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 "You're not an artist, Peggy. You solve problems." Don Draper.

    • Jim Weedon enlists with The Visionaries.Experienced commercials director Jim Weedon has joined the freelance roster at The Visionaries.
    • Karen Cunningham arrives at 2AM.2AM Films have welcomed Karen Cunningham to their roster for representation.
    • Ali Ali heads to Arts & SciencesArts & Sciences have added award-winning director Ali Ali to their roster for commercial representation.
    • Caught in a trap.HSBC attempt to address the relentless financial trap of homelessness in this hard-hitting commercial.
    • The Progress Film Company nab Zee Ntuli.South African director Zee Ntuli has joined the ambitious team at The Progress Film Company.
    • Gin, set, and match.The Sipsmith Swan turns Wimbledon into "the official tennis" of his distillery.
    • Educating Dave.Compulsive spokesman Eric Cantona's next port of call is Sports Direct, who aim to convert non-believers as Euro 2020 unfolds.
    • Diabetic denial.A diabetes diagnosis can feel like being plunged into a world of restrictions, but this entertaining ad for Freestyle suggests help is at hand.
    • Hanging on the telephone.The trend for elaborate squad announcements continues with this stirring piece of work for the Football Association.
    • CMN PPL FLMS welcome Marta.Iceland’s Álfheiður Marta has joined the commercial and music video roster at Common People Films.


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"Just a Game!?"
1 min 40s
15 June 2021

Compulsive spokesman Eric Cantona's next port of call is Sports Direct, who aim to convert non-believers as Euro 2020 unfolds. First on the list is Dave - an electrician who sees nothing wrong about a power cut during the big game. That's where Cantona, the ghosts of football past, present, and future rolled into one, comes in.

Like the retailer’s 2020 Christmas ad, ‘Just A Game!?’ boasts Premier League starpower (Trent Alexander-Arnold, Bruno Fernandes, and Harry Maguire, among others) and raw skills from the teenage cast. The Nike influence is again obvious, but that doesn't detract from a spirited ad which sweeps viewers - and Dave - along with gusto.

Freestyle Diabetes Checker
"Now You Know"
1 min 33s
16 June 2021

A diabetes diagnosis can feel like being plunged into a world of restrictions, but this entertaining ad for Freestyle suggests help is at hand. The brand's constant blood sugar monitor aims to help the recently diagnosed get to grips with their glucose levels, offering a route through the cacophony of 'no's.

An animated voiceover brings requisite energy to proceedings, as what begins as a bit of light reading rapidly descends into limiting chaos. Salt, sugar, soda - it's all revealed to be off the table in amusing fashion, from a scuttling salt shaker to a can of fizz that pours itself backwards.

Director Mark Molloy has done a lovely job of creating a claustrophobic atmosphere despite the ad's comedic tone, meaning the hushed resolution is extra-effective. Fun and hard-working in equal measure, it's worth a second watch to absorb all the minor details.

The FA
"The Call-Up (ft. Wretch 32)"
1 min 43s
15 June 2021

The trend for elaborate squad announcements continues with this stirring piece of work for the Football Association. Press conference junkies might flinch, but the governing body’s faith in director Keane Pearce Shaw and rapper Wretch 32 has paid off.

This is in large part down to the casting, as national spirit is rendered with diversity and personality. Fans use (among other things) spray paint, prosthetic legs, and signet rings to express themselves, while one even has a shrine to the Three Lions. Who could have predicted that after Euro 2016?

Of course, a lot has changed since that infamous defeat to Iceland. Grenfell Tower, Black Lives Matter, and Covid-19 (“I’m self-isolating, but I still feel the community”) have all emphasised the need for harmony, and perhaps Gareth Southgate's twenty-six-man squad can inspire supporters beyond the next few weeks.

CMN PPL FLMS welcome Marta.

Iceland’s Álfheiður Marta has joined the commercial and music video roster at Common People Films.

After working in sales for Bíó Paradís, Iceland's only arthouse cinema, Marta joined Sagafilm as a producer. She then switched to directing and hasn't looked back.

Like most of her contemporaries, Marta has adapted to Covid-secure film shoots and travel restrictions over the last year. After shooting a hopeful piece for Iceland's Department of Civil Protection, she's ready for a change of scenery.


Gurinder Chadha joins Snapper

Snapper have signed lauded filmmaker Gurinder Chadha to their roster for commercial representation.

Known for her powerful storytelling and commitment to elevating marginalised stories to a global stage, Chadha is best known for her contributions to British cinema. Features like 'Bend it Like Beckham' and 'Viceroy's House' demonstrate her ability to explore the human stories within cultural connections - witty, painful, and relatable by turns.



Recent Promos
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"Call On Me"
3 mins 22s
18 Jun 2021
Old-school glamour enters the 21st Century in this arresting promo for RAYE's 'Call On Me'. Director Sophia Ray captures the soft-focus look of classic musicals throughout the glitzy film, as RAYE and co. model outfits appropriately bedecked with fur, feathers, and rhinestones galore. Diamonds are, it seems, still a girl's best friend in 2021.

Bloom Twins
"High On Beat"
3 mins 34s
17 Jun 2021
This sleek promo for the Bloom Twins' 'High On Beat' blends trippy visuals with a fashion-forward attitude. Director Francis Wallis and cinematographer Ahmet Hüsseyin use offbeat camera angles and washes of neon light to keep the viewer constantly on the back foot, never knowing what to expect from the intriguing visuals.

Brother Leo
3 mins 28s
11 Jun 2021
Many artists have offered up modern interpretations of the Bible over the years, though none with quite such a glossy Hollywood sheen as this promo from Brother Leo. 'People' sees Jesus Christ cast as a fallen icon, a former celebrity trying to come to terms with the corruption of his image in a fame-obsessed world.

Greentea Peng
"Free My People"
3 mins 45s
10 Jun 2021
This hypnotic promo from neo-soul singer Greentea Peng arrives on the scene at an apt moment. With lockdowns ending and vaccines bringing isolation across Britain to a close, 'Free My People' seems set to be a laid-back anthem of summer liberation. That hazy atmosphere is beautifully rendered by director Melody Maker, who explores small moments of humanity throughout the film.

Zoe Wees
"Hold Me Like You Used To"
3 mins 12s
10 Jun 2021
This emotionally-charged promo from director Gemma Yin is a colourful exploration of grief and acceptance. As German pop star Zoe Wees sings "Now you're taken from this world/I hope you can finally breathe", Yin cuts between black-and-white and a heightened amber hue. Crucially, none of this dilutes Wees's powerful vocals.

Cautious Clay
2 mins 50s
9 Jun 2021
Audience perspective takes centre stage in this promo for Cautious Clay's 'Wildfire'. The film invokes an old-school vibe as it explores how listeners' circumstances affect their interpretation of the American R&B artist's melancholy yet melodious tones - adding weight to the old adage that beauty (or pain) is truly in the eye of the beholder.

Digital Farm Animals
"Last Night"
2 mins 44s
2 Jun 2021
'Last Night' by Digital Farm Animals sounds like a poolside banger that you can still hear underwater. With ear plugs in. At least director Elliot Simpson's promo entertains, with a pig-helmeted DJ and guest vocalist Harlee unleashing chaos in suburbia. For once, a house party that doesn't outstay its welcome.

"Live to Survive"
4 mins 07s
1 Jun 2021
Danish singer-songwriter MØ returns with a thumping, defiant piece of electropop that is hard to resist. Karen Marie Ørsted hurls lyrics like "You dragged me down that hole with you/So now you can stay there" and "You won't be the last of me, baby" with relish, as the track blends twinkly synths and a tenacious drumbeat.

Depeche Mode
"In Your Room"
5 mins 07s
25 May 2021
The star of this Depeche Mode promo - former/current disgraced/redeemed ballet prodigy Sergei Polunin - is a complicated guy. As such, it's no wonder he's the subject of Anton Corbijn's upcoming documentary Dancer II, from which this performance is an excerpt. The director's characteristic blend of emotion and aesthetic is brought to play beautifully here, as Polunin cuts a wasted figure while trudging through a beach environment. The real star of the piece, of course, is the performance.

Glass Animals
"Space Ghost Coast to Coast"
3 mins 10s
25 May 2021
Commuters will never look at Haggerston train station the same way again after watching this Max Siedentopf-directed promo for Glass Animals. Siedentopf's airborne camera acquires frontman Dave Bayley on the street below, only for a swarm of computer-generated, naturist clones to steal his thunder.

Billie Marten
"Human Replacement"
3 mins 04s
21 May 2021
This imposing Billie Marten promo reminds DAVID of a scene from 'Batman Begins' where a police officer is asked to describe the Batmobile ("It's a black...tank"). Sure enough, director Joe Wheatley sends the singer and songwriter on a late-night tour of London aboard an armoured fighting vehicle.

Django Django
"Kick The Devil Out"
3 mins 36s
21 May 2021
The Dude may not abide, but the Devil certainly does in this intriguing promo for Django Django's 'Kick The Devil Out'. The art-rock quartet offer their sideways take on a screwball comedy in the promo, which creates a vintage vibe as it sees a demon wreak havoc in suburbia.

"Rubber Bands"
3 mins 43s
19 May 2021
Love and loss are in the air in this enthralling promo for Berwyn's 'Rubber Bands'. A couple find themselves inexorably drawn together and pushed apart in equal measure, their fraught relationship shaping their environment as circumstances overwhelm their need to be together.

"Same Song"
2 mins 38s
19 May 2021
Familia new boys Alex + Plex Studio direct this heightened promo for electro-pop artist Beatrich. Woozy, pressing camera work draws viewers into the Lithuanian's febrile state of mind, as she defies an incompatible relationship once and for all ("You like to play games and you like to compete/But you know it doesn’t work with me").

Autow Nite Superstore
4 mins 57s
18 May 2021
This artsy promo for Autow Nite Superstore's 'SYZYGY' combines quirky art direction and choreography to intriguing effect. The electronic music producer-slash-DJ's beat driven sound is elevated by director Effie Pappa's esoteric visuals, which see a living picture frame perform operatic vocals and a dungaree-clad bloke pull some serious shapes.

8 mins 14s
19 May 2021
Rejoining the world is a daunting prospect for some after a year-plus of isolation, and this compelling promo for 'Pamphlets' renders that hesitance in tactile fashion. Agoraphobia and anxiety take on a surreal quality as the pink, horned protagonist festers in their enclosed world, while singer Ollie Judge howls "That's why I don't go outside".

Don Broco
"Manchester Super Reds No. 1 Fan"
3 mins 50s
17 May 2021
DAVID's grip on reality is shaky at best right now, and this promo for rock band Don Broco only exacerbates the situation. Dressed in Starfleet regalia throughout, the four-piece (think Bedford's version of the Beastie Boys or Linkin Park) operate a David Beckham cloning lab with mixed results. Dr. Ian Malcolm would have a field day with this.

Sports Team
"Happy (God's Own Country)"
2 mins 48s
12 May 2021
London indie rockers Sports Team take to the countryside in this vintage-inspired promo for 'Happy (God's Own Country)'. Directed by Georgina Cammalleri, the film takes its cues from Seventies folk horror classic 'The Wicker Man', and features singer Alex Rice and co. partaking in all the Morris dancing and bonfires they can handle.

Georgia Twinn
2 mins 58s
12 May 2021
This moody promo suggests that Essex-based musician Georgia Twinn is one to watch. Fans of 'The Silence of the Lambs' will appreciate the blend of night vision and moths in mouths, while Twinn's orange hair provides welcome respite from the darkness. We'll be intrigued to see how the singer's aesthetic develops over time.

Jamaal Monarch
"Love's A Joke, I'm the Butt of It"
3 mins 53s
11 May 2021
This perspective-challenging promo from Jamaal Monarch plays with its viewers' sense of direction in addition to their expectations. Directed by Shimmy Ahmed, the film offers an insight into a couple's upside-down relationship, beset by unrequited love and internal pressures. Washes of neon light and ever-shifting camera angles give the film a dreamlike quality, as rapper Monarch delivers lines which are posturing and vulnerable by turns.

Paloma Faith
3 mins 23s
10 May 2021
Hammer Horror meets female empowerment in this absorbing promo for Paloma Faith's latest track 'Monster'. The film offers a modern twist on the Frankenstein mythos, as a mysterious mad scientist figure attempts to create the 'perfect' woman in increasingly unhinged ways. Director Yousef draws from a diverse range of influences here, with touches of Bollywood and heightened horror shining through.

"I'd Rather Die Than Be Deported"
2 mins 38s
6 May 2021
Hollywood's obsession with the Golden Gate Bridge has been well documented over the years. Perhaps this striking promo for Berwyn will inspire filmmakers to consider the Dartford Crossing instead. Shot by Stink Rising's LOOSE, the promo is a one-take journey across the bridge with Berwyn leaning out of a moving vehicle.

Phoebe Green
3 mins 34s
5 May 2021
Mancunian electro-pop artist Phoebe Green returns with a slice of Eighties-inspired cool in the form of latest track 'IDK'. Shades of Blondie and New Order flit through the track's relentless pulse and hypnotic vocal drone, as Green remarks drolly on "cyclical occurrences and cynical people" making her lose touch with reality.

2 mins 25s
28 Apr 2021
This enigmatic promo for Clark's 'Small' centres on a young boy who seems to be the king of his own ruined castle. The child's isolation is palpable as he beach-combs solo, collecting trinkets to be examined later on a perch overlooking the flooded world around. Apocalyptic hints are peppered throughout the film's slow, lingering shots, suggesting that perhaps this is the last survivor of some catastrophic event.

Gigi Moss
"Poisoned Whispers"
3 mins 16s
27 Apr 2021
Gigi Moss goes (London) underground in this promo for an acoustic version of debut single 'Poisoned Whispers'. The singer wanders through an empty Tube train carriage, as director Chris Fowles and DP Marti Guiver makes the most of the cramped setting. Well-judged lighting further enhances Moss's solo journey.

Recent Promos
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