monday.If Manchester City fans thought losing the Premier League to Liverpool by eighteen points was bad, perhaps this three-minute Xylem commercial will offer some perspective.
    • Body and SoulFew things have changed for the better in recent months, but Coca-Cola explore one of the silver linings of lockdown in their latest ad.
    • Jim Hosking arrives at The Sweetshop.Jim Hosking, the man behind such oddities as ‘The Greasy Strangler’ and Adult Swim’s Tropical Cop Tales, has joined The Sweetshop for global representation.
    • Park Village sign NosPark Village have bolstered their roster with the signing of cinematographer-turned-director Nos.
    • Staycation NationHeinz encourage Brits to make the most of their Covid-enforced staycations in this personable ad.
    • The Sweetshop pick Tom Gould.New Zealand director and photographer Tom Gould has joined The Sweetshop’s world-spanning commercial roster.
    • The waiting game.Adidas and director Sarah Chatfield focus on Olympic/Paralympic hopefuls delayed - but not defeated by - the coronavirus pandemic.


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A Monster calls at Dirty Films.

Hackney-based production company Dirty Films have unveiled their new fashion, music, and culture division.

Described as a “bold and curious” creative studio, Monster boast a twenty-strong roster at launch, including directors, animators, photographers, and a host of other young creative sparks.


5 August 2020

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to wreak havoc on dating culture, Porsche target those "hopelessly in love with driving" instead with this beautifully shot commercial. Like a sonnet written by a car dealer, the, ahem, red-blooded script stops just short of endorsing second base with a motor vehicle. Just.

Thank goodness, then, for director Patrick Fileti, who keeps things moving with a steady stream of revs (high-quality headphones are recommended) and topsy-turvy camerawork. Aided by flashes by hot-rod red exteriors, the result is a tactile piece of filmmaking that will get the target audience's engines going... within reason.

Meji Alabi signs to RSA

RSA have signed acclaimed director and photographer Meji Alabi to their roster for US and UK commercial representation.

Alabi's reel reflects the diverse cultures of his upbringing - having spent his formative years between London, Lagos, and Texas - and these influences shine through his use of vibrant imagery and distinctive storytelling style.


Tommee Tippee
"Parent On"
4 August 2020

This understated commercial for baby feeding and weaning brand Tommee Tippee uses inviting visuals and intimate sound design to bring new parents onside. Shot by the Swedish one-two of director Marcus Storm and DP Markus Ljungberg, the ad shows what mums and dads do best after an early morning alarm call.

The parents and their offspring take centre stage here, with the brand content to play a supporting role. We catch glimpses of a baby monitor and a milk prep machine in the background, which give the adult cast a chance to calibrate themselves in the gloom. This helps the subsequent moments of domestic bliss register even more.

"You Can't Stop Us"
4 August 2020

Considering the fact that much of Western civilisation is currently descending into a fascist cesspit, one might expect the majority of objections to this spirited Nike commercial to be of the bigoted variety. However, a glance at the comments section indicates something different - namely that the appearance of 'wokeness' can only get a brand so far.

Director Oscar Hudson has made a lovely piece of work, splitting the screen to emphasise Nike's support of diversity within sport and social justice. It's skilfully crafted filmmaking, yet its message (and the audience response) is complicated by the brand's apparent use of slave labour. This should serve as a reminder that consumers expect progressive messages to be accompanied with equally progressive action.


Recent Promos
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Glass Animals
"It's All So Incredibly Loud"
3 mins 46s
6 Aug 2020
This atmospheric promo for Glass Animals' 'It's All So Incredibly Loud' makes the most of Dave Bayley's ethereal vocals. A steamy swimming pool after dark provides the backdrop, while tension slowly ratchets up as Bayley teeters on the edge of a diving board. It's a simple concept which benefits from an impressively restrained execution.

"My Only Love"
3 mins 30s
6 Aug 2020
There's no happy ending in this poignant promo for Moby's latest track 'My Only Love', which only serves to hammer home the film's urgent environmental message. Animals and humans alike are shown experiencing the devastating impacts of deforestation - being poached, burned, and exterminated as their homes are destroyed.

"Tears, Sweat, Blood"
3 mins 11s
28 Jul 2020
Rapper DC’s latest track ‘Tears, Sweat, Blood’ receives an artful promo courtesy of director LX, who knowingly blends realist grit with generic guile. While his entourage sport jumpers with the slogan ‘Only the Paranoid Survive’, the Londoner delivers a flowing yet grounded insight into life where “lames try to kill my buzz” and “white man thinks that I'm local dealing”.

"Rari (ft. Future)"
2 mins 55s
3 Aug 2020
This, er, heartfelt promo for Octavian sees the Anglo-French rapper clutch said organ in his hands like a bare-chested surgeon. This and a stylised duel between two Ferraris demand attention, but the lyrics (“The bitches gon' follow, and wanna love me/The money gonna follow, they wanna love me”) are, for better or worse, stubbornly retrograde

"Forever and a Day"
3 mins 45s
4 Aug 2020
This striking promo for Drama's single 'Forever and a Day' muses on the impermanence of passing relationships. Directed by justfriends aka Scott Perry and Tucker Bliss, the film takes the form of short vignettes which give brief insights into characters' lives - a moment of calm during a commute, a walk through rainy city streets, the stillness of a routine long-turned stale, etc.

The Strokes
"Ode to the Mets"
6 mins 48s
30 Jul 2020
This era-spanning promo for the Strokes’ ‘Ode to the Mets’ traces the story of New York City through stylised animation and various cultural touchstones. Directed by Warren Fu, what begins as a slice of arcade game history morphs into a vivid city tour and ends up as a melancholic trip underwater and finally into outer space.

4 mins 12s
23 Jul 2020
Edgy animation and deliberately scrappy VFX propel this Ghetts promo from director RUFFMERCY. Boasting gonzo mask designs and judicious use of film grain, ‘Mozambique’ feels both gritty and mischievous at the same time. It's an ambitious return for the grime philosopher from Plaistow, and a fetching one at that.

Moses Sumney
"Me in 20 Years"
4 mins 14s
24 Jul 2020
One of the most common job interview questions is: “Where do you see yourself in five years?” Try it on singer-songwriter Moses Sumney and you’ll get ‘Me In 20 Years’ - an emotionally wrought ballad set in “endless January” and haunted by the prospect of “milk turning to rot too soon”. Certainly beats the usual guff about professional growth, etc.

"Keep Moving"
2 mins 54s
23 Jul 2020
To paraphrase Arrested Development’s Tobias Fünke, corporate videos are ripe for parody. Cue this excellent promo from Swedish directors StyleWar, who turn stock footage of boardroom meetings and forced smiles into an alternate dimension where the laws of physics and HR no longer apply.

The Rolling Stones
"Criss Cross"
4 mins 49s
21 Jul 2020
Director and photographer Diana Kunst teams up with model Marina Ontanaya for a Rolling Stones promo with a difference. An offcut from 1973’s ‘Goats Head Soup’ album, ‘Criss Cross’ is given a new lease of life in 2020 and some racy visuals to boot. Filmed across several locations including New York City and Ibiza, Kunst’s promo is flirty, restless, and uninhibited.

2 mins 59s
20 Jul 2020
Travis frontman Fran Healy once observed that “the circle only has one side”. This promo for ‘Valentine’ further strengthens Healy’s theory, as he lies on the ground surrounded by a ring of pulsing lights. Perhaps invigorated by his new red boiler suit, it’s another fetching piece of work by Healy and a worthwhile follow-up to June’s ‘A Ghost’.

"My High (ft. Aminé, slowthai)"
4 mins 28s
10 Jul 2020
A trip to the emergency room takes an unexpected turn in this intriguing promo for Disclosure's latest single 'My High'. Opening with a car crash and then, well, becoming a car crash, the film sees an unfortunate bloke liberated from hospital while strapped to a gurney. He's quickly whisked off on a whirlwind tour of Mexico City, although not one many tourists would prefer.

Moses Boyd
"Stranger Than Fiction"
3 mins 48s
8 Jul 2020
This white-hot promo for South London-based musician Moses Boyd's latest track offers a dreamlike insight into the creative process. The film itself becomes an instrument as it develops its own rhythm alongside the music, with Boyd and company glowing against a dark background like spirits possessed by song.

Jorja Smith
"Rose Rouge"
5 mins 57s
6 Jul 2020
Samona Olanipekun’s well-curated promo uses footage of Black Lives Matter protests in order to keep the fire burning. As Jorja Smith elegantly covers ‘Rose Rouge’ by St Germain, Olanipekun highlights some of the defining moments of anti-racism marches past and present. One of the jazzier protest films you’re likely to see this year.

Little Dragon
"Where You Belong"
3 mins 36s
1 Jul 2020
This promo for Little Dragon's latest track 'Where You Belong' takes a visually dynamic approach to scrapbooking. Shots of gigs, tours, and musicians playing together and celebrating backstage feel like they're from another world now, which is only heightened by the liberal use of fizzy VFX. Nostalgic and forward-looking by turns.

Glass Animals
"Heat Waves"
3 mins 56s
2 Jul 2020
Director Colin Read and psychedelic pop band Glass Animals have enjoyed a busy lockdown together, so to speak. Following May’s 'film it yourself' promo for ‘Dreamland’, Read and frontman Dave Bayley hit the streets of Hackney with speakers in tow. How many concerned artists would do the same in order to play live once again?

Clap! Clap!
"Moving On (ft. Martha Da'ro)"
4 mins 13s
1 Jul 2020
Guest vocalist Martha Da’ro takes centre stage in this promo for Clap! Clap!’s new single ‘Moving On’. Despite lockdown restrictions, Belgium-based singer Da’ro runs with the track’s title and delivers a pleasingly assured groove. Meanwhile, director-stroke-animator RuffMercy opts for gold leaf and a scratchy, multicoloured outfit as window dressing.

"Love Not Loving You"
3 mins 34s
30 Jun 2020
One wouldn’t normally associate bouncy electro-pop with art history, but Foxes thinks there’s crossover appeal. The singer, also known as Louisa Rose Allen, and director Rauri Cantelo present a moving collage to promote ‘Love Not Loving You’. Like a pair of cultural magpies, Foxes and Cantelo cut and paste pieces of classical art to their own beat.

"Say Something"
4 mins
26 Jun 2020
This whimsical promo for Kodaline's 'Say Something' takes a unique approach to going out during quarantine. Directed by Stevie Russell and starring his young daughter Willow, the film follows a would-be astronaut's journey to getting off this rock. The action unfolds in charming fashion as the pint-sized cosmonaut appears to construct a space ship from household materials.

Lewis del Mar
"The Ceiling"
2 mins 57s
22 Jun 2020
At times, lockdown has felt like an extended episode of MTV Cribs. Artists and directors alike have turned their homes into makeshift film sets, offering unexpected insights into A-list feng shui and interior design choices. Jason Sondock - one half of directing duo Rubberband - is the latest to show viewers around in the name of entertainment.

"I Can See The Change"
3 mins 38s
24 Jun 2020
This sleek promo for Celeste's 'I Can See The Change' provides a beautiful example of what's possible under lockdown. Director Sophie Jones and DP Joel Honeywell conducted the shoot remotely, coaching both the singer and her housemate Holly Milk through each step of filming. The result is a charming blend of vintage TV aesthetics and black-and-white movie performances

Scarlet Pleasure
3 mins 37s
23 Jun 2020
There's a pleasingly retro vibe to this promo for Danish outfit Scarlet Pleasure's latest track 'SOS'. With oversaturated colours and unusually-angled shots to keep viewers on their toes, the film resembles a sunny daydream - something which is only enhanced by the band's ska-influenced sound. Ideal for whatever summer 2020 brings.

Mae Muller
"I Don't Want Your Money"
3 mins
22 Jun 2020
Mae Muller is the latest singer to release a lockdown promo, with visuals for ‘I Don’t Want Your Money’ shot on iPhone. It’s hard not to imagine how such promos would look under normal circumstances, and this doesn’t quite do Muller’s witty lyrics justice. Still, Muller’s expressive performance keeps viewers invested.

"So We Won't Forget"
5 mins 43s
19 Jun 2020
Scott Dungate directs this beguiling promo for Khruangbin set in rural Japan, featuring a grieving father and an oversized toy rabbit. Much to the chagrin of local motorists, the two embark on a long cycle ride… one the human protagonist has completed many times before. His destination is a shrine festooned with sweets, plush toys, and fizzy drinks - a memorial to his late daughter.

Gabriel Garzón-Montano
3 mins 42s
18 Jun 2020
French-Colombian multi-instrumentalist Gabriel Garzon-Montano takes his cues from the likes of Prince and Lenny Kravitz - both in terms of a funk-influenced sound and a distinctly sensual aesthetic. This is encapsulated nicely in his latest promo for 'Someone,' a pastel-pink affair which has the singer lamenting a lover who's left him for pastures new.

Recent Promos
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