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 "You're not an artist, Peggy. You solve problems." Don Draper.

    • Jim Weedon enlists with The Visionaries.Experienced commercials director Jim Weedon has joined the freelance roster at The Visionaries.
    • Karen Cunningham arrives at 2AM.2AM Films have welcomed Karen Cunningham to their roster for representation.
    • Ali Ali heads to Arts & SciencesArts & Sciences have added award-winning director Ali Ali to their roster for commercial representation.
    • Caught in a trap.HSBC attempt to address the relentless financial trap of homelessness in this hard-hitting commercial.
    • The Progress Film Company nab Zee Ntuli.South African director Zee Ntuli has joined the ambitious team at The Progress Film Company.
    • Gin, set, and match.The Sipsmith Swan turns Wimbledon into "the official tennis" of his distillery.
    • Educating Dave.Compulsive spokesman Eric Cantona's next port of call is Sports Direct, who aim to convert non-believers as Euro 2020 unfolds.
    • Diabetic denial.A diabetes diagnosis can feel like being plunged into a world of restrictions, but this entertaining ad for Freestyle suggests help is at hand.
    • Hanging on the telephone.The trend for elaborate squad announcements continues with this stirring piece of work for the Football Association.
    • CMN PPL FLMS welcome Marta.Iceland’s Álfheiður Marta has joined the commercial and music video roster at Common People Films.


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Freestyle Diabetes Checker
"Now You Know"
1 min 33s
16 June 2021

A diabetes diagnosis can feel like being plunged into a world of restrictions, but this entertaining ad for Freestyle suggests help is at hand. The brand's constant blood sugar monitor aims to help the recently diagnosed get to grips with their glucose levels, offering a route through the cacophony of 'no's.

An animated voiceover brings requisite energy to proceedings, as what begins as a bit of light reading rapidly descends into limiting chaos. Salt, sugar, soda - it's all revealed to be off the table in amusing fashion, from a scuttling salt shaker to a can of fizz that pours itself backwards.

Director Mark Molloy has done a lovely job of creating a claustrophobic atmosphere despite the ad's comedic tone, meaning the hushed resolution is extra-effective. Fun and hard-working in equal measure, it's worth a second watch to absorb all the minor details.

The FA
"The Call-Up (ft. Wretch 32)"
1 min 43s
15 June 2021

The trend for elaborate squad announcements continues with this stirring piece of work for the Football Association. Press conference junkies might flinch, but the governing body’s faith in director Keane Pearce Shaw and rapper Wretch 32 has paid off.

This is in large part down to the casting, as national spirit is rendered with diversity and personality. Fans use (among other things) spray paint, prosthetic legs, and signet rings to express themselves, while one even has a shrine to the Three Lions. Who could have predicted that after Euro 2016?

Of course, a lot has changed since that infamous defeat to Iceland. Grenfell Tower, Black Lives Matter, and Covid-19 (“I’m self-isolating, but I still feel the community”) have all emphasised the need for harmony, and perhaps Gareth Southgate's twenty-six-man squad can inspire supporters beyond the next few weeks.

CMN PPL FLMS welcome Marta.

Iceland’s Álfheiður Marta has joined the commercial and music video roster at Common People Films.

After working in sales for Bíó Paradís, Iceland's only arthouse cinema, Marta joined Sagafilm as a producer. She then switched to directing and hasn't looked back.

Like most of her contemporaries, Marta has adapted to Covid-secure film shoots and travel restrictions over the last year. After shooting a hopeful piece for Iceland's Department of Civil Protection, she's ready for a change of scenery.


Gurinder Chadha joins Snapper

Snapper have signed lauded filmmaker Gurinder Chadha to their roster for commercial representation.

Known for her powerful storytelling and commitment to elevating marginalised stories to a global stage, Chadha is best known for her contributions to British cinema. Features like 'Bend it Like Beckham' and 'Viceroy's House' demonstrate her ability to explore the human stories within cultural connections - witty, painful, and relatable by turns.


Dr. Bowman joins Outsider.

Outsider have completed the signing of directing duo Laurens Jans and Herman van den Bosch aka Dr. Bowman.

The Dutch pair named themselves after the protagonist of '2001: A Space Odyssey', though are yet to encounter any murderous supercomputers so far. This gives Dr. Bowman more time (and oxygen) to grow their commercial reel.

Prolific both at home and abroad, the two now have the chance to impress UK brands with the help of executive producer Simon Elborne. "We sign directors based on two very simple criteria - talent and character. As soon as I saw Dr. Bowman's work it was clear they had that special touch."



On This Day
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Road Safety (Ulster)
"Just Because"
21 Jun 2012
Another impactful road safety film from Northern Ireland. This film lulls us into a false sense of security by depicting a series of near misses before unleashing its surprise twist. It's a hugely effective ploy and it actually draws greater attention to all the other examples of bad road use that could have ended the same way.

21 Jun 2016
The Swedes have a rhythmic concept of clocking off, particularly those who work at the Kopparberg factory. As the temperature rises and many of us find ourselves wanting to slink off to the nearest beer garden after a hard day's grind, this arresting commercial for the cider encourages us to partake in the rhythm of life whenever and wherever possible.

Right Guard
21 Jun 2016
Sequels are always tricky, but Right Guard produce a worthy successor to last summer's 'Kung Fu Fighting' ad with another helping of synchronised entertainment. Having conquered their workplace foes with a dance-off on a basketball court last time out, the deodorant brand's hip-to-be-square trio (led by one of the best beards in the business) hit the gym the only way they know how - and that's with a skip in their step.

"The Smallest Bar"
21 Jun 2016
This quirky, charming commercial introduces us to the owner of the smallest bar in Amsterdam. Despite his lack of square feet, he is an avid collector of chairs and it raises an intriguing question... why? The answer lies in his clever opportunism. Frozen canals may be an inconvenience for barge owners but they provide this enterprising business-owner with the opportunity to massively expand his customer base for a short while.

Cisco Systems
"Pep Talk"
21 Jun 2016
BT must watch this spirited commercial for Cisco and wonder why they didn't get this Ewan McGregor for the launch of their celebrity-heavy campaign last year. Call it a bad day at the office or proof that decaf coffee on-set was an unwise decision, the actor appeared oddly nonchalant at proceedings at BT HQ. Luckily for networking giants Cisco, they have the man firing on all cylinders.

Samsung Galaxy
21 Jun 2016
Ever look at your watch and wish you could add just one more minute - heck, even a second - on? After all, it's all you would need to complete the day's to-do list... but what if said to-do list was on your phone and the battery's dead? Time to panic? Not so with the Samsung Galaxy S7 as demonstrated in this energetic commercial directed by Rogue's Stacy Wall.

Foot Locker
"The Letter"
21 Jun 2019
A teenager preys on the generosity of the rich and famous in this mischievous Foot Locker commercial, which stars basketball player PJ Tucker, singer Pia Mia, and child actor JD McCrary. While the trio may not be household name on these shores, they're ideal fodder for a cunning opportunist like young Nick.

BBC Sport
"Ball Boy"
21 Jun 2006
We assume that the voiceover talking about the whole world watching and questioning whether he is fast enough belongs to one of the players who will be vying for this year's title but it is one of the ball boys who is speaking. You cannot beat that kind of dedication.

Domino's Pizza
"M & S Spoof"
21 Jun 2007
Unless we miss our guess, the voiceover in this ad is none other than Life On Mars's brilliant Philip Glenister. It starts as an M & S spoof with Glenister adopting a seductive tone before reverting to type as the product is revealed. So much so, you half expect him to say: "order one now, you poof".

Yoplait Yop
21 Jun 2007
Amusing animated ad shows three cavemen being chased by vicious dinosaurs. They all climb trees. The two who have had their Yoplait Yop are in better shape than the third who meets a grisly demise because his tree cannot support his weight. Drink Yoplait Yop or die... a powerful message.

"Big Noise"
21 Jun 2010
Another good gag from Specsavers. As a car makes its way through town with a pounding bass emanating from within, we can all guess who the inhabitant is likely to be... but is all that it seems? It's easy to guess the ending if you know what's being advertised but it's still funny.

"Average Life"
21 Jun 2010
The average life sounds anything other than average in this attractive ad for the troubled Japanese car manufacturer. Of course, it forgets to mention that your Toyota will, on average, be recalled to the factory three times in your lifetime.

Spike TV
"Spike Presents"
21 Jun 2011
The offerings of Spike TV have attention drawn to them by this intriguing film which uses a single shot to deliver a variety of different scenes. The music is an interesting fusion of styles and helps to reinforce the hip feel generated by the camera work.

21 Jun 2011
This special version of a recent commercial is designed to draw attention to Evian's role as the official water of Wimbledon. The technique which brings to life an image on a t-shirt works especially well when used to show a 'baby' serving a tennis ball.

21 Jun 2012
In this borderline racist ad, the Azerbaijani wrestling team work up a sweat to see if the advertised product can mask it. Innocent punters are then employed to see if they can work out what they are smelling. Instead of realising that they are close to burying their faces in Central Asian BO, they imagine they are smelling fragrant meadows.

Waitrose & Partners
"Pulled Pork"
21 Jun 2012
This ad addresses the welfare of the pigs farmed for Waitrose's budget range. These are comparative claims but there's no comparative data so a lot hinges on punters knowing what's what when it comes to animal welfare or having confidence that posh supermarket wouldn't be boasting about this treatment unless it compares well with animals destined for their rivals.

Direct Line
21 Jun 2012
Chris Addison is joined once again by Darren Boyd and Doon Mackichan in an ad for the insurance company that isn't on price comparison sites. The hapless couple are wrapped in sleeping bags after queuing all night to ensure they were among those able to take advantage of a special deal.

BBC Sport
"One Word"
21 Jun 2012
What does it take to win Wimbledon? The qualities required are printed on the sportsgear worn by some of the contenders in this neat BBC trail. "In the end, one word will set them apart," we're told... "champion". Though, in our experience, it's equally important to not be British.

Procter & Gamble
"Capital Clean Up"
2 mins
21 Jun 2012
The only reason we're persuaded that this isn't a spoof is because of our certainty that P & G would sue the arse off the makers if it was. In every other respect, it looks and sounds like a parody. It's almost as though those involved were trying to create deniability by draping it with irony. Love the toddler with the comb-over, by the way.

PG Tips
"Cuppa Club"
21 Jun 2013
Jonny Vegas forces tea down his own throat in this latest ad for PG Tips which promotes free tea sets from the brand. As 'mum', he urges himself to get through as much of the beverage as possible because together with Monkey's mum they're saving up the packets to send off for another spoon. Lovely performances as always.

"Make Someone Happy"
21 Jun 2013
This Pixar-style animated spot is actually rather charming. A kindly chap representing the service shows not only famous names to their perfect hotel rooms, but ordinary mortals too. Still not quite sure what Hotels.com does specifically, but we do know their intention is to make people happy. Aah.

"Father's Day Vines"
21 Jun 2015
This clever trio of vines for Morrisons by Point Blank's Ben Monk offers proof that it's possible to operate within the extraordinary limitations imposed by the format to communicate an effective message. It's arguable whether advertising is likely to make much of Vines but the potential of the short form has been exploited to the hilt here.

"The Ballboy"
21 Jun 2016
This is one in a series of meditative films focusing on an aspect of the world's most revered tennis tournament to help market it in the US. Director Olly Goodrum directs his camera at one of the tournament's ballboys who reveals how long he had harboured the hope of participating in the event and how happy he is to have realised his ambition. This has a lovely tone.

BBC Sport
"From Every Angle"
21 Jun 2016
Wimbledon's fortnight is compressed into 40" in this year's trail from the BBC for their coverage. It's beguiling visually but could probably do with a bit more oomph aurally with a groovier soundtrack. Mind you, how long will the BBC retain the rights to Wimbledon now that Team Rupert is about to take charge of the country?

"The Groundsman"
21 Jun 2016
Another of the excellent series of films pushing Wimbledon to an American audience zeroes in on the tournament's groundsman. Once again director Olly Goodrum's elegant documentary skills give the film an impressive feel and absolutely underlines the sense of classiness the All England Club wants to convey.

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