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Latest Work
    • FLOCK swoop for Nick Lofting.FLOCK have added veteran cutter Nick Lofting to their core roster.
    • Second Place SpideyThis 'Spider-Man: Far From Home' tie-in promotes the new Audi e-tron GT.
    • Living Out LoudNike continue their campaign celebrating those who live fearlessly with a new film focused on Caster Semenya.
    • Ad Break - Game of Thrones.According to The Guardian, 3.2 million people watched the final episode of Game of Thrones in the UK when it was broadcast at two o'clock in the morning on 21 May.
    • Worn CarelesslyAdidas buck current trends by celebrating their 'Supercourt' sneakers getting thoroughly trashed.
    • The Juice is LooseOasis attempt to harness the Millennial hatred of being advertised to in this tongue in cheek commercial.
    • As luck would have it.A flight attendant describes the moment her world came crashing down - or, crashing into a fruit stand, to be more precise - in this twisty commercial for the New Zealand lottery.
    • The beast's burden.Director Thomas Kelly's bristling study of Muay Thai fighter James Chaney could be termed a nature documentary.
    • Sneaker little devil.A teenager preys on the generosity of the rich and famous in this mischievous Foot Locker commercial.
    • Coffee to go.Dunkin' Donuts have come up with a range of signature, erm, Espresso-Wear to ensure that coffee lovers can enjoy their iced beverages hands-free.
    • Screen break.This stark ad for The Film & Television Charity targets industry professionals struggling with mental health issues.
    • Proud to Fight OnPride in London have released a film commemorating the event's jubilee year.


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Lotto Powerball
24 June 2019

A flight attendant describes the moment her world came crashing down - or, crashing into a fruit stand, to be more precise - in this twisty commercial for the New Zealand lottery. Arm in plaster, the woman tells her enthralled nurse how she won the jackpot... and lost the ticket just minutes later.

Like previous instalments in this campaign (including 2018's 'Armoured Truck'), the ad runs a gamut of emotions as the hero experiences joy, disbelief, panic, and acceptance. Needless to say, there's more to her loss than meets the eye.

Even if the denouement feels oddly flat in comparison to what comes before it, the brand still deliver another touching distillation of their values - reminding players that life is a bumpy ride worth taking.

Short Films
5 mins 40s
24 June 2019

Director Thomas Kelly's bristling study of Muay Thai fighter James Chaney could be termed a nature documentary, so in tune is the protagonist with his beastly side. The Californian insists he must "think like an animal" during a bout, both as a form of attack and of defence. As Kelly makes clear, Chaney is a vulnerable yet potent breed.

We're told Chaney emigrated from the United States to Southeast Asia to - for want of a better phrase - "pick a fight" with anyone willing to take him on. He's been in demand ever since, yet the standard of competition means victory is never guaranteed. The opening shot of Chaney's bloodied face proves it.

The fights themselves are blurry, fraught affairs, with one or two brutal hits made painfully clear for all to see, hear, and feel. Together with Chaney's coiled-spring narration, it's a worthy and expressive look at one man-slash-beast's desire to fight.

Foot Locker
"The Letter"
21 June 2019

A teenager preys on the generosity of the rich and famous in this mischievous Foot Locker commercial, which stars basketball player PJ Tucker, singer Pia Mia, and child actor JD McCrary. While the trio may not be household name on these shores, they're ideal fodder for a cunning opportunist.

It all starts innocently enough, with Tucker, Mia, and McCrary each reading out a fan letter from their "biggest fan". All Nick wants is the chance to meet his idol and ease the pain of his broken leg - failing that, a pair of Nike Air Maxes will suffice.

Kind-hearted celebrities that they are, the trio - with Tucker's barber offering counsel - send the lad his sneakers with their own heartfelt replies. Unbeknownst to them, Nick has a lot of famous penpals.

While a sneaker-obsessed shyster may not be the most sympathetic, director Malik Vitthall keeps tongue squarely in cheek as he distills the brand's hype for overpriced shoes.

Dunkin' Donuts
"Signature Espresso-Wear "
21 June 2019

Dunkin' Donuts have come up with a range of signature, erm, Espresso-Wear to ensure that coffee lovers can enjoy their iced beverages hands-free in the summer heat. From the Latte-nkini with its belt of cup holders to the stylish Latte-viators which allow head-side beverage access, the designs are certainly innovative... if bizarre.

Such off-beat humour extends to the soundtrack, too, as a gentle, folksy song narrates the benefits of each article of Espresso-Wear. This is parody done with the right blend of affection and knowingness, and director Peter Marquis has set the tone at just the right temperature.

Film & Television Charity
"The Looking Glass"
1 min 36s
19 June 2019

This stark ad for The Film & Television Charity urges industry professionals suffering from work-related stress and other mental health issues to have their say via a new confidential survey. Scored by The Cure's ‘The Kiss', the ad uses Black Mirror-inspired imagery and a ‘glitching' protagonist to vividly highlight the issue.

Despite its heavily stylised aesthetic, the ad also registers on an emotional level. This is thanks in large part to a fraught lead performance, with desperation etched across the protagonist's face as he hurls himself against the screen.

As other forms of media - most notably video game development - begin to confront the psychological cost of crunch time and poor job security, this depiction of mind versus matter kick-starts the conversation in film and TV circles.


On This Day
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"Not Naughty Enough"
26 Jun 2006
Shades of Green Wing in this highly amusing ad as a woman feels Maltesers do not make her feel naughty enough and so she decides to expose her bra-clad breasts to a man passing her office. His subsequent collapse has her feeling much better about life.

Channel 4
"Disarming Britain"
3 mins 40s
26 Jun 2008
Full length version of Brett Foraker's outstanding trail for a forthcoming programme about gun culture depicts various situations in which tempers are roused to illustrate how easy it is for firearms to enter the fray. The manner in which people make their hands into gun shapes is a brilliant metaphor for the ease with which guns can be acquired.

Sky News
26 Jun 2014
There are an awful lot of good choices in this outstanding trail for Sky News, which manages to capture the excitement of live broadcasting and some sense of the chaos out of which it often emerges. Snatched shots barely a second apiece have been compiled to create a sense of urgency as Sky News's reporters prepare to deliver pieces to camera or wait patiently for the next development.

Newcastle Brown Ale
"Independence Eve"
2 mins 25s
26 Jun 2014
Stephen Merchant puts it to the Americans that they'd have been far better off remaining a British colony in this amusing commercial for Newky Broon. In nailing this script, the more talented half of the Merchant-Gervais axis once again demonstrates why the more famous half is a fool to ever make anything without him. Derek! FFS!

Virgin Mobile
1 min 55s
26 Jun 2014
Cats + selfies = catsies. It's the next next Big Thing on the internet. According to Virgin Mobile anyway, with a little help from the Galaxy S5. This clever and highly amusing online spot explains how a team are working not only to create that next next Big Thing, but to open doors "for unparalleled self-expression" for cats who want to share their lives with the world.

One Direction
"Between Us"
1 min 35s
26 Jun 2015
Wonderfully fun and cheesy, this spot for One Direction's new, ah, fragrance also has lashings of style. A decent performance has been coaxed out of the boy band who are shown here demonstrating the effort it took to acquire the ingredients that make up this perfume. 1D fans everywhere are going to love this.

"Lonely Hearts"
26 Jun 2015
The awkwardness of a blind date is perfectly captured in this typically lovely piece for McDonald's as a couple who seem to have literally nothing in common finally discover a connection at the eleventh hour. The vignettes have been brilliantly delivered by Sean Meehan. Each moment induces a slightly bigger cringe than the last and it's clear before their time together is over that Cupid's arrow has fallen short of its target.

Kit Kat
"The Red Phone"
26 Jun 2018
This entertaining spoof from Kit Kat demonstrates that sometimes, even people in the most high-powered positions need a break. Imminent annihilation may not be enough to make this general sweat... but a badly-timed call from mum is enough to push even the coolest heads to the brink.

Unstereotype Alliance
2 mins 15s
26 Jun 2018
The Unstereotype Alliance have launched this film to mark one year of their mission to end stereotyping within the ad industry. The thought-provoking piece sees actors auditioning for typical commercial roles, acting out 'Useless Dad', 'Contented Mum', and 'Sexy Dancer' with an expected lack of subtlety. When the actors are finally allowed to speak and explain who they are, in contrast to the roles they're offered, the results are eye-opening,

"More Shower Singing"
26 Jun 2003
A collection of people begin singing 'I am what I am' as they get ready to pep themselves in a shower with a bit of help from Radox. Among them is a young woman who we have a strange feeling we'll be hearing more from... possible becoming a popular executive producer and one day becoming pregnant with twins.

Shredded Wheat
"Other Cereals"
26 Jun 2006
Another stylishly shot film for Shredded Wheat once again depicts a puzzled Ian Botham. This time he is trying to find another cereal that has only a single ingredient as Shredded Wheat does... he cannot find one as the competition (including many cereals also made by Nestlé) are laced with additives.

"Fifty Times Extra"
26 Jun 2006
Howard's back and he's still singing. here he is accompanied by a number of other members of the Halifax staff who feel they have what it takes to abandon their banking careers in favour of show business. How come Howard is still named as Howard (Shelton) when DAVID suspects it's a long time since he stood behind the plate glass?

"Believe In Children"
26 Jun 2007
A hard hitting ad to launch a new campaign for the children's charity explains how they do not give up on anyone even when everyone else has. A young boy describes how of all the people in his life who he has told to 'fuck off', Barnardo's alone came back to try again and again.

The Observer
"Book Of Inventions"
26 Jun 2008
Adam Hart-Davis provides the voice and Blac Ionica provide the stuff that pops out of a toaster in a joint bid to let us know about a book included in this Sunday's edition of the newspaper which looks at 'Inventions'. W+K, ably abetted by Another Film Company, continue to do sterling work with these 'quota quickies'.

26 Jun 2008
Nokia is joining up the world in a myriad of different ways according to this impressive commercial for the Scandinavian mobile phone manufacturer. Nokia has developed a knack for announcing the arrival of new models with tremendous fanfare without appearing to do so.

Microsoft Xbox Rock Band
26 Jun 2008
There's an excellent depiction of the fun to be had with a karaoke-based computer game in this ad. David Bowie's Suffragette City is covered by numerous wannabes, each taking a turn at the microphone at a gig. It looks like genuine fun and, for once, in an ad of this kind the musical choice is spot on.

John West
26 Jun 2008
An unusual technique gives this ad a strange but beautiful look as it demonstrates the freshness of John West's offerings by depicting a man rowing his way directly to Tesco with fish on board. Overall, it's very effective... still would have been better if he'd been attacked by an angry bear though.

Don't Stop Believing
26 Jun 2010
A new talent show coming to Channel 5 is cleverly advertised in this impressive trail. A series of singers perform a well constructed medley as their movements are cleverly choreographed to reflect the musical blend. The programme won't be as good as this trail.

"Young Man"
26 Jun 2011
YMCA by The Village People gets the confused.com treatment in the latest ad for the price comparison site. As with the previous ads in this series, whatever it lacks in artfulness it more than makes up for in exuberance.

Direct Line
"Half Off"
26 Jun 2012
Another neat piece of comedy interplay from Chris Addison and the gang has the geeky duo claiming that they split absolutely everything "straight down the middle" before the character played by Darren Boyd's character snidely reveals that the 'Sauvignon Blanc' is an exceptioon drawing a hurt response from his wife.

Co-op Supermarkets
26 Jun 2013
Lovely idea - use a track we associate with Christmas and make this a celebration of summertime instead with a family gathering at an al fresco meal. Lamb's lettuce doubles up as mistletoe; there's a chap who looks awfully like Santa without realising it, and cherry blossom falls like snow. Beautifully done.

Natural Scotland
"Dirty Little Secret"
26 Jun 2014
A nicely set-up script equating litter-throwing with, er, self-pleasuring is cleverly delivered as a mum talks to camera about her son's - and husband's - bad habits. However, you're left more impressed by the way the ad has managed to convey so many double entendres with a straight face than by the message itself. It might even encourage blokes of a certain mindset to scatter their detritus more than ever as a symbol of their 'virility'.

"Helluva Tour"
26 Jun 2015
A new chapter opens for Foster's after the recent decision to close down the beach hut and it looks like it's going to be a pretty intriguing bit of integration. A collaboration between the beer and Channel 4 will see a group of people driving all the way to Australia... it'll be interesting to see how far around the Middle East they need to go!

"Attempting Gym Again"
26 Jun 2017
Aussie health insurance provider AHM promote another of their amusingly specific policies; this time, it's ‘attempting gym again' cover… complete with remedial massage, no less. Handy for lapsed gymgoers like this bloke, whose fitness comeback ends before it's even begun as he subjects his arms to a leg press. Perhaps he should read the instructions first.

"Accidentally Ate That"
26 Jun 2017
Straight-talking Aussie health insurance provider AHM offer medical insurance 'you might actually use' in an amusing series of ads from Clemenger BBDO and Goodoil. This instalment focuses on Roger, who's successfully navigating a party before he runs into a fruity speed bump. The voiceover works well here, as the awkward annual 'bring your partner' cringe-fest plays out onscreen.

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